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Add Thermal conductivity of papua new guinea balsa wood measured using the needle probe procedure 14 August 2014
Add Deposition of amorphous aluminium powder using cold spray 14 August 2014
Add Whom the gods wish to destroy… 14 August 2014
Add If an election had been held on the weekend… 14 August 2014
Add Dreaming state 13 August 2014
Add Travels with Vita and Aurelia 13 August 2014
Add Exploring the relationship between customer loyalty to the service worker and customer citizenship behaviors to the service organization 13 August 2014
Add Inducing public empathy prior to a crisis: Stemming the turnover of stigmatized service workers 13 August 2014
Add Conceptualising the Role of Reciprocity in Relationship Marketing: An Examination of its Supporting Virtues 13 August 2014
Add Reciprocity as a virtue in relationship marketing 13 August 2014
Add Reciprocity as a fundamental building block of relationship marketing 13 August 2014
Add I believe you but I do not 'believe in you': Responding to disillusioned consumers in advertising 13 August 2014
Add Brand communities of Facebook: how do they create value? 13 August 2014
Add Stigmatised labour: an overlooked service worker's stress 13 August 2014
Add What can the N170 tell us about face processing in schizotypy? 13 August 2014
Add Neurophysiological correlates of configural face processing in schizotypy 13 August 2014
Add Who jumps to conclusions? A comprehensive assessment of probabilistic reasoning in psychosis following traumatic brain injury (PFTBI) 13 August 2014
Add Verbal fluency, clustering, and switching in PFTBI 13 August 2014
Add Characterizing and evaluating aesthetic features in vehicle design 13 August 2014
Add Stem cell response to surface micro and nano topography / H. Baharvand (ed) 13 August 2014
Add Modulation of alignment and differentiation of skeletal myoblasts by submicron ridges/grooves surface structure 13 August 2014
Add Modulation of cell attachment and collagen production of anterior cruciate ligament cells via submicron grooves/ridges structures with different cell affinity 13 August 2014
Add Screening of rat mesenchymal stem cell behaviour on polydimethylsiloxane stiffness gradients 13 August 2014
Add The roles of RGD and grooved topography in the adhesion, morphology, and differentiation of C2C12 skeletal myoblasts 13 August 2014
Add Modulation of osteogenic, adipogenic and myogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells by submicron grooved topography 13 August 2014
Add High-throughput characterisation of osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells using pore size gradients on porous alumina 13 August 2014
Add Dynamic compression modulates chondrocyte proliferation and matrix biosynthesis in chitosan/gelatin scaffolds 13 August 2014
Add Modulation of alignment, elongation and contraction of cardiomyocytes through a combination of nanotopography and rigidity of substrates 13 August 2014
Add Modulation of the proliferation and matrix synthesis of chondrocytes by dynamic compression on genipin-crosslinked chitosan/collagen scaffolds 13 August 2014
Add Fibronectin and culture temperature modulate the efficacy of an avidin-biotin binding system for chondrocyte adhesion and growth on biodegradable polymers 13 August 2014
Add Why do people disseminate fictitious accounts? a systematic analysis of snopes. com 13 August 2014
Add Clicking dendritic peptides onto single walled carbon nanotubes 13 August 2014
Add Giant radio galaxies - I. Intergalactic barometers 13 August 2014
Add Low-mass galaxy formation and the ionising photon budget during reionisation 13 August 2014
Add Probing the nature of dark energy through galaxy redshift surveys with radio telescopes 13 August 2014
Add Electrochemistry-enabled fabrication of orthogonal nanotopography and surface chemistry gradients for high-throughput screening 13 August 2014
Add The theoretical astrophysical observatory: cloud-based mock galaxy catalogues 13 August 2014
Add Enhancement and identity: a social psychological perspective 13 August 2014
Add Stigma, trauma and the social forces shaping memory transmission in Argentina 12 August 2014
Add How does a nation heal itself? 12 August 2014
Add Removing seriously ill asylum seekers from Australia 12 August 2014
Add There are alternatives: a handbook for preventing unnecessary immigration detention 12 August 2014
Add Global trends in immigration detention and alternatives to detention: practical, political and symbolic rationales 12 August 2014
Add Place-making, settlement and well-being: the therapeutic landscapes of recently arrived youth with refugee backgrounds 12 August 2014
Add Thinking outside the fence 12 August 2014
Add Alternative proposed to immigration detention 12 August 2014
Add Good starts for refugee youth 12 August 2014
Add The meaning and mental health consequences of long-term immigration detention for people seeking asylum 12 August 2014
Add TEMo-Chine: tangible emotion machine 12 August 2014
Add Exploring multimodal robotic interaction through storytelling for aphasics 12 August 2014
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