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Add Paul Revere's midnight ride, as told by Assassin's Creed III 1 October 2015
Add Black Ops II comes out tomorrow: here's why I won't be buying it 1 October 2015
Add Killing Is Harmless: new avenues for videogame criticism 1 October 2015
Add The ambiguous politics of the first Australian Games For Change festival 1 October 2015
Add The age of Wii 1 October 2015
Add Interview: Katie Williams and Harry Lee, the new directors of the Freeplay Independent Games Festival 1 October 2015
Add The voices of midlife women facing housing insecurity in Victoria, Australia 1 October 2015
Add Experimental validation of a reoriented dipole mixing rig 1 October 2015
Add Rheology assessment for Orica up-hole loading 1 October 2015
Add AMIRA P581A Rotary Kiln technology - final report 1 October 2015
Add Analytic solutions of heat flow from a solid annulus to a fluid disk for a general applied heat flux 1 October 2015
Add Stirring the pot: Taking the radically better RAM mixer/heat exchanger to market 1 October 2015
Add Design of a full-scale RAM for EMC Pacific 1 October 2015
Add Manufacturing for EMC Pacific with RAM: mixing and wear tests 1 October 2015
Add Insights from simulations into mechanisms for density segregation of granular mixtures in rotating cylinders 1 October 2015
Add Rotated arc mixer design for commercialization in chemicals 1 October 2015
Add A RAM mixer/heat exchanger design for Fonterra's internal use 1 October 2015
Add Scale-up and take-off development for rotary classification in the minerals industry 1 October 2015
Add Optimising the rotational classifier to process Eucla Basin mineral sands 1 October 2015
Add Rotary classification of particles: Stage 2, measurement of cut efficiency on commercial samples 1 October 2015
Add Subsurface stirring for enhanced yields from in situ recovery operations 1 October 2015
Add Subsurface stirring and its applications 1 October 2015
Add Chemical and biological transport in deforming porous media: An experimental investigation with a Hele-Shaw periodically reoriented flow 1 October 2015
Add Experiments on granular thermal transport in a quasi-2-dimensional kiln slice 1 October 2015
Add Fractal channels for micro fuel cells: what are the prospects for performance enhancement? 1 October 2015
Add Torsional frequency analyses of microtubules with end attachments 1 October 2015
Add A simple and versatile method for microencapsulation of anti-epileptic drugs for focal therapy of epilepsy 1 October 2015
Add A review of the theory and measurement techniques of productivity in the construction industry 1 October 2015
Add Resolution and contrast enhancement of subtractive second harmonic generation microscopy with a circularly polarized vortex beam 1 October 2015
Add Preparation of β-cyclodextrin functionalized reduced graphene oxide: application for electrochemical determination of paracetamol 1 October 2015
Add Observation of wind-waves from a moored buoy in the Southern Ocean 1 October 2015
Add N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder: a 16-week, double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled study 1 October 2015
Add Mechanisms, efficacy, and safety of bacopa monnieri (Brahmi) for cognitive and brain enhancement 1 October 2015
Add A longitudinal analysis of self-prescribed complementary and alternative medicine use by a nationally representative sample of 19,783 Australian women, 2006-2010 1 October 2015
Add A genotoxic analysis of the hematopoietic system after mobile phone type radiation exposure in rats 1 October 2015
Add Evaluation of pipe-jacking forces based on direct shear testing of reconstituted tunneling rock spoils 1 October 2015
Add Emotional regulation, attachment to possessions and hoarding symptoms 1 October 2015
Add Electric double-layer interaction between dissimilar charge-conserved conducting plates 1 October 2015
Add Effect of CFRP properties, on the bond characteristics between steel and CFRP laminate under quasi-static loading 1 October 2015
Add Coupled extensional-flexural vibration behaviour of a system of elastically connected functionally graded micro-scale panels 1 October 2015
Add Beyond ellipse(s): accurately modeling the isophotal structure of galaxies with ISOFIT and CMODEL 1 October 2015
Add Area-level socioeconomic gradients in overweight and obesity in a community-derived cohort of health service users - a cross-sectional study 1 October 2015