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Add Characterisation of products from the pyrolysis of South Australian Radiata Pine 9 July 2014
Add Flow dynamics study in bottom blown copper smelting furnace 9 July 2014
Add Investigation of splashing at different sampling positions and cavity modes in oxygen steelmaking 9 July 2014
Add CFD modelling of dry slag granulation using a novel spinning disc process 9 July 2014
Add Status of specific energy intensity of copper: Insights from the review of sustainability reports 9 July 2014
Add Metal-solvated carbothermal production of aluminium 9 July 2014
Add Phase equilibria in the CaO-SiO2-Al2O3-MgO system related to iron blast furnace slag 9 July 2014
Add Effects of fluxing conditions on copper smelting slag cleaning 9 July 2014
Add Phase equilibrium study of ZnO-'FeO'-SiO2 System at Fixed Po2 10-8 atm 9 July 2014
Add Surface tension measurements of 430 stainless steels using the electromagnetic levitation technique 9 July 2014
Add Evaluation of experimental data and models of iron blast furnace slag viscosity 9 July 2014
Add Performance evaluation of AlB12 and AlB2 for the boron treatment of molten aluminium 9 July 2014
Add Removal behaviour of magnesium from aluminium melt with chlorine treatment 9 July 2014
Add Cu evaporation kinetics in liquid steel 9 July 2014
Add The kinetics of coke analogue reactivity 9 July 2014
Add Phase chemistry study to support the technology development for the recycling of lithium ion batteries 9 July 2014
Add Induction: a high temperature tool for research and industry 9 July 2014
Add Minerals, metals and innovation in the circular economy 9 July 2014
Add Dynamic free lance for slagmaking and steelmaking desulphurization 9 July 2014
Add Design of a novel metal halide high intensity solar simulator for solar hybrid reactor design optimisation 9 July 2014
Add Sintering performance of titanium bearing iron ores 9 July 2014
Add Protecting the future - Investigation of phase equilibria and freeze linings in novel high temperature recycling processes 9 July 2014
Add Fundamental kinetic studies of slag metal gas reactions in support of process 9 July 2014
Add Monitoring the operation of aluminium smelter cells using individual anode current measurements 9 July 2014
Add Estano, xi and tin 43 years (and counting) of TSL smelting 9 July 2014
Add Characterisation of coke analogue 9 July 2014
Add Sulfidising roast treatment for the removal of chrome spinels from murray basin ilmenite concentrates 9 July 2014
Add Direct laser writing: biomimetic photonics and superresolution nanolithography (Presentation Video) 8 July 2014
Add Book review: 'New Zealand by design: a history of New Zealand product design' by Michael Smythe 8 July 2014
Add Enhancing the optical transmittance by using circular silver nanowire networks 8 July 2014
Add 'Multinational corporations'; (MNCs): motivations to invest in the Vietnamese services industry 8 July 2014
Add Biodegradation of novel chitin biocomposites 8 July 2014
Add Long-term operating performance: an empirical examination of family and non-family firms listed in Australia 8 July 2014
Add Foreign patients' perceptions of healthcare services in a private hospital in Thailand: development of an integrative model 8 July 2014
Add The effects of laser exposure of gold nanoparticles in neuronal cells 8 July 2014
Add Deterioration modelling of low volume roads in Australia using laser profilometer measurements 8 July 2014
Add Investigating hidden costs in the Australian TCF supply chain 7 July 2014
Add Entry mode decisions: The effects of corruption and weak law enforcement on foreign manufacturing SMEs in post-communist Russia 7 July 2014
Add The Congress - Una Imagen Cautivadora, Oscura 7 July 2014
Add Private schools and their moral failings 7 July 2014
Add Did the networks kill Homicide? 4 July 2014
Add What do we mean by social networking sites? 3 July 2014
Add Study of physico-chemical and microbiological testing parameters in relation to marine corrosion 3 July 2014
Add Interview 3 July 2014
Add Argentina's debt trail favours speculators and the super rich 3 July 2014
Add CDP plus plus. Italian: modelling sublexical and supralexical inconsistency in a shallow orthography 3 July 2014
Add Detecting faked continuous-variable entanglement using one-sided device-independent entanglement witnesses 3 July 2014
Add Realization of structural color by direct laser write technique in photoresist 3 July 2014
Add Fluid structure interaction (FSI) simulation of the left ventricle (LV) during the early filling wave (E-wave), diastasis and atrial contraction wave (A-wave) 3 July 2014
Add Exploring the z=3-4 massive galaxy population with zfourge: the prevalence of dusty and quiescent galaxies 3 July 2014
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