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Add Three-dimensional stability in the wake of a confined circular cylinder, with transverse oscillation 15 August 2014
Add Probing protein mechanical stability with controlled shear flows 15 August 2014
Add A systematic numerical study of the tidal instability in a rotating triaxial ellipsoid 15 August 2014
Add Time-dependent fluid flow and heat transfer around a circular heated cylinder embedded in a horizontal packed bed of spheres 15 August 2014
Add A study of selection methods for H alpha-emitting galaxies at z similar to 1.3 for the Subaru/FMOS galaxy redshift survey for cosmology (FastSound) 15 August 2014
Add Celebrating Lindsay Anderson's In Celebration 15 August 2014
Add A randomised controlled trial of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) for psychosis: study protocol 15 August 2014
Add Resolved H I imaging of a population of massive H I-rich galaxies with suppressed star formation 15 August 2014
Add Collective modes of a one-dimensional trapped atomic Bose gas at finite temperatures 15 August 2014
Add HATS-4b: a dense hot-Jupiter transiting a super metal-rich G star 15 August 2014
Add The American dream, in 3D 15 August 2014
Add Laboratory evaluation of the use of cement-treated construction and demolition materials in pavement base and subbase applications 15 August 2014
Add Studying refugee settlement through longitudinal research: methodological and ethical insights from the good starts study 14 August 2014
Add Refugee resettlement in regional and rural Victoria: impacts and policy issues 14 August 2014
Add Quality of information sources about mental disorders: a comparison of Wikipedia with centrally controlled web and printed sources 14 August 2014
Add A guide to what works for anxiety disorders, 2nd edition 14 August 2014
Add A guide to what works for depression in young people, 2nd edition 14 August 2014
Add A guide to what works for depression, 2nd edition 14 August 2014
Add Humor styles and personality-vulnerability to depression 14 August 2014
Add Ruminative thought style and depressed mood 14 August 2014
Add Evaluation of a short message service diary methodology in a nonclinical, naturalistic setting 14 August 2014
Add Case study: easy exchange 14 August 2014
Add Case study: crafting a community 14 August 2014
Add Understanding peak demand factors for water and wastewater supply systems design 14 August 2014
Add Are exporting manufacturing SMEs more efficient than non-exporting ones? Evidence from Australia's business longitudinal database, economic analysis and policy 14 August 2014
Add Give the girl a line: methods of feature film screenwriting for the satirical female voice 14 August 2014
Add Relationships between in-flight characteristics and microstructural properties of plasma sprayed yttria stabilised zirconia 14 August 2014
Add Calcium carbide residue: Alkaline activator for clay-fly ash geopolymer 14 August 2014
Add The fall and rise of the green economy 14 August 2014
Add Evaluating consumer response associated with sponsorship of major sporting events in Australia 14 August 2014
Add Thermal conductivity of papua new guinea balsa wood measured using the needle probe procedure 14 August 2014
Add Deposition of amorphous aluminium powder using cold spray 14 August 2014
Add Whom the gods wish to destroy… 14 August 2014
Add If an election had been held on the weekend… 14 August 2014
Add Dreaming state 13 August 2014
Add Travels with Vita and Aurelia 13 August 2014
Add Exploring the relationship between customer loyalty to the service worker and customer citizenship behaviors to the service organization 13 August 2014
Add Inducing public empathy prior to a crisis: Stemming the turnover of stigmatized service workers 13 August 2014
Add Conceptualising the Role of Reciprocity in Relationship Marketing: An Examination of its Supporting Virtues 13 August 2014
Add Reciprocity as a virtue in relationship marketing 13 August 2014
Add Reciprocity as a fundamental building block of relationship marketing 13 August 2014
Add I believe you but I do not 'believe in you': Responding to disillusioned consumers in advertising 13 August 2014
Add Brand communities of Facebook: how do they create value? 13 August 2014
Add Stigmatised labour: an overlooked service worker's stress 13 August 2014
Add What can the N170 tell us about face processing in schizotypy? 13 August 2014
Add Neurophysiological correlates of configural face processing in schizotypy 13 August 2014
Add Who jumps to conclusions? A comprehensive assessment of probabilistic reasoning in psychosis following traumatic brain injury (PFTBI) 13 August 2014
Add Verbal fluency, clustering, and switching in PFTBI 13 August 2014
Add Characterizing and evaluating aesthetic features in vehicle design 13 August 2014
Add Stem cell response to surface micro and nano topography / H. Baharvand (ed) 13 August 2014
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