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Add New variable step-sizes minimizing mean-square deviation for the lms-type algorithms 23 July 2014
Add Numerical modeling of laser assisted machining of a beta titanium alloy 23 July 2014
Add A hybrid harmony search algorithm for solving dynamic optimisation problems 23 July 2014
Add Psychological therapies for auditory hallucinations (voices): current status and key directions for future research 23 July 2014
Add Constraint programming and ant colony system for the component deployment problem 23 July 2014
Add Integration of artificial neural networks into operational ocean wave prediction models for fast and accurate emulation of exact nonlinear interactions 23 July 2014
Add Polarized cells, polarized views: Asymmetric cell division in hematopoietic cells 23 July 2014
Add Co-creation of value: examining the role of participant goal orientation in brand communities 23 July 2014
Add Personal growth, grandmother engagement and satisfaction among non-custodial grandmothers 23 July 2014
Add How gender, mood and advertising affective tone affect consumer attitudes and purchase intentions 23 July 2014
Add Web-based alcohol screening and brief intervention for university students: A randomized trial 23 July 2014
Add Exploring Dual Housing Tenure Status as a Household Response to Demographic, Social and Economic Change 23 July 2014
Add Acute effects of tea constituents L-theanine, caffeine, and epigallocatechin gallate on cognitive function and mood: A systematic review and meta-analysis 23 July 2014
Add An index of customer citizenship behavior: An exploratory study 23 July 2014
Add Inducing consumer empathic concern for stigmatized service workers 23 July 2014
Add Power and responsibility: How digitally enpowered comic book fans moved to the centre of maintstream film production in the 21st century 23 July 2014
Add He is 75 but can Batman still save the day? 23 July 2014
Add Superheroes 23 July 2014
Add What a hero: Batman's in great nick for a 75-year-old 23 July 2014
Add Holy birthday, Batman! Sizing up the Caped Crusader at 75 23 July 2014
Add Interview 23 July 2014
Add Australia puzzles a world with far more asylum seekers of its own 23 July 2014
Add The man who won the west 23 July 2014
Add Batman: superhero survival 23 July 2014
Add The WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey: Improved distance measurements to z = 1 with reconstruction of the baryonic acoustic feature 23 July 2014
Add The thermal history of the intergalactic medium down to redshift z = 1.5: A new curvature measurement 23 July 2014
Add A search for coherent radio emission from RX J0648.0-4418 23 July 2014
Add Productivity improvement in the construction process 23 July 2014
Add Is body dysmorphic disorder associated with abnormal bodily self-awareness? A study using the rubber hand illusion 23 July 2014
Add Large-scale environment of z ~ 5.7 C IV absorption systems - I. Projected distribution of galaxies 23 July 2014
Add Factors influencing the relationship between brain size and intelligence 23 July 2014
Add Extended star clusters in NGC 1023 from HST/ACS mosaic imaging 23 July 2014
Add Estimation of impact force generated by storm debris 23 July 2014
Add An alternative LQR-based excitation controller design for power systems to enhance small-signal stability 23 July 2014
Add I've grown accustomed to your interface 23 July 2014
Add The stereotype of online gamers: new characterization or recycled prototype? 23 July 2014
Add Being and care in organization and management: a Heideggerian interpretation of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 23 July 2014
Add Is the locally best invariant test uniformly most powerful for a wider class of invariant tests? 23 July 2014
Add Novel aluminum near field transducer and highly integrated micro-nano-optics design for heat-assisted ultra-high-density magnetic recording 23 July 2014
Add Entrepreneurship through transnational migration: the resources of early migrants 23 July 2014
Add Dynamic effects of rising oil prices on consumer energy prices in canada and the united states: evidence from the last half a century 23 July 2014
Add Done deals and revolving doors: the story of GM in Australia 23 July 2014
Add Face gender and stereotypicality influence facial trait evaluation: counter-stereotypical female faces are negatively evaluated 23 July 2014
Add Science with Scott Daniel: How do our eyes see? Why is earth the only planet with an atmosphere? 23 July 2014
Add MDMA, cortisol, and heightened stress in recreational ecstasy users 23 July 2014
Add Understanding infill: towards new policy and practice for urban regeneration in the established suburbs of Australia's cities 22 July 2014
Add Timing, polarimetry and physics of the bright, nearby millisecond pulsar PSR J0437-4715 - a single-pulse perspective 22 July 2014
Add System dynamics analysis of adaptive modulation problem for rayleigh flat-fading channel 22 July 2014
Add The SLUGGS survey: exploring the metallicity gradients of nearby early-type galaxies to large radii 22 July 2014
Add Sitting above the maze: recent model discoveries in molecular science 22 July 2014
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