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Add On the connection between the intergalactic medium and galaxies: the H i–galaxy cross-correlation at z ≲ 1 17 April 2014
Add Large-scale structure in absorption: gas within and around galaxy voids 17 April 2014
Add The VLT LBG Redshift Survey - III. The clustering and dynamics of Lyman-break galaxies at z ˜ 3 17 April 2014
Add The bivariate generalized variance |S| control chart with runs rules 17 April 2014
Add A GIS-based environmental health information source for Malaysian context 17 April 2014
Add Accurate indoor positioning technique using RSSI assisted inertial measurement 17 April 2014
Add Trends of platelet inhibition in different clopidogrel pretreatment patterns in Malaysian patients undergoing elective percutaneous coronary intervention 17 April 2014
Add PIVKA-II can be an ideal marker for monitoring the therapeutic efficacy of warfarin on atrial fibrilation patients 17 April 2014
Add Relation of Plasma Thrombin concentration in patients with Atrial Fibrillation to differences in Warfarin Anticoagulation dosing: A prospective singlec centre study 17 April 2014
Add De-colonisation or re-colonisation: contemporary social work and Indigenous Australians 17 April 2014
Add Social work with Indigenous communities: a human rights approach, 2nd edition 17 April 2014
Add Effect of geogrids on interface shear strength properties of recycled crushed brick 17 April 2014
Add Advanced use of the urban metabolism model in rapidly changing cities 17 April 2014
Add Thank God, the city is complex 17 April 2014
Add Are we listening? 17 April 2014
Add Development of a planning theory for wicked problems 17 April 2014
Add City in advance: climate as trigger for adaptive planning 17 April 2014
Add The VLT LBG redshift survey- II. Interactions between galaxies and the IGM at z∼ 3 17 April 2014
Add The VLT LBG redshift survey - I. Clustering and dynamics of ≈1000 galaxies at z≈ 3 17 April 2014
Add Through thick and thin - H I absorption in cosmological simulations 17 April 2014
Add Morphologies of z ~ 0.7 AGN host galaxies in CANDELS: no trend of merger incidence with AGN luminosity 17 April 2014
Add Meta-analysis of on-the-road experimental studies of hypnotics: effects of time after intake, dose, and half-life 17 April 2014
Add Ultracompact dwarfs in the Perseus Cluster: UCD formation via tidal stripping 17 April 2014
Add High-order clustering of WiggleZ galaxies 17 April 2014
Add War affected youth as consumers of microcredit: an application and extension of the Theory of Planned Behaviour 17 April 2014
Add Towards stellar effective temperatures and diameters at 1 per cent accuracy for future surveys 17 April 2014
Add Detection of Listeria in milk using non-targeted metabolic profiling of Listeria monocytogenes: a proof-of-concept application 17 April 2014
Add An assessment model for environmental health work-integrated learning placements 17 April 2014
Add The effectiveness of different wash hand basins in reducing the microbial load on the hands of food handlers 17 April 2014
Add Sustainability, gems and childcare: providing data enhance knowledge 17 April 2014
Add Symposium Proceedings of Swinburne Professional Skills Forum: Providing Feedback to Students, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia, 9th December 2008 17 April 2014
Add Addressing cultural diversity and food safety plans: the victorian experience 17 April 2014
Add Report by the ARPANSA Radiofrequency Expert Panel on review of radiofrequency health effects research: Scientific literature 2000 – 2012 16 April 2014
Add For want of industry policy, our living standards are set to fall 16 April 2014
Add For want of industry policy, our living standards are set to fall 16 April 2014
Add Cue-utilisation typologies and pilots' pre-flight and in-flight weather decision-making 16 April 2014
Add The thematic structure of passenger comfort experience and its relationship to the context features in the aircraft cabin 16 April 2014
Add Modelling how much extra motorists pay on the road? A cross-sectional study of profit margins of unleaded petrol in Australia 16 April 2014
Add As above, so below 16 April 2014
Add Truth, justice and the American way 16 April 2014
Add The 6dFGS peculiar velocity field 16 April 2014
Add The Virgo Cluster 16 April 2014
Add Maximum-likelihood fitting of the 6dFGS peculiar velocities 16 April 2014
Add 100 million years after the Big Bang 16 April 2014
Add Spectroscopic confirmation of DES12C3a 16 April 2014
Add Cepheids in the Coma Cluster 16 April 2014
Add Driving during alcohol hangover among Dutch professional truck drivers 16 April 2014
Add Isolating quantum coherence using coherent multi-dimensional spectroscopy with spectrally shaped pulses 16 April 2014
Add The colour of the dark side of the Moon 16 April 2014
Add Integration of carbon risks and opportunities in enterprise risk management systems: evidence from Australian firms 16 April 2014
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