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Add Suspension high velocity oxy-fuel (SHVOF)-sprayed alumina coatings: microstructure, nanoindentation and wear 25 October 2016
Add Methods and theories in haemofiltration in the paediatric population 25 October 2016
Add Appraising the difficulty of permutation problems using local search and prediction 25 October 2016
Add Behaviour of reconstituted sand-sized tunnelling rock spoils during shearing using GeoPIV technology for the assessment of soil arching effect during pipe-jacking works 25 October 2016
Add Screenplay - hostile natives and exegesis - indigenous screenwriters 25 October 2016
Add Characterization of ureolytic bacteria isolated from limestone caves of Sarawak and evaluation of their efficiency in biocementation 25 October 2016
Add Cloud based large-scale real-time simulation for traffic engineering 25 October 2016
Add Unified collision avoidance behaviour for autonomously steering characters 25 October 2016
Add Self-expression, DIY skills acquisition and connectivity: domain Grrls creating personal homepages at the turn of the millennium 25 October 2016
Add Extracting signal from the noise of app reviews 25 October 2016
Add A study of interactions between pressure waves and aerosols 25 October 2016
Add Interactions of a lytic peptide with supported lipid bilayers investigated by time-resolved evanescent wave-induced fluorescence spectroscopy 25 October 2016
Add An electrifying story of low-tech power 25 October 2016
Add Mitchell, Murdoch and me 25 October 2016
Add How many migrants come to Australia each year? 25 October 2016
Add France and the Forum 25 October 2016
Add Apple Pay dispute may mean less opportunity to pay with your mobile 25 October 2016
Add High strain rate and specialised testing 25 October 2016
Add Unusual conditions: what is Rapunzel syndrome and why do some people eat hair? 25 October 2016
Add From standard jobs to 'green jobs': a strategy for developing markets 25 October 2016
Add Probabilistic prediction models for crack initiation and progression of spray sealed pavements 20 October 2016
Add Personalisation, privacy, and public fragmentation 20 October 2016
Add Assessing the Effectiveness of Household Rainwater Tanks 20 October 2016
Add How useful are closed captions for learning mathematics via online video? 20 October 2016
Add Building cognitive bridges in mathematics: Exploring the role of screencasting in scaffolding flexible learning and engagement 20 October 2016
Add How to engage students in blended learning in a mathematics course: The students' views 20 October 2016
Add Implementing blended learning at faculty level: supporting staff, and the 'ripple effect' 20 October 2016
Add Here's how to get more women promoted to top jobs in universities 20 October 2016
Add Strongly correlated Fermi superfluid near an orbital Feshbach resonance: Stability, equation of state, and Leggett mode 18 October 2016
Add The utility of linked cancer registry and health administration data for describing system-wide outcomes and research: a BreastScreen example 18 October 2016
Add Does big data mean big knowledge? Integration of big data analysis and conceptual model for social commerce research 18 October 2016
Add Brain functional connectivity abnormalities in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder 18 October 2016
Add Evolution of star cluster systems in isolated galaxies: First results from direct N-body simulations 18 October 2016
Add Miscibility, phase morphology, thermomechanical, viscoelastic and surface properties of poly(ε-caprolactone) modified epoxy systems: effect of curing agents 18 October 2016
Add Investigation of PCM as retrofitting option to enhance occupant thermal comfort in a modern residential building 18 October 2016
Add Femtosecond laser-induced hard X-ray generation in air from a solution flow of Au nano-sphere suspension using an automatic positioning system 18 October 2016
Add Redshift distributions of galaxies in the Dark Energy Survey Science Verification shear catalogue and implications for weak lensing 18 October 2016
Add TeeVML: Tool support for semi-automatic integration testing environment emulation 18 October 2016
Add Influence of class F fly ash and curing temperature on strength development of fly ash-recycled concrete aggregate blends 18 October 2016
Add Probing an effective-range-induced super fermionic Tonks-Girardeau gas with ultracold atoms in one-dimensional harmonic traps 18 October 2016
Add Modelling of near-surface mounted carbon fibre reinforced polymer strips embedded in concrete with cement-based adhesive 18 October 2016
Add A piezoelectric artificial basilar membrane based on mems cantilever array as a front end of a cochlear implant system 18 October 2016
Add Nerve correlates of intensity dl and MDT functions of stimulus pulse-rate rate and amplitude 18 October 2016
Add The quest for the largest depleted galaxy core: Supermassive black hole binaries and stalled infalling satellites 18 October 2016
Add Acoustic streaming and its induced forces between two spheres 18 October 2016
Add Opinion: Robots should help, not replace, early-childhood educators 18 October 2016
Add Experimental investigation of the influence of fabrication conditions on dynamic viscoelastic properties of PC-ABS processed parts by FDM process 18 October 2016
Add Village elections, violence and Islamic leadership in Lombok, Eastern Indonesia 18 October 2016
Add Peacemakers or peace-breakers? Provincial elections and religious leadership in Lombok, Indonesia 18 October 2016
Add A piezoelectric artificial basilar membrane based on MEMS cantilever array as a front end of a cochlear implant system 18 October 2016