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Add Examining the bi-directional long run relationship between renewable energy consumption and GDP growth 24 December 2014
Add Exploring the relationship between urbanization, energy consumption, and CO2 emission in MENA countries 24 December 2014
Add Foreign direct investments in real estate sector and CO2 emission 24 December 2014
Add The effects of transaction costs, landlord and tenant practices and property rights on foreign real estate investments 24 December 2014
Add Growth potential in the context of the profit-growth nexus – a proxy for industrial cluster competitiveness 24 December 2014
Add Cultural dimensions and outbound tourism (Research note) 24 December 2014
Add Electricity consumption from renewable and non-renewable sources and economic growth: Evidence from Latin American countries 24 December 2014
Add Hanson gets the band back together – can she make an impact? 24 December 2014
Add Agriculture investment, output growth and CO2 emissions relationship 24 December 2014
Add NBN benefits regional centres, but rural Australia is still left wanting 24 December 2014
Add Explainer: five key seats to watch in the Victorian election 24 December 2014
Add Proceeds of crime: how polymer banknotes were invented 24 December 2014
Add Blocking piracy websites is bad for Australia’s digital future 24 December 2014
Add Fitness tracking data in courts – persuasive, but not conclusive 24 December 2014
Add Violence and mental illness: harsh reality demands sensitive answers 23 December 2014
Add Demographic and clinical characteristics of young people seeking help at youth mental health services: baseline findings of the Transitions Study 23 December 2014
Add A descriptive study of juvenile family violence: data from intervention order applications in a Childrens Court 23 December 2014
Add Robust sliding mode observer using RBF neural network for lithium-ion battery state of charge estimation in electric vehicles 23 December 2014
Add Local intraplate earthquake considerations for Singapore 23 December 2014
Add Prediction of fluid slip at graphene and carbon nanotube interfaces 23 December 2014
Add Finite element investigation into the size effect of bidirectional fibre patch anchors used to enhance the performance of FRP-to-concrete joints 23 December 2014
Add Adaptive and random partition software testing 23 December 2014
Add Sextuple-mode ultra-wideband bandpass filter with wide upper stopband 23 December 2014
Add Understanding the spatial impacts of direct and indirect government housing expenditure 23 December 2014
Add Reduced length fibre Bragg gratings for high frequency acoustic sensing 23 December 2014
Add Enhancement of transient stability of DFIG wind turbine using active disturbance rejection controller 23 December 2014
Add Recent progress on gold nanorod based 5D optical 23 December 2014
Add Smart cloud marketplace - agent-based platform for trading cloud services 23 December 2014
Add Implementing new nonlinear term in third generation wave models 23 December 2014
Add Simulation of one-dimensional evolution of wind waves in a deep water 23 December 2014
Add Satellite observations of waves in the Arctic ocean 23 December 2014
Add Generation and limiters of rogue waves 23 December 2014
Add Wave instability in finite depths 23 December 2014
Add Book review: The science of ocean waves: Ripples, tsunamis, and stormy seas 23 December 2014
Add Delayed sleep onset in depressed young people 23 December 2014
Add Characteristics of mentally disordered youth referred to a forensic satellite clinic for violence risk assessment: a case control study 23 December 2014
Add The Low-frequency characteristics of PSR ;J0437-4715 observed with the Murchison wide-field array 23 December 2014
Add Becoming an academic for the twenty-first century: what will count as teaching quality in higher education 23 December 2014
Add Resveratrol induces apoptosis via a Bak-mediated intrinsic pathway in human lung adenocarcinoma cells 23 December 2014
Add Photobleaching-based quantitative analysis of fluorescence resonance energy transfer inside single living cell 23 December 2014
Add The conserved transcription factor Mef2 has multiple roles in adult Drosophila musculature formation 23 December 2014
Add Example exponential random graph model analysis 23 December 2014
Add Sunburn protection as a function of sunscreen application thickness differs between high and low SPFs 23 December 2014
Add Partial acceptor photobleaching-based quantitative FRET method completely overcoming emission spectral crosstalks 23 December 2014
Add p38 Inhibitor SB203580 sensitizes the resveratrol-induced apoptosis in human lung adenocarcinoma (A549) cells 23 December 2014
Add PRL-3 promotes the proliferation of LoVo cells via the upregulation of KCNN4 channels 23 December 2014
Add The characteristic of in situ stress in outburst area of China 23 December 2014
Add Numerical evaluation of the mixed convective heat transfer in a double-pane window integrated with see-through a-Si PV cells with low-e coatings 23 December 2014
Add Thermal behavior of a novel type see-through glazing system with integrated PV cells 23 December 2014
Add Variance least squares estimators for multivariate linear mixed model 23 December 2014
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