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Add Web 2.0 adoption and user characteristics 2 September 2014
Add Applying a goal-based resilience model to breast cancer: a preliminary study 2 September 2014
Add Cautiousness in young rural and semi-rural drivers: are there influencing factors? 2 September 2014
Add Psychosocial barriers to playground activity levels 2 September 2014
Add Investigating the role of physical symptoms on important goal pursuit in early-stage breast cancer patients 2 September 2014
Add Investigating resilience in breast cancer: a mixed-methods approach 2 September 2014
Add Different needs, same solution: the effect of visible supervision on older patients' attitudes to general practice trainee chronic/complex care 2 September 2014
Add 'Just don't eat chicken': the challenge of engaging Australian adults in appropriate preventive behaviours for bird flu 2 September 2014
Add Examining the Pathways Linking Chronic Sleep Restriction to Obesity 2 September 2014
Add Assessing clinical trial informed consent comprehension in non-cognitively-impaired adults: a systematic review of instruments 2 September 2014
Add What factors influence children's activity? 2 September 2014
Add CONNECTGPR: Coast City Country online network for an educational community of training for GP registrars: a case study 2 September 2014
Add 'If my arms and legs aren't dropping off I'll wait to see my usual GP!': an analysis of older patients' attitudes to registrars informed by Agency Theory 2 September 2014
Add Dementia and retirement from driving: people with dementia and their carers critique available tools 2 September 2014
Add General practice training, Web 2.0 and virtual communities of practice 2 September 2014
Add Prevention has to start somewhere: our 30-year challenge 2 September 2014
Add The role of positive health in addressing the presenteeism productivity problem 2 September 2014
Add Primary care research networks: an essential resource for policy and clinical research 2 September 2014
Add Exercise and cancer: the need for scientifically-guided recommendations for cancer professionals, exercise science professionals and patients/survivors 2 September 2014
Add Advancing literacy in Tasmanian primary schools 2 September 2014
Add Challenges in leading for literacy in schools 2 September 2014
Add Dimensions of engagement in teacher education: From theory to practice 2 September 2014
Add Student identity construction in online teacher education: a narrative life history approach 2 September 2014
Add Student engagement in and through orientation 2 September 2014
Add The art of practice: Exploring the interactions between artist practice and teacher practice 2 September 2014
Add 'Initially, we were just names on a computer screen': Designing engagement in online teacher education 2 September 2014
Add The SLUGGS Survey: wide-field stellar kinematics of early-type galaxies 2 September 2014
Add Open-access microcavities for optofluidic sensing 1 September 2014
Add Researching and writing on work, ageing and sexuality 1 September 2014
Add War affected youth as consumers of microcredit: An application and extension of the Theory of Planned Behaviour 1 September 2014
Add Drivers of organic food purchase intentions in mainland China – evaluating potential customers' attitudes, demographics and segmentation 1 September 2014
Add The formation of galaxies; now a mystery 1 September 2014
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