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Add Minutiae set to bit-string conversion using multi-scale bag-of-words paradigm 2 June 2015
Add The ATLAS3D project XXV. Two-dimensional kinematic analysis of simulated galaxies and the cosmological origin of fast and slow rotators 2 June 2015
Add Emotion-led modelling for people-oriented requirements engineering: the case study of emergency systems 2 June 2015
Add Dynamical modeling and nonlinear control of superconducting magnetic energy systems: applications in power systems 2 June 2015
Add Three-dimensional spin-orbit coupled Fermi gases: Fulde-Ferrell pairing, Majorana fermions, Weyl fermions, and gapless topological superfluidity 2 June 2015
Add A variable sampling interval synthetic Xbar chart for the process mean 2 June 2015
Add Two-dimensional proximate time-optimal servomechanism 2 June 2015
Add Fabrication of nanoporous Ni by chemical dealloying Al from Ni-Al alloys for lithium-ion batteries 2 June 2015
Add A conceptual comparison of service blueprinting and business process modeling notation (BPMN) 2 June 2015
Add Advanced decentralized der control for islanded microgrids 2 June 2015
Add A molecular dynamics investigation of the planar elongational rheology of chemically identical dendrimer-linear polymer blends 2 June 2015
Add Mission statements and cake stalls: The women's supporter group in Australian football league clubs 2 June 2015
Add Galvanic replacement synthesis of silver dendrites-reduced graphene oxide composites and their surface-enhanced Raman scattering characteristics 2 June 2015
Add The AIMSS Project II. Dynamical-to-stellar mass ratios across the star cluster-galaxy divide 2 June 2015
Add Conscientiousness, openness to experience and extraversion as predictors of nursing work performance: a facet-level analysis 2 June 2015
Add The role of metal ion-ligand interactions during divalent metal ion adsorption 2 June 2015
Add The relationship between early maladaptive schema, psychopathic traits, and neuroticism in an offender sample 2 June 2015
Add Crush responses of composite cylinder under quasi-static and dynamic loading 2 June 2015
Add The application of granular computing in electric vehicle fault diagnosis 2 June 2015
Add Fear of life 2 June 2015
Add A simple clogging and backwashing efficiency model for filtration of arsenic-contaminated water 2 June 2015
Add Sellers versus buyers: Differences in user information sharing on social commerce sites 2 June 2015
Add The role of innovation intermediaries in collaborative networks of small and medium-sized enterprises 2 June 2015
Add User satisfaction with microblogging: Information dissemination versus social networking 2 June 2015
Add Do consumers always follow 'useful' reviews? The interactive effect of eWOM valence and usefulness on consumers' purchase decisions 2 June 2015
Add Is this the only leader less likely than Tony Abbott to win the next election? 2 June 2015
Add Framing new retrofit models for regenerating Australia's fast growing cities 2 June 2015
Add Feature selection for neural network based defect classification of ceramic components using high frequency ultrasound 2 June 2015
Add A conceptual framework for understanding and developing entrepreneurial behaviour: implications for social marketers 2 June 2015
Add DACADE: a systematic data collection and analysis tool for design students 1 June 2015
Add Stochastic modelling for energy efficient supercomputing 1 June 2015
Add Key factors and forces that shaped the baby-boomer generation of ethnic Chinese entrepreneurship in Australia 1 June 2015
Add Double-act: The remarkable lives and careers of Googie Withers and John McCallum 1 June 2015