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Title Date Deposited
Add International study of perceived neighbourhood environmental attributes and Body Mass Index: IPEN Adult study in 12 countries 25 May 2015
Add Education for sustainable development through short-term study tours 25 May 2015
Add Greening ‘The Block’: Sustainability in mainstream lifestyle TV 25 May 2015
Add Individual, social and material constraints on sustainable behaviour change: […] food consumption and production 25 May 2015
Add Exploring the role of mindset in design thinking: implications for capability development and practice 25 May 2015
Add The influence of relationship marketing orientation on brand equity in banks 25 May 2015
Add An education for the 21st century means teaching coding in schools 22 May 2015
Add The numbers game 22 May 2015
Add Being Greens 22 May 2015
Add The art of misinterpreting election victories 22 May 2015
Add Nothing has changed since Indigenous higher ed review 22 May 2015
Add Explainer: the greater good and why it matters more than ever 22 May 2015
Add Australia’s transitioning economy and the myth of digital disruption 22 May 2015
Add Degrowth: Japan models design for steady state economies 22 May 2015
Add Up, up and away? The future of the comic book movie 22 May 2015
Add Shedding new light on the search for the ‘invisible’ dark matter 22 May 2015
Add Comparison and development of linear, active and semiactive suspension control (with modifications) using evolutionary algorithms 22 May 2015
Add Control over limited-stroke suspensions using jerk 22 May 2015
Add Finite element analysis of impact between cricket ball and cantilever beam 22 May 2015
Add Contribution of swimsuits to swimmer's performance 22 May 2015
Add An evaluation of swimsuit performance 22 May 2015
Add The compression effect on aerodynamic properties of sports fabrics 22 May 2015
Add Aerodynamics of used cricket balls 22 May 2015
Add A comparative study of feather and synthetic badminton shuttlecock aerodynamics 22 May 2015
Add A comparative study of golf ball aerodynamics 22 May 2015
Add Analysis of the nominal load effects on gear load capacity using the finite-element method 22 May 2015
Add Development of low cost on-board velocity and position measurement system for wheelchair sports 22 May 2015
Add Acoustic holographic analysis of vehicle side mirror power-fold actuator for sound quality control 22 May 2015
Add An experimental study of thermal comfort and aerodynamic efficiency of recreational and racing bicycle helmets 22 May 2015
Add Factors influencing the effectiveness of compression garments used in sports 22 May 2015
Add Experimental installation for evaluation of snowboard simulated onsnow dynamic performance 22 May 2015
Add Distinguishing nonlinear processes in atomic media via orbital angular momentum transfer 22 May 2015
Add Prequalification testing of temporary propping systems for tilt-up and precast panels 21 May 2015
Add Design guidelines for cast-in and post-installed anchors in Australia 21 May 2015
Add Effect of fit-out and construction type on dynamic properties of floor systems under human excitations 21 May 2015
Add Ceiling diaphragm actions in cold formed steel-framed domestic structures 21 May 2015
Add Application of a new racking cyclic loading protocol on cold-formed steel-framed wall panels 21 May 2015
Add Ultrasound pressure distributions generated by high frequency transducers in large reactors 21 May 2015
Add Surface morphology dependent light trapping of plasmonic nanoparticles on silicon wafer-based solar cells 21 May 2015
Add Supportive housing to address homelessness 21 May 2015
Add Ranking radically influential web forum users 21 May 2015
Add Money demand function in SAARC countries 21 May 2015
Add Development of a novel nitrite electrochemical sensor by stepwise in situ formation of palladium and reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites 21 May 2015
Add An adjunctive antidepressant nutraceutical combination in treating major depression: study protocol, and clinical considerations 21 May 2015
Add Contemporary capital investment appraisal from a management accounting and integrated thinking perspective: case study evidence 21 May 2015
Add Combinatorial testing, random testing, and adaptive random testing for detecting interaction triggered failures 21 May 2015
Add Editorial: astrophysics and Space Science introduces article numbering 21 May 2015
Add Putting education in "educational" apps: lessons from the science of learning 21 May 2015
Add Equation of state and contact of a strongly interacting Bose gas in the normal state 21 May 2015
Add Gerlumph data release 2:2.5 billion simulated microlensing light curves 21 May 2015