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Add Modelling the third version of the Cycling Omnium 30 June 2016
Add 'None of us have hearts of stone': refugees and the necessity of morality 30 June 2016
Add Distributed sampled-data asynchronous H∞∞ filtering of Markovian jump linear systems over sensor networks 30 June 2016
Add Early voting: the quiet electoral revolution 30 June 2016
Add Election 2016: the home stretch 30 June 2016
Add Investigating the effects of time-delays on stochastic stability and designing l(1)-gain controllers for positive discrete-time Markov jump linear systems with time-delay 30 June 2016
Add Experimental and numerical investigation of coherent structure dynamics on mass transfer in a separated cavity flow 30 June 2016
Add Integrity of CFRP-concrete bond subjected to long-term cyclic temperature and mechanical stress 30 June 2016
Add Sustainability balanced scorecard disclosures: an Australian study 29 June 2016
Add Determinants of strategic performance measurement system disclosures in Australia's top 100 publicly listed firms 29 June 2016
Add Investigation on warpage and sink mark for injection moulded parts using taguchi method 29 June 2016
Add Design and development of scaffolds for tissue engineering using three-dimensional printing for bio-based applications 29 June 2016
Add Influence of control parameters on tool wear for sheet metal stamping die with various die radius arc profiles 29 June 2016
Add The sustainability of the Youth Foyer Model: A comparison of the UK and Australia 29 June 2016
Add Identifying and addressing the support needs of family caregivers of people with motor neurone disease using the Carer Support Needs Assessment Tool 29 June 2016
Add Ultraviolet plasmonic aluminium nanoparticles for highly efficient light incoupling on silicon solar cells 29 June 2016
Add Dynamic neural modeling of fatigue crack growth process in ductile alloys 29 June 2016
Add On the computational power of spiking neural P systems with self-organization 29 June 2016
Add Local volume TiNy titans: Gaseous dwarf-dwarf interactions in the local universe 29 June 2016
Add TestMEReq: Generating abstract tests for requirements validation 29 June 2016
Add Femtosecond pulsed light polarization induced effects in direct laser writing 3D nanolithography 29 June 2016
Add Mid-infrared interferometry of 23 AGN tori: On the significance of polar-elongated emission 29 June 2016
Add Analysis of complex anisotropy decays from single-frequency polarized-phasor ellipse plots 29 June 2016
Add Fast and accurate mock catalogue generation for low-mass galaxies 29 June 2016
Add Intelligent battery management for electric and hybrid electric vehicles: A survey 29 June 2016
Add Quantifying the (X/peanut)-shaped structure in edge-on disc galaxies: Length, strength, and nested peanuts 29 June 2016
Add Nanotextured surfaces for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and sensors 29 June 2016
Add Investigation on warpage and sink mark for injection moulded parts using Taguchi method 28 June 2016
Add The sign in graphic design. A sociological exploration of sign production in the postmodern era 28 June 2016
Add Enhancing pre-service science teachers' entrepreneurial skills and attitudes in Nature of Science and Science Education 28 June 2016
Add Strength development and microfabric structure of construction and demolition aggregates stabilized with fly ash-based geopolymers 28 June 2016
Add What do Gestalt therapists do in the clinic? The expert consensus 28 June 2016
Add Writing a murderous mother: a case study on the critical applications of creative writing research to crime fiction 28 June 2016
Add Humans at play in the Anthropocene 28 June 2016
Add The lost art of urban codemaking 28 June 2016
Add The reliability and predictive validity of the stalking risk profile 28 June 2016
Add Development and validation of the Shy Bladder and Bowel Scale (SBBS) 28 June 2016
Add Apportioned commodity fetishism and the transformative power of game studies 28 June 2016
Add The systematic risk effect of hybrid security classification 28 June 2016
Add Printer's ink 27 June 2016
Add Experiences of lecturing 27 June 2016
Add Probing unitary Fermi gases locally with Bragg spectroscopy 27 June 2016
Add An open market for trading cloud services 27 June 2016
Add Footy sheilas: a memoir and exegesis 27 June 2016
Add Perturbative wave-mixing and amplification in the extreme ultraviolet region 24 June 2016
Add Teenagers in love 23 June 2016
Add An interior point method and Sherman-Morrison formula for solving large scale convex quadratic problems with diagonal Hessians 23 June 2016
Add Effect of process parameters on dynamic mechanical behavior of FDM PC/ABS printed parts through design of experiment 23 June 2016
Add Characterization theorem for best polynomial spline approximation with free knots 23 June 2016
Add Internet on the outstation: The digital divide and remote Aboriginal communities 23 June 2016