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Add Models of madness: Psychological, social and biological approaches to psychosis, 2nd edition / John Read and Jacqui Dillon (eds.) 23 April 2015
Add The contribution of early traumatic events to schizophrenia in some patients: a traumagenic neurodevelopmental model 23 April 2015
Add Childhood trauma, psychosis and schizophrenia: a literature review with theoretical and clinical implications 23 April 2015
Add Abuse histories of psychiatric inpatients: to ask or not to ask? 23 April 2015
Add Casino marketing, problem gamblers or loyal customers? 23 April 2015
Add Gender differences in weight-related and non-weight-related appearance concerns in a community sample 23 April 2015
Add Sparing healthy tissue and increasing tumor dose using bayesian modeling of geometric uncertainties for planning target volume personalization 23 April 2015
Add The Australian construction industry: is the shadow economy distorting productivity? 23 April 2015
Add Bifurcation analysis of a mathematical model for genetic regulatory network with time delays 23 April 2015
Add Self-assembled binary colloidal crystal monolayers as cell culture substrates 23 April 2015
Add Simple and accurate modelling of the gravitational potential produced by thick and thin exponential discs 23 April 2015
Add A robust deuterium abundance; re-measurement of the z=3.256 absorption system towards the quasar PKS 1937-101 23 April 2015
Add Preface 23 April 2015
Add Cell response and bioactivity of titania-zirconia-zirconium titanate nanotubes with different nanoscale topographies fabricated in a non-aqueous electrolyte 23 April 2015
Add Robust nonlinear excitation controller design for multimachine power systems 23 April 2015
Add Electro-stimulated release from a reduced graphene oxide composite hydrogel 23 April 2015
Add Integrated marketing communication capability and brand performance 23 April 2015
Add Query-driven frequent co-occurring term computation over relational data using MapReduce 23 April 2015
Add Stability analysis of the elliptic cylinder wake 23 April 2015
Add Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): mass-size relations of z < 0.1 galaxies subdivided by Sersic index, colour and morphology 23 April 2015
Add Fast radio bursts: search sensitivities and completeness 23 April 2015
Add Revisiting Herbert Simon's 'science of design' 23 April 2015
Add Interrelated influence of internal and external factors on Malaysian learners' Self-Concept in academic writing 23 April 2015
Add In-plane behavior of cold-formed steel-framed wall panels sheathed with fibre cement board 23 April 2015
Add Indoor positioning method based on inertial data, RSSI and compass from handheld smart-device 23 April 2015
Add Managing risks in construction projects: life cycle and stakeholder perspectives 23 April 2015
Add Case studies on design stage of Australia: focus risk and opportunity at building projects in on safety 23 April 2015
Add Small and medium-sized enterprises' perspectives towards construction supply chain management and e-commerce 23 April 2015
Add An empirical study in subcontractor selection and long-term alliance relationship between main-contractor and subcontractor 23 April 2015
Add Risk identification and assessment in subway projects: case study of Nanjing Subway Line 2 23 April 2015
Add Lessons learned from managing the design of the 'Water Cube' National Swimming Centre for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games 23 April 2015
Add An overview of China's construction project tendering 23 April 2015
Add Analysis of geocell-reinforced mattress with consideration of horizontal-vertical coupling 23 April 2015
Add Deformation analysis of geocell reinforcement using Winkler model 23 April 2015
Add A life-cycle risk management framework for PPP infrastructure projects 23 April 2015
Add Developing an optimal bidding strategy in two-envelope fee bidding 23 April 2015
Add Challenges in the treatment of dangerous and severe personality disorder 23 April 2015
Add Opportunities, risks and decision making on sino-foreign construction joint venture projects: a fuzzy AHP approach 23 April 2015
Add Culture change towards construction safety risks, incidences and injuries: literature review and case study 23 April 2015
Add Perceptions of construction project risk: China versus Australia 23 April 2015
Add A prototype of decision support systems for construction cost management 23 April 2015
Add Time-dependent flexural crack width prediction of concrete beams prestressed with CFRP tendons 23 April 2015
Add Students perception on e-learning in construction management courses 23 April 2015
Add The application of e-learning in construction management program 23 April 2015
Add Group assignments in postgraduate construction management studies: a case study 23 April 2015
Add PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) and group assignments in postgraduate construction management studies 23 April 2015
Add Risk as an asset in construction project management 23 April 2015
Add Improving student satisfaction in undergraduate construction management studies 23 April 2015
Add Risk management, public interest and value for money for PPP projects: literature review and case studies 23 April 2015
Add Peasants' life situation and feelings in land acquisition process in China 23 April 2015