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Add The young nuclear stellar disc in the SB0 galaxy NGC 1023 31 May 2016
Add Work participation for people with severe mental illnesses: An integrative review of factors impacting job tenure 31 May 2016
Add The VLT LBG redshift survey - V. Characterizing the z=3.1 Lyman alpha emitter population 31 May 2016
Add Understanding the importance and context of vilification 31 May 2016
Add A time domain experiment with Swift: monitoring of seven nearby galaxies 31 May 2016
Add Thalassospira australica sp. nov. isolated from sea water 31 May 2016
Add Synthesis of carbon nanoparticles from waste rice husk used for the optical sensing of metal ions 31 May 2016
Add Slicing and dicing globular clusters: dynamically evolved single stellar populations 31 May 2016
Add Simply good teaching: Supporting transformation and change through education for sustainability 31 May 2016
Add Significant light absorption enhancement in silicon thin film tandem solar cells with metallic nanoparticles 31 May 2016
Add The SAMI Galaxy Survey: extraplanar gas, galactic winds and their association with star formation history 31 May 2016
Add Saccadic eye movements in anorexia nervosa 31 May 2016
Add Random weighting estimation for systematic error of observation model in dynamic vehicle navigation 31 May 2016
Add Radio disappearance of the Magnetar XTE J1810-197 and continued x-ray timing 31 May 2016
Add Quasi-static and dynamic experiments of aluminum honeycombs under combined compression-shear loading 31 May 2016
Add Preparation and characterization of electrospun in-situ cross-linked gelatin-graphite oxide nanofibers 31 May 2016
Add Possible signatures of a cold-flow disk from muse using a z similar to 1 galaxy-quasar pair toward SDSS J1422-0001 31 May 2016
Add Particles impact characteristics on cutting surface during the abrasive water jet machining: Numerical study 31 May 2016
Add Optimising the K Dark Filter for the Kunlun Infrared Sky Survey 31 May 2016
Add Numerical predictions for planets in the debris discs of HD 202628 and HD 207129 31 May 2016
Add The noise properties of 42 millisecond pulsars from the European Pulsar Timing Array and their impact on gravitational-wave searches 31 May 2016
Add New on-line approach for lithium iron phosphate battery pack balancing based on state of charge 31 May 2016
Add Mapping of the underlying neural mechanisms of maintenance and manipulation in visuo-spatial working memory using an n-back mental rotation task: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study 31 May 2016
Add Lethal giant larvae-1 deficiency enhances the CD8(+) effector T-cell response to antigen challenge in vivo 31 May 2016
Add Investigations into Ti-(Nb,Ta)-Fe alloys for biomedical applications 31 May 2016
Add How organisation of architecture documentation affects architectural knowledge retrieval 31 May 2016
Add Global dynamics analysis of a nonlinear impulsive stochastic chemostat system in a polluted environment 31 May 2016
Add The G2+G2t Complex as a fast and massive outflow? 31 May 2016
Add Full-vector modeling of thermally-driven gain competition in Yb-doped reduced symmetry photonic-crystal fiber 31 May 2016
Add Finite element analysis of aluminum honeycombs subjected to dynamic indentation and compression loads 31 May 2016
Add Factors associated with post-traumatic stress symptoms experienced in the acute phase following haemopoietic stem cell transplant 31 May 2016
Add Evaluation of A-site deficient Sr1−xSc0.175Nb0.025Co0.8O3−δ (x=0, 0.02, 0.05 and 0.1) perovskite cathodes for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells 31 May 2016
Add Erratum: The SLUGGS Survey: the globular cluster systems of three early-type galaxies using wide-field imaging (vol 437, pg 273, 2014) 31 May 2016
Add Efficient photovoltaic system maximum power point tracking using a new technique 31 May 2016
Add Effects of arterial stiffness on brain integrity in young adults from the Framingham Heart Study 31 May 2016
Add Editorial 31 May 2016
Add Discovery of a millisecond pulsar in the 5.4 day binary 3FGL J1417.5-4402: Observing the late phase of pulsar recycling 31 May 2016
Add Deterministic solutions for contact force generated by impact of windborne debris 31 May 2016
Add Deployable prismatic structures with rigid origami patterns 31 May 2016
Add Delta Football Club 31 May 2016
Add Constrained optimal preview control of dual-stage actuators 31 May 2016
Add Comparing demand responsive and conventional public transport in a low demand context 31 May 2016
Add Colloquium: Search for a drifting proton-electron mass ratio from H 2 31 May 2016
Add Cognitive remediation in schizophrenia: A methodological appraisal of systematic reviews and meta-analyses 31 May 2016
Add Learning in landscapes of practice: boundaries, identity, and knowledgeability in practice-based learning (book review) 31 May 2016
Add Book review: 'Australian comedy films of the 1930s: Modernity, the urban and the international' by Lesley Speed, ATOM, 2015. 31 May 2016
Add Biodiversity of culturable psychrotrophic microbiota in raw milk attributable to refrigeration conditions, seasonality and their spoilage potential 31 May 2016
Add Bayesian hypothesis testing for block sparse signal recovery 31 May 2016
Add An application of an extended effort-reward imbalance model to police absenteeism behaviour 31 May 2016
Add Anthelmintic activity of selected ethno-medicinal plant extracts on parasitic stages of Haemonchus contortus 31 May 2016