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Add Human rights concerns in investigative interviewing: interviewing approaches, recording practices, and credibility assessment 21 April 2015
Add An international survey of intelligence interviewing practices and beliefs 21 April 2015
Add Variations in procedural justice in Australian and Asian Pacific intelligence interviewing practices 21 April 2015
Add Legal conferencing procedures: effects of respect on justice reasoning when disputants have control over outcome 21 April 2015
Add Procedural justice in facilitative procedures: the moderating effects of decision control on justice reasoning 21 April 2015
Add Emotional engagement, deservingness and role: conditions governing justice reasoning 21 April 2015
Add Protecting human rights in interviews with high value detainees: the role of procedural justice 21 April 2015
Add Strength and deformation of high strength concrete short columns confined with carbon fiber reinforced polymer sheets 21 April 2015
Add A mixed-methods approach to disclose the influence of twofold information usefulness on sales 21 April 2015
Add How online social interactions influence customer information contribution behavior in online social shopping communities: a social learning theory perspective 21 April 2015
Add Understanding user intention to share information in online social shopping communities: the moderating effect of community equity 21 April 2015
Add BYOD implementation: understanding organizational performance through a gift perspective 21 April 2015
Add Do actions speak louder than voices? The signaling role of social information cues in influencing consumer purchase decisions 21 April 2015
Add Long-term properties and transfer length of fiber-reinforced polymers 21 April 2015
Add Long-term deflection and cracking behavior of concrete beams prestressed with carbon fiber-reinforced polymer tendons 21 April 2015
Add Theoretical study on short-term and long-term deflections of fiber reinforced polymer prestressed concrete beams 21 April 2015
Add Flexural behavior and deformability of fiber reinforced polymer prestressed concrete beams 21 April 2015
Add Comparative study on the perception of construction safety risks in China and Australia 21 April 2015
Add Understanding and improving your risk management capability: assessment model for construction organizations 21 April 2015
Add Disintegration characteristics of red sandstone and its filling methods for highway roadbed and embankment 21 April 2015
Add Fuzzy analytical hierarchy process risk assessment approach for joint venture construction projects in China 21 April 2015
Add Editing and publishing the gap: attempting to catch what otherwise might fall through 21 April 2015
Add Flowers in the sky: creativity and the limits of language in Janet Frame's work 21 April 2015
Add 'It belongs to the internet': animal images, attribution norms and the politics of amateur media production 21 April 2015
Add Impact of the seat on aircraft passenger comfort experience in the cabin interior 21 April 2015
Add Aircraft passenger comfort and emotions 21 April 2015
Add The Australian construction industry: is the shadow economy distorting productivity? 20 April 2015
Add Bifurcation analysis of a mathematical model for genetic regulatory network with time delays 20 April 2015
Add In-plane behavior of cold-formed steel-framed wall panels sheathed with fibre cement board 20 April 2015
Add Revisiting Herbert Simon's 'Science of design' 20 April 2015
Add An analysis of the collapse of the New York World Trade Center Twin Towers 20 April 2015
Add Time-dependent behaviour of concrete beams pretensioned by carbon fibre-reinforced polymers (CFRP) tendons 20 April 2015
Add Effective applications of e-commerce technologies in construction supply chain: current practice and future improvement 20 April 2015
Add Different perspectives towards using web-based project management systems in construction: large enterprises versus small- and medium-sized enterprises 20 April 2015
Add Small and medium-sized enterprises' perspectives towards construction supply chain management and e-commerce 20 April 2015
Add An empirical study in subcontractor selection and long-term alliance relationship between main-contractor and subcontractor 20 April 2015
Add Group assignments and teamwork skills development in postgraduate construction management studies 20 April 2015
Add Strategies for minimizing corruption in the construction industry in China 20 April 2015
Add Using E-learning to deliver construction technology for undergraduate students 20 April 2015
Add CHPT construct: essential skills for construction project managers 20 April 2015
Add System dynamics based risk factors analysis of China's building energy efficiency market 20 April 2015
Add Mouths full of love: writing from mourning 20 April 2015
Add The double life of poetics 20 April 2015
Add Eventful metaphors: the event, the subject and writing 20 April 2015
Add Towards a poetics of creative writing 20 April 2015
Add Stretchmarks of Sun: autofictional fragments 20 April 2015
Add Debts and other legacies 20 April 2015
Add Perceived neighbourhood environmental attributes and prospective changes in TV viewing time among older Australian adults 20 April 2015
Add Case studies in knowledge management in construction companies 20 April 2015
Add An analysis of the Chinese construction industry: past, present and future 20 April 2015