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Add Dynamics of a novel nonlinear stochastic SIS epidemic model with double epidemic hypothesis 2 September 2015
Add Extending galactic habitable zone modeling to include the emergence of intelligent life 2 September 2015
Add Activities of daily life recognition using process representation modelling to support intention analysis 2 September 2015
Add Patterns and modeling of group growth in online social networks 2 September 2015
Add Responsible gambling: Sympathy, empathy or telepathy? 2 September 2015
Add Not all hazards are created equal: The significance of hazards in inattentional blindness for static driving scenes 2 September 2015
Add Tool wear mechanisms involved in crater formation on uncoated carbide tool when machining Ti6Al4V alloy 2 September 2015
Add The role of cognitions and beliefs in trichotillomania: A qualitative study using interpretative phenomenological analysis 2 September 2015
Add Exploring cognitive heterogeneity in first-episode psychosis: What cluster analysis can reveal 2 September 2015
Add Social anxiety and friendship quality over time 2 September 2015
Add Integrated reporting in South Africa: Some initial evidence 2 September 2015
Add Liberation of specific angular momentum through radiation and scattering in relativistic black-hole accretion disks 2 September 2015
Add Pullout resistance of bearing reinforcement embedded in marginal lateritic soil at molding water contents 2 September 2015
Add Politics and policy in achieving participatory governance in a developing country context 2 September 2015
Add Asymmetric preferences for leaders and implications for followers 2 September 2015
Add The effects of hotspot detection and virtual machine migration policies on energy consumption and service levels in the cloud 2 September 2015
Add Distributing fibre boards: A practical application of the heterogeneous fleet vehicle routing problem with time windows and three-dimensional loading constraints 2 September 2015
Add Toward enhanced subsurface intervention methods using chaotic advection 2 September 2015
Add Insights from simulations into mechanisms for density segregation of granular mixtures in rotating cylinders 2 September 2015
Add Stochastic relationships for periodic responses in randomly heterogeneous aquifers 2 September 2015
Add An experimental and theoretical study of the mixing characteristics of a periodically reoriented irrotational flow 2 September 2015
Add On oscillating flows in randomly heterogeneous porous media 2 September 2015
Add A partially open porous media flow with chaotic advection: towards a model of coupled fields 2 September 2015
Add Scalar dispersion in a periodically reoriented potential flow: acceleration via Lagrangian chaos 2 September 2015
Add Lagrangian topology of a periodically reoriented potential flow: symmetry, optimization, and mixing 2 September 2015
Add Low Reynolds number scalar transport enhancement in viscous and non-Newtonian fluids 2 September 2015
Add Mixing and heat transfer of highly viscous food products with a continuous chaotic duct flow 2 September 2015
Add Humanoid robots and older people with dementia: designing interactions for engagement in a group setting 2 September 2015
Add Audio genie: ambisonic interaction for people with age related blindness 2 September 2015
Add Reflecting the values of person-centered care in the design of community-based elderly fall prevention: a goal-driven methodological approach 2 September 2015
Add Portable ambisonic opera: Wagner's ring cycle in the back of the van. 2 September 2015
Add Integrating ethnic minorities via technology use: designing an iPad app for and with elderly Italians 2 September 2015
Add Stigma and ageing: designing an interactive platform for empowering older users through aesthetics 2 September 2015
Add Where is the 'I' in iPad?: the role of older adults' interest in learning mobile touch screen technologies 2 September 2015
Add HCI methods and novel technologies: a person-centred approach to design elderly fall prevention 2 September 2015
Add Elucidating semantic disorganisation from a word comprehension task: Do patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder show differential processing of nouns, verbs and adjectives? 1 September 2015
Add An examination of the risk factors, phenomenology and aetiology of psychosis following traumatic brain injury 1 September 2015
Add Does the N170 reflect reduced structural encoding of faces in schizotypal personality 1 September 2015
Add Traumatic brain injury and psychosis 1 September 2015
Add Do TBI/Psychosis patients present with reasoning biases shown in schizophrenia? Two case studies 1 September 2015
Add Can neuropsychological profile predict co-morbid traumatic brain injury and psychosis? 1 September 2015
Add Can neuropsychological profile (RBANS) predict co-morbid traumatic brain injury and psychosis? 1 September 2015
Add Can neuropsychological profile (RBANS) predict co-morbid traumatic brain injury and psychosis? 1 September 2015
Add Verbal fluency, clustering, and switching in PFTBI 1 September 2015
Add Combined high density EEG-MEG in focal epilepsy 1 September 2015
Add Executive dysfunction in psychosis following traumatic brain injury (PFTBI) 1 September 2015
Add Simultaneous High-Density EEG-MEG for MRI -ve (non-lesional) focal epilepsy surgery 1 September 2015
Add Is the clinical profile of psychosis following traumatic brain injury (PFTBI) diagnostically distinct from schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder? 1 September 2015
Add Neurophysiological correlates of configural face processing in schizotypy 1 September 2015
Add Research topic: Cognition across the psychiatric disorder spectrum: From mental health to clinical diagnosis / Caroline Gurvich and Susan L. Rossell (eds.) 1 September 2015