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Add The effect of psychological intervention programs on self- esteem levels in young women, compared to no intervention: systematic review and meta-analyses 30 July 2015
Add Investigation of the effectiveness of the 'Girls on the Go!' program for building self-esteem in young women: trial protocol 30 July 2015
Add What is the effect of psychological intervention programs on physical activity levels in young females, compared to no intervention? 30 July 2015
Add Pragmatic, randomized controlled trials of the girls on the go! Program to improve self-esteem in girls 30 July 2015
Add Empirical predictions for (sub-)millimeter line and continuum deep fields 30 July 2015
Add On the effect of the cosmic microwave background in high-redshift (sub-)millimeter observations 30 July 2015
Add New insight into the relation between star formation activity and dust content in galaxies 30 July 2015
Add Exploring the physical properties of local star-forming ULIRGs from the ultraviolet to the infrared 30 July 2015
Add A simple model to interpret the ultraviolet, optical and infrared SEDs of galaxies 30 July 2015
Add A simple model to interpret the ultraviolet, optical and infrared emission from galaxies 30 July 2015
Add MAGPHYS: a publicly available tool to interpret observed galaxy SEDs 30 July 2015
Add The Herschel-SPIRE Legacy Survey (HSLS): the scientific goals of a shallow and wide submillimeter imaging survey with SPIRE 30 July 2015
Add Stellar Masses and SFRs for 1M Galaxies from SDSS and WISE 30 July 2015
Add An Atlas of Galaxy Spectral Energy Distributions from the Ultraviolet to the Mid-infrared 30 July 2015
Add Galaxy spectra from the UV to the mid-IR 30 July 2015
Add 3D-HST: A wide-field grism spectroscopic survey with the Hubble space telescope 30 July 2015
Add 3D-HST Grism Spectroscopy of a Gravitationally Lensed, Low-metallicity Starburst Galaxy at z = 1.847 30 July 2015
Add A mid-IR study of Hickson compact groups. II. Multiwavelength analysis of the complete GALEX-Spitzer sample 30 July 2015
Add Herschel observations of Hickson compact groups of galaxies: Unveiling the properties of cold dust 30 July 2015
Add Herschel-ATLAS: the dust energy balance in the edge-on spiral galaxy UGC 4754 30 July 2015
Add Strategically using public housing assets could transform our middle suburbs 28 July 2015
Add Is the locally best invariant test uniformly most powerful for a wider class of invariant tests? 28 July 2015
Add Coupled-pair approach for strongly interacting trapped fermionic atoms 28 July 2015
Add Application of a new vertical moisture barrier construction method for highway pavements 28 July 2015
Add Reducing depression in nursing homes requires more than just antidepressants 28 July 2015
Add Does democracy drive income in the world, 1500-2000? 28 July 2015
Add Efficacy of 'fine' focal spot imaging in CT abdominal angiography 27 July 2015
Add Evaluating a computer based skills acquisition trainer to classify badminton players 27 July 2015
Add Skills acquisition in badminton: a visual approach to training 27 July 2015
Add Enriching the mathematics classroom: a visit to the virtual island 27 July 2015
Add Acquiring and discriminating badminton expertise 27 July 2015
Add Exploring interactive communication using social media 27 July 2015
Add Social media conflict: Platforms for racial vilification, or acts of provocation and citizenship? 27 July 2015
Add Improving the attitudes of high school students towards statistics: an island based approach 27 July 2015
Add An analysis of the skills acquisition trainer for badminton program: exploring the effectiveness of visual based training in sport 27 July 2015
Add Conceptualising, implementing and evaluating the use of digital technologies to enhance mathematical understanding: reflections on an innovation-development cycle 27 July 2015
Add The transformational processing of peak and nadir experiences and their relationship to Eudaimonic and Hedonic well-being 27 July 2015
Add Reciprocity in bilateral trade flows: An empirical analysis for trade between Australia and Latin American countries 27 July 2015
Add Deep compaction of granular fills in a land reclamation project by dynamic and vibratory compaction techniques 27 July 2015
Add Explainer: what is insomnia and what can you do about it? 27 July 2015
Add Contact forces generated by hailstone impact 24 July 2015
Add Mutant p53 cooperates with the SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex to regulate VEGFR2 in breast cancer cells 24 July 2015
Add On-line burning state recognition for sintering process using SSIM index of flame images 24 July 2015
Add Variable sampling interval cumulative count of conforming chart with runs rules 24 July 2015
Add FPGA based controller drive of BLDC motor using digital PWM technique 24 July 2015
Add Thinking outside the halo: tracing the large-scale distribution of diffuse cosmic metals with semi-analytic models 24 July 2015
Add Characterisation, significance and detection of manufacturing defects in Reaction Sintered Silicon Carbide armour materials 24 July 2015
Add Walk Score and Australian adults' home-based walking for transport 24 July 2015
Add Fading features found in the kinematics of the far-reaching milky way stellar halo 24 July 2015
Add p53 Represses the Oncogenic Sno-MiR-28 Derived from a SnoRNA 24 July 2015