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Add Journaling: a path to exegesis in creative research 30 October 2014
Add Flight collision avoidance system for self-separation 30 October 2014
Add Reactive vs. proactive detection of quality of service problems 30 October 2014
Add Electrode reaction and mass-transport mechanisms associated with the Iodide/Triiodide Couple in the Ionic Liquid 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium Bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide 30 October 2014
Add Interview 30 October 2014
Add The changing face of relationships in Australia 30 October 2014
Add Cutlery, composition and canter: A method for investigating the stigmatising effect of assistive cutlery design 30 October 2014
Add Solar flares, nova fireballs and what black hole might look like 30 October 2014
Add Australian Submarines - the risk of broken promises 30 October 2014
Add Take back the stars and wear the Southern Cross with pride 30 October 2014
Add Johnson-Mehl-Avrami-Kolmogorov equation for prediction of compressive strength evolution of geopolymer 29 October 2014
Add Hybrid effects of alumina and silica nanoparticles on water absorption of geopolymers: Application of Taguchi approach 29 October 2014
Add Field-testing of the rapid assessment of disability questionnaire 28 October 2014
Add Multivariate Synthetic |S| Control Chart with Variable Sampling Interval 28 October 2014
Add The visuotypy of autistic tendency 28 October 2014
Add Assessment of shear capacity methods of steel fiber reinforced concrete beams using full scale prestressed bridge beams 28 October 2014
Add Novel bone regeneration matrix for next-generation biomaterial using a vertical array of carbonated hydroxyapatite nanoplates coated onto electrospun nylon 6 nanofibers 28 October 2014
Add The liberal life of Rupert Hamer 28 October 2014
Add Residual stress and deformation in SPR joints of high strength materials 28 October 2014
Add Laser nanostructuring for surface enhanced sensing: methods and applications 28 October 2014
Add Nanoscale pumping of polar fluids with rotating electric fields 28 October 2014
Add The light in the labyrinth: young adult novel and exegesis 28 October 2014
Add Microstructure and properties of plasma sprayed and sol-gel modified hydroxyapatite coatings 28 October 2014
Add Precision Bragg spectroscopy of the density and spin response of a strongly interacting Fermi gas 28 October 2014
Add Living with bipolar disorder: a qualitative analysis conducted five years after completing a psychosocial group treatment program 28 October 2014
Add The simulation scan comparison process for monitoring manufacturing environments 28 October 2014
Add Real-time route guidance in stochastic time-dependent traffic networks 28 October 2014
Add Unpacking the complexity of packaging design interaction: developing a packaging knowledge tool for design practitioners 28 October 2014
Add Mandated environmental reporting and its association with voluntary disclosures, corporate governance and earnings quality 28 October 2014
Add Projective presage: a grounded theory of baby boomer divorcees approaching retirement 28 October 2014
Add Exploring the biochemical and phylogenetic fingerprint of Australian native plants for sustainable use of saline lands 28 October 2014
Add A comparison of firm-developed and consumer-developed online brand communities 28 October 2014
Add The effect of environment on the evolution of nearby gas-rich spiral galaxies 28 October 2014
Add Keynote: Sustainable usage of construction and demolition materials in roads and footpaths 27 October 2014
Add Future directions for rental housing standards 27 October 2014
Add Bus bridging disruption in rail services with frustrated and impatient passengers 27 October 2014
Add Defending settler colonial studies 27 October 2014
Add Drift performance of point fixed glass fa├žade systems 27 October 2014
Add Bioengineering strategies for polymeric scaffold for tissue engineering an aortic heart valve: an update 27 October 2014
Add Glucose administration and cognitive function: differential effects of age and effort during a dual task paradigm in younger and older adults 27 October 2014
Add A randomized head to head trial of an internet based self-help program for bipolar disorder 27 October 2014
Add A 24 HR global campaign to assess precision timing of the millisecond pulsar J1713+0747 27 October 2014
Add Comparing the identification of Clostridium spp. by two matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometry platforms to 16S rRNA PCR sequencing as a reference standard: a detailed analysis of age of culture and sample preparation 27 October 2014
Add Simulation of one-dimensional evolution of wind waves in a deep water 27 October 2014
Add Driving with dementia: equity, obligation, and insurance 27 October 2014
Add Exploiting innovation in Dubai SMEs: the effect of strategic orientation on organizational determinants 27 October 2014
Add Exploring determinants of students' experience, perceptions and loyalty intentions in higher education institutions 27 October 2014
Add Working within the forensic paradigm: cross-discipline approaches for policy and practice 27 October 2014
Add Cognitive fatigue effects on physical performance during running 27 October 2014
Add Revealing the costs and consequences of hidden mental illness 27 October 2014
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