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Add Adjusting true odds to allow for vigorish 27 July 2016
Add Designed pleasure: how advertising is selling food as drugs 26 July 2016
Add Depression, self-esteem and emotion regulation: relationship to attachment style and self-organisation 25 July 2016
Add The students' voice regarding the important characteristics of online and face-to-face higher education 25 July 2016
Add Sensoria special edition on the future of higher education: exploring the students' voice: editorial 25 July 2016
Add Men at risk of HIV: sexual sensation seeking, sexual compulsivity and sexual risk behavior among Australian MSM who frequently present for post-exposure prophylaxis 25 July 2016
Add Talent management and competencies: a cross country study of Malaysian and Vietnam semi-private universities 25 July 2016
Add Covert and implicit influences on the interpretation of violence risk instruments 25 July 2016
Add Covert and implicit influences on the interpretation of violence risk instruments 25 July 2016
Add Teacher conceptions and approaches to blended learning environments 25 July 2016
Add A review of maternal neonaticide: a need for further research supporting evidence-based prevention in Australia 25 July 2016
Add Towards best practice: combining evidence-based research, structured assessment and professional judgement 25 July 2016
Add Linking illicit substance misuse during pregnancy and child abuse: what is the quality of the evidence? 25 July 2016
Add Maternal infanticide in Australia: mental disturbance during the postpartum period 25 July 2016
Add Parental substance misuse and compliance as factors determining child removal: A sample from the Victorian Children's Court in Australia 25 July 2016
Add Sedentary behaviour and biomarkers of cardiometabolic health risk in adolescents: an emerging scientific and public health issue 25 July 2016
Add Are barriers to physical activity similar for adults with and without abnormal glucose metabolism? 25 July 2016
Add Identifying subgroups of U.S. adults at risk for prolonged television viewing to inform program development 25 July 2016
Add Modal Acoustic Emission investigation for progressive failure monitoring in thin composite plates under tensile test 25 July 2016
Add Feasibility of using ZnO/epoxy filled hollowed glass fibres (HGFs) for UV resistant polymer composites 25 July 2016
Add Degradation of nano-ZnO particles filled styrene-based and epoxy-based SMPs under UVA exposure 25 July 2016
Add UV resistibility of a nano-ZnO/glass fibre reinforced epoxy composite 25 July 2016
Add Parallel MRI reconstruction by convex optimization 25 July 2016
Add Re-assessing the link between stalking and intimate partner abuse 21 July 2016
Add Smart mobility research facility 21 July 2016
Add A novel design and optimization of a polymeric aortic valve using numerical and experimental techniques 21 July 2016
Add Multiple health behavior changes and co-variation in a telephone counseling trial 21 July 2016
Add Objectively measured physical activity and sedentary time of breast cancer survivors, and associations with adiposity: findings from NHANES (2003-2006) 21 July 2016
Add Sedentary versus inactive: distinctions for disease prevention 21 July 2016
Add Perceived barriers to physical activity for colorectal cancer survivors 21 July 2016
Add Television viewing time and risk of chronic kidney disease in adults: the AusDiab study 21 July 2016
Add Evidence of physical activity participation among men and women in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council: a review 21 July 2016
Add Gender differences in prevalence of the metabolic syndrome in Gulf Cooperation Council Countries: a systematic review 21 July 2016
Add Adaptive virtual machine migration mechanism for energy efficiency 21 July 2016
Add A mixed integer linear programming model for reliability optimisation in the component deployment problem 21 July 2016
Add Creating a new mathematics 21 July 2016
Add Personality types of pilot students: A study of an Australian collegiate aviation program 21 July 2016
Add Investigating the correlation between indicators of predictive diagnostic optimisation and search result quality 21 July 2016
Add Identifying features of fitness landscapes and relating them to problem difficulty 21 July 2016
Add Beyond modernism and postmodernism: The narrative of re-embodiments 21 July 2016
Add Analysing the fitness landscape of search-based software testing problems 21 July 2016
Add A systematic literature review of adaptive parameter control methods for evolutionary algorithms 21 July 2016
Add Extending the misinformation effect to an eyewitness identification task: source and plausibility effects on identification decisions and confidence 21 July 2016
Add Video-recorded identification decisions: Post-identification feedback eliminates observer sensitivity to eyewitness accuracy 21 July 2016
Add Factors in evaluation of witness testimony 21 July 2016
Add Mere presence is not enough: tattoo similarity and location affects eyewitness identification decisions 21 July 2016
Add Within - subjects designs in lineup research: Confusable vs. distinct targets impact accuracy 21 July 2016
Add New product development for Papua New Guinea Balsa to improve smallholder livelihoods 21 July 2016
Add Of mass campaigns, red chairs and sedentary policy processes 20 July 2016
Add Too much sitting: the population health science of sedentary behavior 20 July 2016