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Add Imagining democracy 29 May 2015
Add Nanotextured CuO: sensing and light harvesting platform 29 May 2015
Add Reversible deformation in hybrid organic-inorganic photoresists processed by ultrafast direct laser write technique 29 May 2015
Add Bacterial patterning at the three-phase line of contact with microtextured alkanes 29 May 2015
Add Thermal to electrical energy converter based on black Si 29 May 2015
Add Volumetric integration of photorefractive micromodifications in lithium niobate with femtosecond laser pulses 29 May 2015
Add Nanoscale precision in ion milling for optical and terahertz antennas 29 May 2015
Add Delay-induced double Hopf bifurcations in a system of two delay-coupled van der Pol-Duffing oscillators 29 May 2015
Add Cardiovascular haemodynamics: Advancement of numerical and experimental diagnostic tools (Editorial) 29 May 2015
Add Size-dependent axial dynamics of magnetically-sensitive strain gradient microbars with end attachments 29 May 2015
Add A molecular dynamics investigation of the planar elongational rheology of chemically identical dendrimer-linear polymer blends 29 May 2015
Add Risk profile of breast cancer following atypical hyperplasia detected through organized screening 29 May 2015
Add Effect of size on the response of cylindrical concrete samples under cyclic loading 29 May 2015
Add Perturbative optical parametric amplification in the extreme ultraviolet 29 May 2015
Add How we found the source of the mystery signals at The Dish 29 May 2015
Add The astronomy “Toy Story” row 29 May 2015
Add How gay marriage fell victim to Labor’s Stockholm Syndrome 29 May 2015
Add Bond behaviour between NSM CFRP strips and concrete substrate using single-lap shear testing with epoxy adhesive 29 May 2015
Add Greening Frankenstein: innovation for sustainability 28 May 2015
Add Durability against wetting-drying cycles of water treatment sludge-fly ash geopolymer and water treatment sludge-cement and silty clay-cement systems 28 May 2015
Add Molecular mechanisms and nutritional factors influencing post-stroke affective disorders 28 May 2015
Add Age-related macular degeneration phenotypes associated with mutually exclusive homozygous risk variants in cfh and htra1 genes 28 May 2015
Add Couch surfing secondary students: the Yarra Ranges youth homelessness prevention project 28 May 2015
Add Assessment of macular parameter changes in patients with keratoconus using optical coherence tomography 28 May 2015
Add Undiagnosed hypertension in a rural district in Bangladesh: the Bangladesh population-based diabetes and eye study (BPDES) 28 May 2015
Add Technology enhancement : a full role for the elderly 28 May 2015
Add Intelligent mobility for smart cities 28 May 2015
Add The transition from traditional face-to-face teaching to blended learning - implications and challenges from a mathematics discipline perspective 28 May 2015
Add Towards an open music repository for early music recorded 1976-89 (MIFOH Melbourne International Festival of Organ and Harpsichord) 28 May 2015
Add About quality of semantic data for the city logistics domain: a comparison with the stakeholders' perspectives 28 May 2015
Add A randomised controlled trial investigating the effects of Mediterranean diet and aerobic exercise on cognition in cognitively healthy older people living independently within aged care facilities: the Lifestyle Intervention in Independent Living Aged Care (LIILAC) study protocol [ACTRN12614001133628] 28 May 2015
Add Schizotypal traits are associated with poorer executive functioning in healthy adults 28 May 2015
Add Biomimetic topography and chemistry control cell attachment to amyloid fibrils 28 May 2015
Add Field performance of in-service cast iron water reticulation pipe buried in reactive clay 28 May 2015
Add Chemically graded geopolymer under flexural loading: experimental modelling 28 May 2015
Add Surface roughness of plasma sprayed coatings: a statistical approach 28 May 2015
Add Coherent diffractive imaging of single layer microspheres 26 May 2015
Add Effects of persisting emotional impact from child abuse and norepinephrine transporter genetic variation on antidepressant efficacy in major depression: a pilot study 26 May 2015
Add N-Acetyl Cysteine in the treatment of obsessive compulsive and related disorders: a systematic review 26 May 2015
Add Recursive identification of modal participation in substructuring applications 26 May 2015
Add Identification of design requirements for rugby wheelchairs using the QFD method 26 May 2015
Add User-centered design customization of rugby wheelchairs based on the Taguchi method 26 May 2015
Add Structural dynamics of the automotive body: effects of rear overhang on ride comfort 26 May 2015
Add Novel concept of long-haul trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells 26 May 2015
Add PAL: the percussive audio lexicon. An approach to describing the features of percussion instruments and the sounds they produce 26 May 2015
Add Romanies in Italy: from national 'emergency' to national 'strategy' in Rome's Campi Nomadi 26 May 2015
Add International study of perceived neighbourhood environmental attributes and Body Mass Index: IPEN Adult study in 12 countries 25 May 2015
Add Education for sustainable development through short-term study tours 25 May 2015
Add Greening ‘The Block’: Sustainability in mainstream lifestyle TV 25 May 2015
Add Individual, social and material constraints on sustainable behaviour change: […] food consumption and production 25 May 2015