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Title Date Deposited
Add Yumi stap redi long klaemet jenis: lessons from the Vanuatu NGO Climate Change Adaptation Program 29 April 2016
Add Transforming the regional architecture: new players and challenges for the Pacific Islands 29 April 2016
Add Suspiria 29 April 2016
Add The region in review: international issues and events, 2014 29 April 2016
Add Pacific diplomacy and decolonisation in the 21st century 29 April 2016
Add Ghostwatch: supernatural and technological presence in early 1990s Britain 29 April 2016
Add Bill Henson and the polemics of the nude child in photography 29 April 2016
Add Beyond the evil child: knowledge and age in Profondo rosso 29 April 2016
Add The 2014 elections in New Caledonia: a precursor to self-determination? 29 April 2016
Add Performance assessment of wireless data capture in construction 29 April 2016
Add Developing a bankruptcy prediction model for sustainable operation of general contractor in Korea 29 April 2016
Add The analysis on construction business variation trend based on construction industry supply & demand structure 29 April 2016
Add Analysis on the evaluation of project efficiency based on budget execution: Planned outage maintenance (pom) for electricity power plant 29 April 2016
Add A model for process centred dynamic quality control in construction 29 April 2016
Add Data link model of 4D simulation for optimization of schedule management 29 April 2016
Add Production efficiency analysis of middle-sized and small-sized special construction company using a DEA model 29 April 2016
Add La merde s'exécute dans votre jambe, meme 29 April 2016
Add 'Nope, nope, nope': Australia's response to the refugees crises in the Andaman Sea and in the Mediterranean in 2015 28 April 2016
Add Structure formation in gas-rich galactic discs with finite thickness: from discs to rings 28 April 2016
Add The galactic center cloud G2 and its gas streamer 28 April 2016
Add Backward slices are better than execution slices in spectrum-based fault localization 28 April 2016
Add Metamorphic testing for software quality assessment: a study of search engines 28 April 2016
Add Double-sided market mechanism for trading cloud resources 28 April 2016
Add Agent enabled adaptive management of cloud service provisioning 28 April 2016
Add Generalized equations for potential water savings from rainwater tanks in Adelaide under different climates 28 April 2016
Add Investigation of non-stationarity of extreme rainfalls and spatial variability of rainfall intensity-frequency-duration relationships: a case study of Victoria, Australia 28 April 2016
Add A Chemical Screening Approach to Identify Novel Key Mediators of Erythroid Enucleation 28 April 2016
Add Psychopathic features in young incarcerated females 28 April 2016
Add The PCL: YV and re-offending across ethnic groups 28 April 2016
Add Measurement of s-wave scattering lengths in a two-component Bose-Einstein condensate 28 April 2016
Add Hydrodynamic Expansion of a Strongly Interacting Fermi-Fermi Mixture 28 April 2016
Add Holonic construction management: Unified framework for ICT-supported process control 28 April 2016
Add Securing a wireless site network to create a BIM-allied work-front 28 April 2016
Add Performance of short and long range wireless communication technologies in construction 28 April 2016
Add Setting the new trends for BIM in construction: Productivity, performance, competitiveness, and innovation 28 April 2016
Add An analysis on construction business variation trend based on construction industry structure 28 April 2016
Add An analysis of land mark impact factors on high -rise residential buildings value assessment 28 April 2016
Add Applying Pareto principle to process control in construction 28 April 2016
Add Virtual design and construction (VDC)-aided system for logistics monitoring: Supply chains in liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant construction 28 April 2016
Add Causality analysis for dynamic quality control in construction 28 April 2016
Add A correlation analysis between the capability of construction firms and efficiency of construction company using DEA 28 April 2016
Add An analysis of relationship between production factors and construction company business using BSI 28 April 2016
Add The role of protective factors and the relationship with recidivism for high-risk young people in detention 28 April 2016
Add Providing fairer resource allocation for multi-tenant cloud-based systems 28 April 2016
Add Magnetic resonance spectroscopy and cognitive function: the role of plasma b vitamin status 28 April 2016
Add Identity and methods interactions in focus groups with Vietnamese Australians 28 April 2016
Add Vietnamese Australians' perceptions of the trustworthiness of police 28 April 2016
Add Antiracism, whiteness and activism in recent debates on racism 28 April 2016
Add Fluid security in the Asia Pacific: transnational lives, human rights and state control 28 April 2016
Add Locative media, privacy, and state surveillance in Mexico: The case of the geolocalization law. 28 April 2016