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Title Date Deposited
Add Framing the NBN: An analysis of newspaper representations 27 February 2015
Add Google Street View in Australia: Privacy implications and regulatory solutions 27 February 2015
Add Eyewitness identifications: The interaction between witness age and estimator variables 27 February 2015
Add All the latest from around the galaxy with our astronomer Dr Alan Duffy 27 February 2015
Add Opposition member appointed as East Timor's new Prime Minister 27 February 2015
Add Discrete element modelling of recycled waste rock: Particle shape simulations and effects 27 February 2015
Add Geotechnical characteristics of cement-treated recycled materials in base and sub-base applications 27 February 2015
Add Geotechnical properties of biosolids stabilised with lime and cement 27 February 2015
Add A preliminary investigation of student collaboration to create resources that motivate the relevance of mathematics to first year engineers 27 February 2015
Add Characteristics of interpersonal hostile-dominance in psychiatric inpatients 26 February 2015
Add Allocating the consumer research budget: Trying out the new or the tried and true? / Gjoko Muratovski (ed.) 26 February 2015
Add Have I found my niche yet? Skilled migrants career trajectories in Australia 26 February 2015
Add Sustainability non-price incentives and rewards: a collaborative procurement perspective 26 February 2015
Add Location Breakdown Structure (LBS): a solution for construction project management data redundancy 26 February 2015
Add Road asset management: the role of location in mitigating extreme flood maintenance 26 February 2015
Add Modified pulsar current analysis: probing magnetic field evolution 26 February 2015
Add Social entrepreneurship with design in Southern India: lessons for Australia 26 February 2015
Add Learning trajectories of children with special health care needs across the severity spectrum 26 February 2015
Add Transitioning to low carbon communities: from behaviour change to systemic change: lessons from Australia 26 February 2015
Add A prototype for using Xanadu transclusive relationships in academic texts 26 February 2015
Add Collaborative events and shared artefacts: agile interaction designers and developers working toward common aims 26 February 2015
Add Reforming the labour market for Australian teachers 25 February 2015
Add Measuring intangible capital: a review of current practice 25 February 2015
Add Investment in intangible capital: an enterprise perspective 25 February 2015
Add In the shadow of the China-Australia FTA negotiations: what Australian business thinks about IP 25 February 2015
Add Firm size and the use of intellectual property rights 25 February 2015
Add Disharmony in international patent office decisions 25 February 2015
Add Conflict inflation: estimating the contributions to wage inflation in Australia during the 1990s 25 February 2015
Add Characteristics of international patent application outcomes 25 February 2015
Add Assessing the risk of imminent aggression in mentally ill young offenders 25 February 2015
Add Lost in translation: the Australian regime for interception of, and access to, communications content and metadata 25 February 2015
Add Regulating the use of telecommunications location data by australian law enforcement agencies 25 February 2015
Add Hanging together or hanging separately: is competition law in the process of eclipsing financial regulation? 25 February 2015
Add Antitrust trumps financial services regulation in the European Union 25 February 2015
Add Australian competition policy review releases draft report 25 February 2015
Add It's a small world, after all 25 February 2015
Add On the smell of an oily rag 25 February 2015
Add Agreeing to disagree: state agents' roles in undertakings and deferred prosecutions for global financial services misconduct 25 February 2015
Add Telstra 25 February 2015
Add Broadcast regulation 25 February 2015
Add And so to bed: regulatory regimes as a mechanism to embed neoliberalism 25 February 2015
Add Telecommunications: structural separation, interconnection and access 25 February 2015
Add Book review: 'The political economies of media: the transformation of the global media industries' by by Dwayne Winseck and Dal Yong Jin (eds.) 25 February 2015
Add Something to remember him by: Commissioner JoaquĆ­n Almunia's farewell gift 25 February 2015
Add High-efficiency video coding: a future for ultra-high definition television? 25 February 2015
Add Competitive neutrality and net neutrality 25 February 2015
Add Right to privacy: telephone interception and access in Australia 25 February 2015
Add 'Please hold for your connection': determining points of interconnection for open access broadband 25 February 2015
Add For what it's worth: cost benefit analysis of the use of interception and access in Australia 25 February 2015
Add Merely players: using evolutionary concepts regulatory analysis 25 February 2015