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Add A novel green construction material from water treatment sludge 23 January 2015
Add Making policy debate matter: The hermeneutic dimension 22 January 2015
Add Truth and relativism 22 January 2015
Add Bragging rights 22 January 2015
Add Virtually utopia. An electronic finding aid to the records of the new Australia co-operative settlement association 22 January 2015
Add Understanding documentary practice: lessons learnt from the text encoding initiative 22 January 2015
Add Constructing digital documents: emerging themes in documentary practice 22 January 2015
Add The strategic value of consumer information systems: changing the face of business and consumer connections at Nike 22 January 2015
Add When social media are your source 22 January 2015
Add Voyaging with Matthew Flinders: the James Fairfax Matthew Flinders electronic archive 22 January 2015
Add The effect of macromodel uncertainties on microlensing modelling of lensed quasars 22 January 2015
Add Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): refining the local galaxy merger rate using morphological information 22 January 2015
Add Photometric redshift analysis in the Dark Energy Survey Science Verification data 22 January 2015
Add Polarization-multiplexed multifocal arrays by a π phase-step-modulated azimuthally polarized beam 22 January 2015
Add What matters in the relationship between mentoring and job-related stress? The moderating effects of proteges' traditionality and trust in mentor 22 January 2015
Add Modelling the ages and metallicities of early-type galaxies in Fundamental Plane space 22 January 2015
Add Injured teachers' experiences of the Victorian workers' compensation stress claims process: Adversarial and alienating 22 January 2015
Add Competition issues in the market for audit and assurance services: Are the concerns justified? 22 January 2015
Add The HST/ACS Coma Cluster Survey - X. Nuclear star clusters in low-mass early-type galaxies: scaling relations 22 January 2015
Add Overdiagnosis due to mammography screening programs: Evidence from South Australia 22 January 2015
Add Ly-α and Mg II as probes of galaxies and their environment 22 January 2015
Add Megasonic separation of food droplets and particles: design considerations 22 January 2015
Add You aren't here: reimagining the place of graffiti production in heritage studies 22 January 2015
Add Powercrowd: enterprise social networking in professional service work: a case study of Yammer at Deloitte australia 22 January 2015
Add Enterprise social networking in knowledge-intensive work practices: a case study in a professional service firm 22 January 2015
Add Tweet talking-exploring the nature of microblogging at Capgemini Yammer 22 January 2015
Add Oh, SNEP! The Dynamics of Social Network Emergence-the case of Capgemini Yammer 22 January 2015
Add The human art of encoding: markup as documentary practice 22 January 2015
Add Eliciting the anatomy of technology appropriation processes: a case study in enterprise social media 22 January 2015
Add Impact of new economy on is education: a case of UNSW 22 January 2015
Add In the philosophy room: Australian realism and digital content development 22 January 2015
Add Ihmisen mieli ('The human mind') 21 January 2015
Add Curriculum design, development and implementation in a transnational higher education context 19 January 2015
Add Provenancing qualifications in higher education: An Australian-Chinese case study 19 January 2015
Add Modelling 3D limited-ductile RC frame structures for collapse risk assessment 16 January 2015
Add Factors contributing to large diameter water pipe failure 16 January 2015
Add The use of restrained ring test method for soil desiccation studies 16 January 2015
Add Estimating apparent thermal diffusivity of soil using field temperature time series 16 January 2015
Add Seismic earth pressure development in sheet pile retaining walls: A numerical study 16 January 2015
Add Deformation of pavement structure due to contact erosion failure below the pavement layers 16 January 2015
Add Stress analysis of buried pipes 16 January 2015
Add A review of the codes of practice to analyse the failures of water pipelines 16 January 2015
Add Numerical modelling of crack formation in soils using the mesh-free smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method 16 January 2015
Add A puzzle piece 16 January 2015
Add Overcoming late entry: the importance of entry position, inferences and market leadership 16 January 2015
Add Wave-mixing with high-order harmonics in extreme ultraviolet region 16 January 2015
Add Early ultraviolet emission in the Type Ia supernova LSQ12gdj: no evidence for ongoing shock interaction 16 January 2015
Add The effects of orbital inclination on the scale size and evolution of tidally filling star clusters 16 January 2015
Add The UVES Large Program for testing fundamental physics - III. Constraints on the fine-structure constant from three telescopes 16 January 2015
Add Experimental investigation of the interatomic Coulombic decay in NeAr dimers 16 January 2015