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Title Date Deposited
Add Designing for sustainable development: industrial ecology, sustainable development, and social innovation 9 February 2016
Add Experimental and numerical parametric analysis of a reoriented duct flow 9 February 2016
Add Stabilization of demolition materials for pavement base/subbase applications using fly ash and slag geopolymers: laboratory investigation 9 February 2016
Add Visualization of the trapping of inertial particles in a laminar mixing tank 9 February 2016
Add Human resources capacity building in Thailand: government responses to the impact of skill labour shortage on economic development 8 February 2016
Add Evaluation of Novosorbâ„¢ biodegradable polyurethanes: understanding degradation characteristics 8 February 2016
Add The effect of VKORC1 (-1639 G>A) gene polymorphism and its related clotting factor IIa and Xa on warfarin therapy in patients with atrial fibrillation: a multi-ethnic Sarawak population study 8 February 2016
Add Analysis of thermomagnetic convection in a vertical layer of magnetic fluid with arbitrary orientation of magnetic field 8 February 2016
Add How the three little pigs came to star in Independence Day 8 February 2016
Add Treatment choices for depression: young people's responses to a traditional versus a health 2.0 website 8 February 2016
Add Investigation of acoustical and mechanical properties of epoxy based natural fibre composites 8 February 2016
Add Performance measures for sustainable road transport asset management practice 8 February 2016
Add Design for dementia: exploring alternative places, spaces and practices of care 8 February 2016
Add Voters' attitudes to population growth in Australia: results of a survey conducted for Sustainable Population Australia 8 February 2016
Add Migration to Australia: an overview of the data, from 1860 to 2014-15 8 February 2016
Add The 2015 Intergenerational Report: misleading findings and hidden agendas 8 February 2016
Add Multifunctional spinel ferrite nanoparticles for biomedical application 5 February 2016
Add Dancing the donation tango 5 February 2016
Add Leader-member exchange and job performance: The mediating roles of delegation and participation 5 February 2016
Add Yes, we have no bananas 5 February 2016
Add Best Intentions TV pilot 4 February 2016
Add A long-term view of the effectiveness of wool promotion schemes 4 February 2016
Add Rapid self-assembly of shaped microtiles into large, close-packed crystalline monolayers on solid surfaces 4 February 2016
Add Influence of carbon steel grade on the initial attachment of bacteria and microbiologically influenced corrosion 4 February 2016
Add The properties of fly ash based geopolymer mortars made with dune sand 4 February 2016
Add Street network measures and adults' walking for transport: Application of space syntax 4 February 2016
Add Kernel PCA enabled bit-string representation for minutiae-based cancellable fingerprint template 4 February 2016
Add Turing instability and pattern induced by cross-diffusion in a predator-prey system with Allee effect 4 February 2016
Add Can neighborhood green space mitigate health inequalities? A study of socio-economic status and mental health 4 February 2016
Add 'Deep engagement' and urban regeneration: tea, trust, and the quest for co-design at precinct scale 4 February 2016
Add Critical factors and paths influencing construction workers' safety risk tolerances 4 February 2016
Add Preface 4 February 2016
Add Workflow temporal verification for monitoring parallel business processes 4 February 2016
Add Characterising receptive language processing in schizophrenia using word and sentence tasks 4 February 2016
Add The effect of Sailuotong (SLT) on neurocognitive and cardiovascular function in healthy adults: a randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled crossover pilot trial 4 February 2016
Add Short and sweet? Length and informative content of open-ended responses using sms as a research mode 4 February 2016
Add It's time for change; commentary in response to feature article by Halpin et al 4 February 2016
Add Exciting new developments at the 5th International symposium on surface and interface of biomaterials 4 February 2016
Add Symposium: Social marketing - a tool for alcohol-related behaviour change? 4 February 2016
Add An ontology of broadband on a domestic scale 4 February 2016
Add Caffeine consumption, substance use and personality in an Australian population 4 February 2016
Add Global trends in caffeine consumption and its sources in children, adolescents and adults 4 February 2016
Add Digital ethnographic techniques in domestic spaces: Notes on methods and ethics 4 February 2016
Add Disposable technologies: The halfwayness of USB portable hard drives 4 February 2016
Add Bacterial response to different surface chemistries fabricated by plasma polymerization on electrospun nanofibers 4 February 2016
Add An integrative review: Understanding driving retirement decisions for individuals living with a dementia 4 February 2016
Add Back-analysis and finite element modeling of jacking forces in weathered rocks 4 February 2016
Add A LOFAR census of millisecond pulsars 4 February 2016
Add Effect of embedded optical fibres on the mechanical properties of cochlear electrode arrays 4 February 2016
Add Quantitative analyses of MWCNT-Ti powder mixtures using raman spectroscopy: The influence of milling parameters on nanostructural evolution 4 February 2016