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Add Accomplishment and subjectivity of GIS-based DRASTIC groundwater vulnerability assessment method: a review 29 August 2014
Add Perception of emotion-related conflict in human communications: What are the effects of schizophrenia? 29 August 2014
Add Prediction of the compressive strength of alkali-activated geopolymeric concrete binders by neuro-fuzzy modeling: a case study 29 August 2014
Add Organisational paradoxes of local government 29 August 2014
Add Mannix: loyalism, sectarianism and communism 28 August 2014
Add Master's students' perceptions of Microsoft Word for mathematical typesetting 28 August 2014
Add On the transition to 'Threshold 9': examining the implications of 'sustainability' for human civilisation, using the lens of Big History 28 August 2014
Add Signaling intrinsic service quality and value via accreditation and certification 28 August 2014
Add Does 'true' personal or service loyalty last? A longitudinal study 28 August 2014
Add Constructing a corporate social responsibility reputation using corporate image advertising 28 August 2014
Add The marketing of legal but potentially harmful products and corporate social responsibility: the gaming industry view 28 August 2014
Add Firm-employee relationship strength - a conceptual model 28 August 2014
Add Advertising corporate social responsibility initiatives to communicate corporate image: inhibiting skepticism to enhance persuasion 28 August 2014
Add CHROME: an approach to teaching the concept of inter-functional cooperation in services organizations 28 August 2014
Add The RBV and value creation: a managerial perspective 28 August 2014
Add The relationship service-profit chain: conceptual framework and propositions 28 August 2014
Add Effect of reciprocity on well-being in interpersonal marketing relationships: an interview study 28 August 2014
Add Conceptualising a contemporary marketing mix for sustainable tourism 28 August 2014
Add The impact of low price brands on the order of entry advantage 28 August 2014
Add Psychosocial antecedents of communication, trust and relationship effectiveness in NPD projects: a functional manager perspective 28 August 2014
Add Strategies used to defend pharmaceutical brands from generics 28 August 2014
Add Extending resource-based logic: applying the resource-investment concept to the firm from a payments perspective 28 August 2014
Add Linking learning, customer value and resource investment decisions: developing dynamic capabilities 28 August 2014
Add The perceived impact of Australian community banks on quality of life 28 August 2014
Add Brazilian food retailer satisfaction with suppliers 28 August 2014
Add Rethinking traditional value chain logic 28 August 2014
Add Impact of self on attitudes toward luxury brands among teens 28 August 2014
Add Service blueprinting and BPMN: a comparison 28 August 2014
Add Trust-commitment as a mediator of the celebrity endorser-brand equity relationship in a service context 28 August 2014
Add Advertising corporate social responsibility: results from an experimental manipulation of key message variables 28 August 2014
Add Service value in IT outsourcing 28 August 2014
Add Gender and message appeal: their influence in a pro-environmental social advertising context 28 August 2014
Add Do we measure what we expect to measure? some issues in the measurement of culture in consumer research 28 August 2014
Add Consumer satisfaction versus churn in the case of upgrades of 3G to 4G cell networks 28 August 2014
Add Service blueprinting and process-chain-network (PCN): an ontological comparison 28 August 2014
Add Traditional culture, political ideologies, materialism and luxury consumption in China 28 August 2014
Add Celebrity endorsements, self-brand connection and relationship quality 28 August 2014
Add An explication of three service business process modeling approaches 28 August 2014
Add Overcoming late entry: the importance of entry position, inferences and market leadership 28 August 2014
Add Logistics scheduling based on cloud business workflows 28 August 2014
Add Modeling fuzzy state space of reheater system for simulation and analysis 28 August 2014
Add Cooperative fabrication of ternary nanofibers with remarkable solvent and temperature resistance by electrospinning 28 August 2014
Add Facilitating conditions towards behavior intention to use E-filing system in Malaysia 28 August 2014
Add Field and laboratory investigation of an expansive soil site in Melbourne 28 August 2014
Add A pair-oriented requirements engineering approach for analysing multi-lingual requirements 28 August 2014
Add InxGa1−xN performance as a band-gap-tunable photo-electrode in acidic and basic solutions 28 August 2014
Add The SAMI pilot survey: The kinematic morphology-density relation in Abell 85, Abell 168 and Abell 2399 28 August 2014
Add Extreme gas fractions in clumpy, turbulent disk galaxies at z ~ 0.1 28 August 2014
Add Data Integration Protocol In Ten-steps (DIPIT): A new standard for medical researchers 28 August 2014
Add Ti-SrO metal matrix composites for bone implant materials 27 August 2014
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