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Add Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): the bright void galaxy population in the optical and mid-IR 25 November 2015
Add Transport in thin polarized Fermi-liquid films 25 November 2015
Add Saccadic control in anorexia nervosa 25 November 2015
Add Nonlinear thermomagnetic instabilities in ferrofluids 25 November 2015
Add Oscillatory instability of convection in ferromagnetic nanofluid and transformer oil 25 November 2015
Add Prediabetes subtypes: patterns of risk, vulnerabilities, and intervention needs 25 November 2015
Add I am the person of whom you speak 25 November 2015
Add Self and others in team-based learning: acquiring teamwork skills for business 25 November 2015
Add Encouraging innovativeness in universities through market orientation practices 25 November 2015
Add Is voluntary disclosure of environmental performance associated with actual performance? Evidence from Victorian local governments 23 November 2015
Add Appearance of peaks and holes in the spectrum of three-dimensional fully-nonlinear potential wave fields 23 November 2015
Add Behavior of coherent groups in three-dimensional fully-nonlinear potential wave fields 23 November 2015
Add Models for a future skilled workforce for fruit production in the Yarra Valley.  23 November 2015
Add Assessing university community engagement (benchmarking project background paper) 23 November 2015
Add Building a culture of improvement in university - regional community engagement 23 November 2015
Add Yarra Valley smaller wineries: shortest lunch report 23 November 2015
Add Yarra Valley smaller wineries: shortest lunch report 23 November 2015
Add Yarra Valley wine festival: Shedfest report 23 November 2015
Add Building a culture of improvement in university/ regional community engagement 23 November 2015
Add Yarra Ranges Sustainability Network 23 November 2015
Add The regional impact of Swinburne University of Technology, Lilydale 23 November 2015
Add Centre for Agriculture and Business, Yarra Valley strategic plan 23 November 2015
Add The obstacles facing students entering higher education 23 November 2015
Add University-community engagement (Presentation to SUTL Divisional Conference) 23 November 2015
Add Community and neighbourhood houses and social capital 23 November 2015
Add Divisional conference 2004: regional engagement 23 November 2015
Add It's not all gloomy in the Upper Yarra 23 November 2015
Add Victorian Community Indicators Project 23 November 2015
Add The regional economic impact of major concerts at Rochford Winery 23 November 2015
Add Why universities are important to communities - the human capital perspective 23 November 2015
Add Strongly nonlinear phenomena in extreme waves 23 November 2015
Add Crossing shadows: Bridging the voices of hard-boiled detective and noir crime fiction 23 November 2015
Add Improving reconstruction of the baryon acoustic peak: the effect of local environment 23 November 2015
Add Municipal solid waste generation, composition and management: issues and challenges: a case study 23 November 2015
Add A novel thermodynamic model and temperature control method of laser soldering systems 23 November 2015
Add Hyperosmotic stress and osmo-gene adaptation during early induction of refractive errors 23 November 2015
Add The pain of crowds 23 November 2015
Add Somebody's watching me: long term monitoring of user search behaviour for user experience 23 November 2015
Add Down the superhighway in a single tome: examining the impact of book format on borrowing interactions 23 November 2015
Add Three is a crowd? Our experience of testing large-scale social software in a usability lab 23 November 2015
Add Anti-diuretic hormone in the regulation of ocular volume in compensation to defocus 23 November 2015
Add Functional activation during the rapid visual information processing task in a middle aged cohort: an fMRI study 23 November 2015
Add RNAseq gene expression analysis highlights the correlation of changes in metabolic and structural pathways with axial elongation during refractive compensation 23 November 2015
Add Turing-Hopf bifurcation in the reaction-diffusion equations and its applications 23 November 2015
Add Assistive technologies for physical and cognitive disabilities / Lau Bee Theng (ed.) 23 November 2015
Add From collection to courtroom: perceptions and realities of how the data flows 23 November 2015
Add Robotics for assisting children with physical and cognitive disabilities 23 November 2015
Add Mini-beam test for assessing the creep trend of paste, mortar, and concrete 23 November 2015
Add Effects of four-week supplementation with a multi-vitamin/mineral preparation on mood and blood biomarkers in young adults: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial 23 November 2015
Add Enhancement and identity: a social psychological perspective 23 November 2015