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Add Regulation of moods and emotions: an investigation of affect regulation and its contribution to affective outcomes 11 July 2014
Add Cost-effective replication-based storage for reliability assurance of Big Data in the Cloud 11 July 2014
Add Mechanical performance of a PLA-based biodegradable plastic for liquid packaging application 11 July 2014
Add Quantum mechanical applications in spectroscopy and computational drug design 11 July 2014
Add Evaluating the effect of yttrium as a solute strengthener in magnesium using in situ neutron diffraction 11 July 2014
Add Behind the mulga curtain 11 July 2014
Add Robust control for steer-by-wire systems in road vehicles 10 July 2014
Add Quantum coherent effects in the light-harvesting complex phycocyanin 645 10 July 2014
Add Spatial coordinate systems within the parietal cortex 10 July 2014
Add A costing software prototype on medical management of ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction 10 July 2014
Add Cement based bonding materials for FRP strengthening of RC structures 10 July 2014
Add 'The night-shift ending: a novel' accompanied by an exegesis 10 July 2014
Add Smaller government, bigger economy? 10 July 2014
Add Finding right preference with your Senate vote 10 July 2014
Add What the police can get from mobile phone tower data 10 July 2014
Add An emerging Asian niche market for exports 10 July 2014
Add Small firms exporting to Asia: An innovative export model 10 July 2014
Add The internet in the performance of small exporting firms: A developed to developing country market context 10 July 2014
Add Video: smartphones and metadata – a question of privacy 10 July 2014
Add Contested publics: racist rants, bystander action and social media acts of citizenship 10 July 2014
Add Heads or tails? does the future of entertainment lie with superstars or in the 'long tail' 10 July 2014
Add Negotiating illness bloggers expressive worlds: adapting digital ethnography 10 July 2014
Add Crawfords - Television for the people 10 July 2014
Add Electronic stability control for electric vehicle with 4 in-wheel electric motor 10 July 2014
Add Traffic modelling of on-line first person shooter games 10 July 2014
Add Sliding mode-based learning control for complex systems with dynamic fuzzy models 10 July 2014
Add Partially depleted cores of early-type galaxies 10 July 2014
Add BLDC motor drive controller for electric vehicles 10 July 2014
Add Investigation of geopolymer as an alternative cementing material for wellbore applications 10 July 2014
Add '...but the clouds : a valediction permitting mourning, in three stages of decline' 10 July 2014
Add Bond defect detection using PTT IRT in concrete structures strengthened with different CFRP systems 9 July 2014
Add A prediction model for bidirectional fiber patch anchors used to enhance the performance of FRP materials bonded to concrete 9 July 2014
Add Surfactant-assisted dispersion of MWCNTS in epoxy resin used in CFRP strengthening systems 9 July 2014
Add Environment-assisted degradation of the bond between steel and carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer 9 July 2014
Add Study of mechanically-entrained copper droplet in slags due to their interaction with spinel solids 9 July 2014
Add Towards a slag droplet heat exchanger - capillary 9 July 2014
Add Effect of sintering conditions on the formation of mineral phases during iron ore sintering with New Zealand ironsand 9 July 2014
Add Collaboration: the key towards a resource resilient society 9 July 2014
Add Modelling of nickel laterite smelting to ferronickel 9 July 2014
Add Characterisation of products from the pyrolysis of South Australian Radiata Pine 9 July 2014
Add Flow dynamics study in bottom blown copper smelting furnace 9 July 2014
Add Investigation of splashing at different sampling positions and cavity modes in oxygen steelmaking 9 July 2014
Add CFD modelling of dry slag granulation using a novel spinning disc process 9 July 2014
Add Status of specific energy intensity of copper: Insights from the review of sustainability reports 9 July 2014
Add Metal-solvated carbothermal production of aluminium 9 July 2014
Add Phase equilibria in the CaO-SiO2-Al2O3-MgO system related to iron blast furnace slag 9 July 2014
Add Effects of fluxing conditions on copper smelting slag cleaning 9 July 2014
Add Phase equilibrium study of ZnO-'FeO'-SiO2 System at Fixed Po2 10-8 atm 9 July 2014
Add Surface tension measurements of 430 stainless steels using the electromagnetic levitation technique 9 July 2014
Add Evaluation of experimental data and models of iron blast furnace slag viscosity 9 July 2014
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