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Add Collecting the evidence: Improving access to grey literature and data for public policy and practice 18 November 2015
Add Mechanical properties of Papua New Guinea balsa wood 18 November 2015
Add Atypical neural activity in males but not females with autism spectrum disorder 18 November 2015
Add Online student attrition in Australian open access marketing education 18 November 2015
Add 10 years of software architecture knowledge management: Practice and future 18 November 2015
Add Effects of four-week supplementation with a multi-vitamin/mineral preparation on mood and blood biomarkers in young adults: A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial 18 November 2015
Add Reliability and economic analysis of urban rainwater harvesting in a megacity in Bangladesh 18 November 2015
Add Development of processing windows for HVOF carbide-based coatings 18 November 2015
Add Wikis for group work: Encouraging transparency, benchmarking and feedback 18 November 2015
Add Sensitive detection of deliquescent bacterial capsules through nanomechanical analysis 18 November 2015
Add Design of a robust discrete time sliding mode repetitive controller 18 November 2015
Add Borderlands: traversing spaces between art making and research 18 November 2015
Add Economic and economic-statistical designs of the side sensitive group runs chart 18 November 2015
Add The Self in Psychopathology (Special Topic Issue: Psychopathology 2015) / Michael Kyrios, Barnaby Nelson, Claire Ahern, Thomas Fuchs, and Josef Parnas (eds.) 18 November 2015
Add An iterative Bayesian algorithm for block-sparse signal reconstruction 18 November 2015
Add Reliability and economic analysis of urban rainwater harvesting in a megacity in Bangladesh 18 November 2015
Add The gas phase mass metallicity relation for dwarf galaxies: Dependence on star formation rate and HI gas mass 18 November 2015
Add NGC 3628-UCD1: A possible ω Cen analog embedded in a stellar stream 18 November 2015
Add Trajectories and stability of self-reported short sleep duration from adolescence to adulthood 18 November 2015
Add Quitters never sleep: The effect of nicotine withdrawal upon sleep 18 November 2015
Add Consequence-based decision making in a risk-based regulated regime 18 November 2015
Add Exploring the role of globular cluster specific frequency on the nova rates in three virgo elliptical galaxies 18 November 2015
Add A new constraint on the physical nature of damped lyman alpha systems 18 November 2015
Add A novel thermodynamic model and temperature control method of laser soldering systems 18 November 2015
Add Metamorphic testing: a simple method for alleviating the test oracle problem 18 November 2015
Add A compact concentration of large grains in the HD 142527 protoplanetary dust trap 18 November 2015
Add Black-CuO: Surface-enhanced Raman scattering and infrared properties 18 November 2015
Add Critical behavior monitoring for children with special needs in preventing physical injury using kinect 18 November 2015
Add Self-based concepts and obsessive-compulsive phenomena 18 November 2015
Add Improving reconstruction of the baryon acoustic peak: the effect of local environment 18 November 2015
Add Some of the things we weren't meant to know about the dismissal 18 November 2015
Add Reversible gating of smart plasmonic molecular traps using thermoresponsive polymers for single molecule detection 18 November 2015
Add Leverage points in business ethics education: A virtual symposium 18 November 2015
Add Wikis for group work: encouraging transparency, benchmarking and feedback 17 November 2015
Add Universal contact and collective excitations of a strongly interacting Fermi gas 17 November 2015
Add Three-way entanglement and three-qubit phase gate based on a coherent six-level atomic system 17 November 2015
Add Superstripes and the excitation spectrum of a spin-orbit-coupled Bose-Einstein condensate 17 November 2015
Add Sum rules, dipole oscillation and spin polarizability of a spin-orbit coupled quantum gas 17 November 2015
Add Spin-orbit-coupled Bose-Einstein condensates 17 November 2015
Add Spin squeezing in a bimodal condensate: spatial dynamics and particle losses 17 November 2015
Add Spatial heterogeneity of temperature across alpine boulder fields in New South Wales, Australia: multilevel modelling of drivers of microhabitat climate 17 November 2015
Add Seismic performance of non-ductile reinforced concrete frames subjected to vertical ground motion 17 November 2015
Add Quantum tricriticality and phase transitions in spin-orbit coupled Bose-Einstein condensates 17 November 2015
Add Quantum random walks in a coherent atomic system via electromagnetically induced transparency 17 November 2015
Add Progress towards a handbook for geopolymer concrete 17 November 2015
Add Preface 17 November 2015
Add Particle number fluctuations in a cloven trapped Bose gas at finite temperature 17 November 2015
Add Optimum spin squeezing in bose-einstein condensates with particle losses 17 November 2015
Add Multiplayer quantum games with continuous-variable strategies 17 November 2015
Add Monitoring of pressure transients in water supply networks 17 November 2015