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Add The gait standard deviation, a single measure of kinematic variability 22 August 2016
Add The effect of textured ballet shoe insoles on ankle proprioception in dancers 22 August 2016
Add Can textured insoles improve ankle proprioception and performance in dancers? 22 August 2016
Add Does wearing textured insoles during non-class time improve proprioception in professional dancers? 22 August 2016
Add Use of a textured insole to improve the association between postural balance and ankle discrimination in young male and female dancers 22 August 2016
Add Gait training with real-time augmented toe-ground clearance information decreases tripping risk in older adults and a person with chronic stroke 22 August 2016
Add Wearable textile sensor sock for gait analysis 22 August 2016
Add Biofeedback training effects on minimum toe clearance variability during treadmill walking 22 August 2016
Add Explaining the variability improvements in gait quality as a result of single event multi-level surgery in cerebral palsy 22 August 2016
Add Are results after single-event multilevel surgery in cerebral palsy durable? 22 August 2016
Add Stability of the Gross Motor Function Classification System after single-event multilevel surgery in children with cerebral palsy 22 August 2016
Add Walking speed effects on the lower limb electromyographic variability of healthy children aged 7-16years 22 August 2016
Add Hip flexion deformity improves without psoas-lengthening after surgical correction of fixed knee flexion deformity in spastic diplegia 22 August 2016
Add Spin-orbit optomechanics of space-variant birefringent media 22 August 2016
Add Kinematics and thermodynamics of a two-dimensional fermi gas 22 August 2016
Add Leidenfrost vapor layers reduce drag without the crisis in high viscosity liquids 22 August 2016
Add The hydrodynamics of bubble rise and impact with solid surfaces 22 August 2016
Add Localising runtime anomalies in service-oriented systems 22 August 2016
Add Cloud computing adoption decision modelling for SMEs: A conjoint analysis 22 August 2016
Add Alliance-aware service composition based on quotient space 22 August 2016
Add Cloud computing adoption determinants: An analysis of Australian SMEs 22 August 2016
Add Cloud computing services adoption in Australian SMEs: A firm-level investigation 22 August 2016
Add Laboratory evaluation of ladle furnace slag in unbound pavement-base/subbase applications 22 August 2016
Add Recycled asphalt pavement - fly ash geopolymers as a sustainable pavement base material: strength and toxic leaching investigations 22 August 2016
Add Marginal lateritic soil stabilized with calcium carbide residue and fly ash geopolymers as a sustainable pavement base material 22 August 2016
Add Not the National Press Club 22 August 2016
Add Pyrrhic victories 22 August 2016
Add Energy management system for underground mine electric vehicles 22 August 2016
Add Tribological evaluation of sportswear with negative fit worn next to skin 18 August 2016
Add Anisotropic friction of rugby ball surfaces 18 August 2016
Add Friction of a pimpled rugby ball surface: force and velocity weakening and strengthening of the coefficient of friction 18 August 2016
Add Finger load distribution in different types of climbing grips 18 August 2016
Add The importance of friction between hand and hold in rock climbing 18 August 2016
Add Television drama in contemporary China: political, social and cultural phenomena 18 August 2016
Add Guo Degang: A Xiangsheng performer bridging the gap between Su (Vulgarity) and Ya (Elegance) 18 August 2016
Add Talented celebrity Rene Liu: Spokesperson of the Shelved Ladies 18 August 2016
Add A culture hero: Xiangsheng (Crosstalk) performer Guo Degang 18 August 2016
Add State propaganda in China's entertainment industry 18 August 2016
Add Jia Zhangke and his 'A Touch of Sin' : Social violence, the criminal knight and chilling fantasy 18 August 2016
Add A Taiwanese chat show hit in mainland China : Kangxi laile (Kangxi Coming ) and the rhetoric and politics of private life and body 18 August 2016
Add Zhang Yimou's Coming Home: a depoliticized melodrama adapted from a Scar Literature novel 18 August 2016
Add Health security and the distortion of the global health agenda 18 August 2016
Add Enterprise education in primary schools. A needs analysis 18 August 2016
Add An examination of the Student Enterprise Awards Programme (SEA) in Ireland, Enterprise Ireland: City/County Enterprise Boards 18 August 2016
Add Third sector-led collaborative governance: network characteristics and workforce implications 17 August 2016
Add Walking the 'Talk'? Contesting social enterprise policy-making discourses in Australia 17 August 2016
Add Untangling policy discourse: a discursive institutional analysis of social enterprise policy in England and Australia 17 August 2016
Add American foundations and global development agendas (seminar) 17 August 2016
Add Engendering entrepreneurial competencies in the youth of today: a teacher's perspective 17 August 2016
Add Labor's leadership risk factor 17 August 2016