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Add The effect of energy prices on Iranian industry stock returns 15 December 2014
Add The effect of tourism agglomeration on foreign real estate investment: Evidence from selected OECD countries 15 December 2014
Add Factors contributing to the fluctuations in residential construction in Iran 15 December 2014
Add The effects of FDI on voice and accountability in the MENA region 15 December 2014
Add Exploring factors that influence talent management competency of academics in Malaysian GLC's and non-government universities 15 December 2014
Add Online formative tests as a learning tool in engineering mathematics 15 December 2014
Add Optimise inlet condition and design parameters of a new sewer overflow screening device using numerical model 15 December 2014
Add Gambling and drugs: The role of gambling among Vietnamese women incarcerated for drug crimes in Australia 15 December 2014
Add On the other side from you: How library design facilitates and hinders group work 15 December 2014
Add Taking appropriate technology to the market; stories of social enterprises 15 December 2014
Add The city lives in me: Connectivity and embeddedness in the fiction of Austalia's Peter Temple and Shane Maloney 15 December 2014
Add The big earn: Criminal business in contemporary crime narritive 15 December 2014
Add The trip 15 December 2014
Add Letters to the Editor: Describing a taxonomy of cognitive processes for clinical trials assessing cognition 15 December 2014
Add An evidence based method for examining and reporting cognitive processes in nutrition research 15 December 2014
Add Food for thought: the efficiency of glucose metabolism predicts the self-generation of temporally distant cognition 15 December 2014
Add Effects of resveratrol and alcohol on mood and cognitive function in older individuals 15 December 2014
Add Editorial: Nutritional influences on human neurocognitive functioning 15 December 2014
Add Tensile fracture of ultrafine grained aluminum 6061 sheets by asymmetric cryorolling for microforming 15 December 2014
Add Phenotypic detection of Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae by use of matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass apectrometry and the Carba NP test 15 December 2014
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