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Add Linking theory and practice in environmental health education 9 April 2014
Add Work integrated learning and enhancing understanding of environmental health practice 9 April 2014
Add Issues and challenges in work integrated learning and environmental health practice 9 April 2014
Add New analysis fo a new synthesis 9 April 2014
Add A data envelopment analysis of financial institutions in Botswana 9 April 2014
Add An empirical analysis of financial crises using the MGARCH model 9 April 2014
Add Analysing the asymmetric effects of inflation on real investment: the case of Iran 9 April 2014
Add Cross-country co-movements of GDP growth rates: are they systematic? 9 April 2014
Add Identifying the patterns of international stock return co-movement 9 April 2014
Add Modelling the price of unleaded petrol in Australia's capital cities 9 April 2014
Add Stock market and GDP growth volatility spillovers 9 April 2014
Add Measuring the banking efficiency and productivity changes using the hicks-moorsteen approach 9 April 2014
Add What determines the research output of australian universities? 9 April 2014
Add A conceptual model for marketers' contribution to corporate social responsibility program 8 April 2014
Add Click, like, and share - raising awareness of child abuse in Vietnam through social network sites 8 April 2014
Add Patchwork network: spectrum politics, the digital home and installation of the Australian National Broadband Network 8 April 2014
Add How can non-technical end users effectively test their spreadsheets? 8 April 2014
Add Provably optimal and human-competitive results in SBSE for spectrum based fault localisation 8 April 2014
Add The integration of homelessness, mental health and drug and alcohol services in Australia 8 April 2014
Add Searching for help: children's mental health and wellbeing 8 April 2014
Add Psychologists in NSW schools: client information sharing 8 April 2014
Add APS support for psychologists in schools 8 April 2014
Add The theoretical, ethical and practical complexities of doing research with vulnerable groups 8 April 2014
Add The cost of youth homelessness in Australia 8 April 2014
Add Dealing with ethical dilemmas in schools - an ethical decision making model 8 April 2014
Add Mental health and service integration 8 April 2014
Add The real costs of homelessness for young people 8 April 2014
Add The mental health of homeless persons 8 April 2014
Add Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): testing galaxy formation models through the most massive galaxies in the Universe 8 April 2014
Add Corrosion protection of mesoporous bioactive glass coating on biodegradable magnesium 8 April 2014
Add Developing a HospiSE scale for hospital service excellence 8 April 2014
Add Stakeholders' involvements in the implementation of proactive environmental practices: linking environmental practices and environmental performances in SMEs 8 April 2014
Add Biomimetic creation of surfaces on porous titanium for biomedical applications 8 April 2014
Add A new test to study the cyclic hardening behaviour of a range of high strength rail materials 8 April 2014
Add Effect of fabrication method on thermo-mechanical properties of an epoxy composite 8 April 2014
Add Pulsar searches of Fermi unassociated sources with the Effelsberg telescope 8 April 2014
Add Scaling laws in disk galaxies 8 April 2014
Add Productive provocations: vitriolic media, spaces of protest and agonistic outrage in the 2011 England riots 8 April 2014
Add An empirical study of celebrity philanthropy and non-profit cause endorsement in Australia 7 April 2014
Add Reality, simulation and presentationism: the transubstantiation of digital moving images 7 April 2014
Add Cosmological surveys with the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder 7 April 2014
Add The physics driving the cosmic star formation history 7 April 2014
Add Giant radio galaxies: I. intergalactic barometers 7 April 2014
Add Dark matter halo concentrations in the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe year 5 cosmology 7 April 2014
Add Impact of baryon physics on dark matter structures: a detailed simulation study of halo density profiles 7 April 2014
Add Modelling neutral hydrogen in galaxies using cosmological hydrodynamical simulations 7 April 2014
Add Galaxy redshift surveys selected by neutral hydrogen using the five-hundred metre Aperture Spherical Telescope 7 April 2014
Add The impact of baryons on the spins and shapes of dark matter haloes 7 April 2014
Add Superfluid density profile in a trapped Fermi gas 7 April 2014
Add Real-time imaging of acoustic rectification 7 April 2014
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