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Add The role of relationship integration in supply chain agility and flexibility development: an Australian perspective 9 July 2015
Add Treating OCD: what to do when first-line therapies fail 9 July 2015
Add A discrete particle swarm optimization for covering array generation 9 July 2015
Add Knowledge and beliefs about antibiotics among people in Yogyakarta City Indonesia: a cross sectional population-based survey 9 July 2015
Add Citizens' perspective on disinvestment from publicly funded pathology tests: A deliberative forum 9 July 2015
Add Propensity score matching and randomization 9 July 2015
Add Upper airway surgery should not be first line treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea in adults 9 July 2015
Add Exploring policy-makers' perspectives on disinvestment from ineffective healthcare practices 9 July 2015
Add Estimates of over-diagnosis of breast cancer due to population-based mammography screening in South Australia after adjustment for lead time effects 9 July 2015
Add Gender dynamics in the management of commercial and public biotechnology organisations 8 July 2015
Add The role of managerial risk-taking in the 'rise and fall' of the CDS market 7 July 2015
Add FIELD: Automated emission line detection software for Subaru/FMOS near-infrared spectroscopy 7 July 2015
Add Shear strength and dilatancy behaviour of sand-tyre chip mixtures 7 July 2015
Add Experimental evaluation of ski suit performance 7 July 2015
Add Airway geometry and inhalation effort comparisons in a narrowed and recovered airway tree associated with acute asthma 7 July 2015
Add Analysis of wheelchair rugby accelerations with fractal dimensions 7 July 2015
Add Determination of spin rate and axes with an instrumented cricket ball 7 July 2015
Add Evaluation of different gyroscope sensors for smart wheelchair applications 7 July 2015
Add Aerodynamic performance evaluation of sports textile 7 July 2015
Add Hermeneutic phenomenology and narrative academic discourse 7 July 2015
Add Exploring opportunity identification and opportunity exploitation within the venture creation process 7 July 2015
Add Near-field study of surface plasmonic lenses for nanofocusing applications 7 July 2015
Add Study of optical drive systems for two-photon optical data storage 7 July 2015
Add Risk disclosure practices: their determinants and association with bank performance 7 July 2015
Add Thermal modification of 55% aluminium-zinc-silicon coatings 7 July 2015
Add Generation and application of coherent extreme ultraviolet radiation 7 July 2015
Add Playing with journalism: gaming technology in investigative journalism education 7 July 2015
Add The emergent middle classes in Timor-Leste and Melanesia: conceptual issues and developmental significance 6 July 2015
Add Remembering war and occupation in post-independence Timor-Leste 6 July 2015
Add Development of an FE model of a cricket ball 6 July 2015
Add Effects of spin on tennis ball aerodynamics: An experimental and computational study 6 July 2015
Add An experimental and computational study of tennis ball aerodynamics 6 July 2015
Add Effects of venting geometry on thermal comfort and aerodynamic efficiency of bicycle helmets 6 July 2015
Add Aerodynamics of baseball 6 July 2015
Add The twin research debate in American Criminology and its implications for the social and behavioral sciences 3 July 2015
Add From farm to fork: Designing more coherent national and transnational food regulation 3 July 2015
Add Theory of reduction of residual amplitude modulation in mid-infrared wavelength modulation spectroscopy by injection locking of quantum cascade lasers 2 July 2015
Add Optical sharper focusing in an anisotropic crystal 2 July 2015
Add Understanding of bath surface waves in bottom blown copper smelting furnace 2 July 2015
Add Review of concentrated solar thermal electricity production literature 2 July 2015
Add Feasibility study of a domestic scale concentrated solar thermal electricity production system with battery storage 2 July 2015
Add Investigation of cavity modes using sound analysis 2 July 2015
Add Ontology-based music recommender system 2 July 2015
Add Challenges of metal recovery from low grade and urban ores for resource efficiency 2 July 2015
Add Musculoskeletal health and safety of aged workers in manual handling works 2 July 2015
Add The Gigaparsec WiggleZ simulations: characterizing scale-dependant bias and associated systematics in growth of structure measurements 2 July 2015
Add Galaxy Cluster Mass Reconstruction Project - II. Quantifying scatter and bias using contrasting mock catalogues 2 July 2015
Add Liquid fluoride thorium reactors for small scale domestic purposes: Feasibility study 2 July 2015
Add Analysis and comparison of the application of solar power in remote towns; Walwa, Australia and Taktser, China 2 July 2015
Add Sound barriers for urban freeways using recycled concrete aggregate 2 July 2015