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Add Sonication effect on the mechanical properties of MWCNTs reinforced natural rubber 13 July 2016
Add CAE simulation based methodology for airbag compliant vehicle front protection system development 13 July 2016
Add Chemical treatments on hemp fibre composites 13 July 2016
Add Reinforcement of polypropylene with hemp fibres 13 July 2016
Add Carbon emission risks and management accounting: Australian evidence 13 July 2016
Add Embedded fibre optic sensors under multi-axial Loading? A pilot study 13 July 2016
Add Community media: institutions, trust and groups 13 July 2016
Add Sleep, coping, and vulnerability to bipolar disorder: modelling analyses in a non-clinical sample 13 July 2016
Add Characterisation and imaging of nanodiamonds for photonic applications 13 July 2016
Add Whiteness and policing Vietnamese Australian communities 13 July 2016
Add An investigation into posttraumatic stress and posttraumatic growth among trauma reporting Australian journalists 13 July 2016
Add Enabling children's occupations and participation using assistive technology 12 July 2016
Add The impact of caregiving for disabled children who use wheelchairs on the health and wellbeing of their caregivers 12 July 2016
Add Research knowledge, attitudes, and practices of paediatric occupational therapists in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Taiwan 12 July 2016
Add Predictors of research utilization among pediatric occupational therapists 12 July 2016
Add Knowledge, attitudes, practices and barriers of pediatric occupational therapy to evidence-based practice and research utilitzation 12 July 2016
Add Seat cushions for school aged children with cerebral palsy 12 July 2016
Add Evidence and priorities when providing seating and positioning for children with cerebral palsy 12 July 2016
Add Updated practical overview of children's hand skill assessments 12 July 2016
Add A framework of children's hand skills for assessment and intervention 12 July 2016
Add Play assessment: a psychometric overview 12 July 2016
Add The effect of flat vs. contoured seat cushions on movement, stability and function for children with neuromuscular conditions 12 July 2016
Add The use of contoured vs flat cushions in adaptive seating for children with cerebral palsy: development of measurement systems and results 12 July 2016
Add Elation or frustration? Outcomes following the provision of equipment during the Communication Aids Project 12 July 2016
Add The use of contoured vs flat cushions in adaptive seating for children with cerebral palsy 12 July 2016
Add Longitudinal study evaluating a seating system using a sacral pad and kneeblock for children with cerebral palsy 12 July 2016
Add The International Classification for Functioning Disability and Health provides a model for adaptive seating for children with cerebral palsy 12 July 2016
Add Differences between parents' and therapists' views of their child's adaptive seating system 12 July 2016
Add A lifecycle cost-benefit analysis of low-carbon powerhouses in buildings in China 12 July 2016
Add Emissions from petrol engine fueled Gasoline-Ethanol-Methanol (GEM) ternary mixture as alternative fuel 12 July 2016
Add A private rental sector paradox: unpacking the effects of urban restructuring on housing market dynamics 12 July 2016
Add Numerical modelling of unsteady flow behaviour in the rectangular jets with oblique opening 12 July 2016
Add A collaborative autoethnography study to inform the teaching of reflective practice in STEM 12 July 2016
Add Nano-impact tests with ultra-high strain rate loading using graphene and ion impact 12 July 2016
Add Nonlinear sharpening during superposition of surface waves 12 July 2016
Add A distributed 1-bit compressed sensing algorithm robust to impulsive noise 12 July 2016
Add Magnetic lattices for ultracold atoms and degenerate quantum gases 12 July 2016
Add Bioengineering microbial communities: Their potential to help, hinder and disgust 12 July 2016
Add Angular momentum regulates atomic gas fractions of galactic disks 12 July 2016
Add Direct measurement of pore dynamics and leakage induced by a model antimicrobial peptide in single vesicles and cells 12 July 2016
Add Breaking the news of a diagnosis of motor neurone disease: a national survey of neurologists' perspectives 12 July 2016
Add Corrosion behaviour of carbon steel in Biodiesel-Diesel-Ethanol (BDE) fuel blend 12 July 2016
Add Network statistical models for language learning contexts: exponential random graph models and willingness to communicate 12 July 2016
Add An investigation on fabrication of conformal cooling channel with direct metal deposition for injection moulding 12 July 2016
Add Research knowledge, attitudes, practices and barriers among paediatric occupational therapists in the United Kingdom 12 July 2016
Add Wheelchairs: posture and mobility 12 July 2016
Add Improving access to participation for children with severe and complex disabilities through seating interventions 12 July 2016
Add The impact of caregiving for adults with a developmental disability on their parents 12 July 2016
Add Rasch analysis of the assessment of children's hand skills in children with and without disabilities 12 July 2016
Add DVD-based stories of people with developmental disabilities as resources for inter-professional education 12 July 2016