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Title Date Deposited
Add Image processing for detection of Cataract, Retinopathy of Prematurity and Glaucoma 9 November 2015
Add Wakefield, Marx, and the world turned inside out 9 November 2015
Add The Patient Remote Intervention and Symptom Management System (PRISMS) - a Telehealth-mediated intervention enabling real-time monitoring of chemotherapy side-effects in patients with haematological malignancies: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial 9 November 2015
Add The hybrid designer/end-user: Revealing paradoxes in co-design 9 November 2015
Add Development and performance testing of ‘Comb Separator’, a novel sewer overflow screening device 9 November 2015
Add Thermal modification of 55% aluminium-zinc-silicon coatings 6 November 2015
Add Evaluation Report: Inner East Community Health Service (Hawthorn) - improved services for people with drug and alcohol problems and mental illness (dual diagnosis) 6 November 2015
Add Review and Information Report: Corella Place Transitional Facility 6 November 2015
Add Initial Program Evaluation Report: Smoke Free Prisons Project 6 November 2015
Add Department of Justice and Regulation (Victoria) smoke free prisons project: Results of the pre-ban prisoner and prison staff surveys and focus groups 6 November 2015
Add Student perceptions of screencast feedback on mathematics assessment 6 November 2015
Add Deep-UV fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy 6 November 2015
Add Development of processing windows for HVOF carbide-based coatings 6 November 2015
Add Minimizing the effect of workplace adversity on correctional officers - tackling an old problem in a new way 6 November 2015
Add The impact of a technology enhanced induction process on psychological wellbeing and adjustment in young first-time prisoners 6 November 2015
Add Tackling the high cost of workplace adversity - Development and implementation of targeted, preventative training programs for officers 6 November 2015
Add Using the Cognitive Skills Core Assessment Tool (CS-CAT) to evaluate offender cognitive skills programs: Data and standardization 6 November 2015
Add Fostering resilience and wellbeing in prisons: Development and implementation of technology-enhanced psycho-educational programs for prisoners 6 November 2015
Add Digital gaming and corrections: Examining the potential uses for offender rehabilitation and well-being 6 November 2015
Add Technology & offender reintegration: Is there a place for gaming? 6 November 2015
Add Qualitative and quantitative research in counselling: Choosing your path 6 November 2015
Add Forensic psychology and the missing middle: Counselling and offender wellbeing 6 November 2015
Add Enhancing the cognitive skills of young adult offenders through gamification: Theory and practice 6 November 2015
Add An integrative and substantive definition of spirituality in psychology 6 November 2015
Add Fostering resilience and wellbeing in prisons: Development and implementation of technology-enhanced psycho-educational programs for prisoners 6 November 2015
Add Metal-poor, cool gas in the circumgalactic medium of a z = 2.4 Star-forming galaxy: Direct evidence for cold accretion? 4 November 2015
Add A high molecular fraction in a subdamped absorber at z = 0.56 4 November 2015
Add Astropy: a community Python package for astronomy 4 November 2015
Add Entry modes as a component of international marketing strategy: a mixed-method analysis of higher education services 4 November 2015
Add Third-order resonant wave interactions under the influence of background current fields 4 November 2015
Add Sea ice floes dissipate the energy of steep ocean waves 4 November 2015
Add Comparisons of electroencephalographically derived measures of hypnosis and antinociception in response to standardized stimuli during target-controlled Propofol-Remifentanil anesthesia 4 November 2015
Add Diminy: conception, articulation & subsequent development 4 November 2015
Add We were young 4 November 2015
Add Plasmonic color analysis of Ag-coated black-Si SERS substrate 4 November 2015
Add The empowerment of local community groups as a new innovation in cross borders disaster management frameworks 4 November 2015
Add Including ethics in banking and finance programs: Teaching 'we shouldn't win at any cost' 4 November 2015
Add Twitter by butter lamp: experiencing media change in Bhutan (book review) 4 November 2015
Add The culture of complaint, or 'Postmodernism, an ode' 4 November 2015
Add Representation 4 November 2015
Add Remix 4 November 2015
Add Paraliterature 4 November 2015
Add Hassan, Ihab: Egyptian-American literary theorist, born 1925 4 November 2015
Add Keynote: From Michel Serres, 'Notes on Camp' to 'Things To Do In Shopping Centres' (via the Living Strings, Billy Vaughn & Hammond a gogo, vol.2) 4 November 2015