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Add Effect of CFRP wrapping time on rehabilitation of concrete damaged by alkali aggregate reaction 16 January 2015
Add NIR for structural characterization of nanoclay-modified adhesive used in CFRP applications 16 January 2015
Add Bond characteristics between steel and CFRP laminate under impact loads 16 January 2015
Add The use of image correlation photogrammetry in investigating the performance of fire-damaged circular RC columns strengthened with CFRP 16 January 2015
Add Confinement of heat-damaged RC circular columns using CFRP fabrics 16 January 2015
Add Effective bond length of modified cement-based adhesive for FRP-NSM strengthening system 16 January 2015
Add Effect of heat treatment on the recovery stresses generated by super-elastic NITI shape memory alloy wires 16 January 2015
Add Physical and mechanical properties of lightweight aerated geopolymer 15 January 2015
Add Boroaluminosilicate geopolymers: role of NaOH concentration and curing temperature 15 January 2015
Add Investigation of infrared neural stimulation in the cochlea 15 January 2015
Add Applying minority game to road traffic assignment 15 January 2015
Add Robust constraints on varying fundamental constants from QSO absorption systems 15 January 2015
Add Size and velocity dispersion evolution of red and dead galaxies 15 January 2015
Add Modeling of flow through the circle of Willis and cerebral vasculature to assess the effects of changes in the peripheral small cerebral vasculature on the inflows 14 January 2015
Add Bidding strategy for agents in multi-attribute combinatorial double auction 14 January 2015
Add A multi-agent approach for enhancing transient stability of smart grids 14 January 2015
Add Compound pendant drop tensiometry for interfacial tension measurement at zero bond number 14 January 2015
Add Aggregating multi-valued CP-nets: a CSP-based approach 14 January 2015
Add Super-resolution nanofabrication with metal-ion doped hybrid material through an optical dual-beam approach 14 January 2015
Add Criteria for genuine N -partite continuous-variable entanglement and Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering 14 January 2015
Add Chaotic vortex induced vibrations 14 January 2015
Add Is there a negative relationship between the order-of-brand entry and market share? 14 January 2015
Add Development, feasibility and usability of an online psychological intervention for men with prostate cancer: My Road Ahead 14 January 2015
Add Mass transport studies and hydrogen evolution at a platinum electrode using bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide as the proton source in ionic liquids and conventional solvents 14 January 2015
Add Effect of fine content on the pullout resistance mechanism of bearing reinforcement embedded in cohesive-frictional soils 14 January 2015
Add The d-electrons of Fe in ferrocene: the excess orbital energy spectrum (EOES) 14 January 2015
Add Promises and pitfalls of using social media in public e-procurement: an appraisal 14 January 2015
Add Examining the longitudinal structure, stability, and dimensional interrelationships of team identification 14 January 2015
Add Organisational justice: a Senian perspective 14 January 2015
Add The plastic banknote: from concept to reality 14 January 2015
Add Sensoria Special Edition on Embodied Cognition: Editorial 13 January 2015
Add Organisational paradoxes of local e-government 13 January 2015
Add Welcome to issue Volume 20 Number 1 of the Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government 13 January 2015
Add RelBOSS: a relationship-aware access control framework for software services 12 January 2015
Add Processes for developing affordable and sustainable medium-density housing models for greyfield precincts 12 January 2015
Add An interest-based clustering method for web information visualization 12 January 2015
Add Sustainable alternative in environmental monitoring using carbon nanoparticles as optical probes 12 January 2015
Add Implementation of magnetized water to improve the properties of concrete 12 January 2015
Add Effect of prestressed CFRP patches on crack growth of centre-notched steel plates 12 January 2015
Add Investigation of CNT modification of epoxy resin in CFRP strengthening systems 12 January 2015
Add Thermo-mechanical characterization of MWCNTs-modified Epoxy Resin 12 January 2015
Add Enhancement of steel/carbon fibre-reinforced polymer adhesively-bonded joints at elevated temperatures through curing 12 January 2015
Add Durability of the bond between CFRP plates and concrete exposed to harsh environments 12 January 2015
Add Investigating characteristics of collaboration between nurse practitioners and medical practitioners in primary healthcare: a mixed methods multiple case study protocol 12 January 2015
Add Relating across international borders: Gay men forming families through overseas surrogacy 12 January 2015
Add Families, relationships and intimate life 12 January 2015
Add Strategies for improving postpartum contraceptive use: evidence from non-randomized studies 12 January 2015
Add Content analysis of Australian direct-to-consumer websites for emerging breast cancer imaging devices 12 January 2015
Add The role and efficacy of Independent Children's Lawyers 12 January 2015
Add Getting the word out: Independent children lawyers in the family law system 12 January 2015