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Add Vulnerability assessment of underground mine stopes filled with granular backfills 21 September 2016
Add Stabilizing dispersive soil using brown coal fly ash and hydrated lime 21 September 2016
Add Complex behaviour of a nanofluid near thermal convection onset: Its nature and features 21 September 2016
Add Blast response of sandwich beams with thin-walled tubes as core 21 September 2016
Add Attachment and social support as predictors of posttraumatic stress and posttraumatic growth 21 September 2016
Add Measurement of the third order non-linearity of gold-graphene hybrid nanocomposite for near-infrared wavelengths 21 September 2016
Add Race for the surface: Eukaryotic cells can win 21 September 2016
Add Validation of multi-layer network optimization 21 September 2016
Add The 3D-HST Survey: Hubble space telescope WFC3/G141 Grism spectra, redshifts, and emission line measurements for ~100,000 galaxies 21 September 2016
Add Silk patterns made by direct femtosecond laser writing 21 September 2016
Add Feasibility and acceptability of reducing workplace sitting time: A qualitative study with Australian office workers 21 September 2016
Add Controversial advertising: transgressing the taboo of gender-based violence 21 September 2016
Add Investigation of expansive soil for design of light residential footings in Melbourne 21 September 2016
Add Augmenting social stories with differentiated instruction: a study of social skills acquisition in children with autism spectrum disorder 21 September 2016
Add Process-waste reduction in the construction supply chain using proactive information network 20 September 2016
Add Co-firing of biomass and slagging in industrial furnace: A review on modelling approach 20 September 2016
Add Molecular simulation of the thermodynamic, structural, and vapor-liquid equilibrium properties of neon 20 September 2016
Add Periodic solutions in an SIRWS model with immune boosting and cross-immunity 20 September 2016
Add Sliding mode learning based congestion control for DiffServ networks 20 September 2016
Add Collaborations for best practice in disasters 20 September 2016
Add Uberisation of housing markets: putting theory into practice 20 September 2016
Add Family-educator partnership: myth, fable and fantasy 20 September 2016
Add Strengthening the theory-practice nexus in teacher education programs 20 September 2016
Add Perspectives on adult relationships and how they support the mathematical learning of children starting school 20 September 2016
Add Graphic designers' sense and knowledge of the user: is thinking differently the groundwork for acting differently? 20 September 2016
Add Group work and the externally-oriented capstone: ppening students to the challenges of professional practice 20 September 2016
Add Red thread: navigating the labyrinth of contemporary communication design / Carolyn Barnes, John Bassani and Nicki Wragg (eds) 20 September 2016
Add Sedentary behaviour and older people: new insights 20 September 2016
Add A review of interventions to reduce sedentary behaviour in older adults 20 September 2016
Add The effect of interrupting prolonged sitting with intermittent activity on markers of thrombotic risk 20 September 2016
Add Patterns Of objectively-measured prolonged sedentary time and physical activity at work 20 September 2016
Add Sedentary behaviour: opportunities for action symposium 20 September 2016
Add Physical activity and sedentary behaviors among rural Chinese adults 20 September 2016
Add Individual, social, and environmental correlates of adults' television viewing time: a longitudinal study 20 September 2016
Add Investigation of dynamic elastic deformation of parts processed by fused deposition modeling additive manufacturing 20 September 2016
Add The long-term co-occurrence of psychiatric illness and behavioral problems following child sexual abuse 20 September 2016
Add Next Generation Deep 2 15 September 2016
Add Revolution brewing: Where is design excellence in 2017? 15 September 2016
Add Viewpoint modelling with emotions: a case study 15 September 2016
Add Dynamics analysis and control optimization of a pest management predator-prey model with an integrated control strategy 15 September 2016
Add Youth entrepreneurship in an Islamic context 15 September 2016
Add Comfort experience in everyday life events 15 September 2016
Add From CODEX to ESPRESSO to HIRES@E-ELT: a view on cosmology and fundamental physics from the IGM perspective 15 September 2016
Add Development of next-generation compression apparel 15 September 2016
Add Development of a smart cricket ball for advanced performance analysis of bowling 15 September 2016
Add Accuracy performance parameters of seam bowling, measured with a smart cricket ball 15 September 2016
Add Investigation and assessment of the edge grip of snowboards with laser vibrometry - a proposal of a standardised method 15 September 2016
Add Rental damage (Letter to the editor) 15 September 2016
Add Predicting susceptibility to use demand responsive transport using demographic and trip characteristics of the population 15 September 2016
Add Temporal tracking of congested partitions in dynamic urban road networks 15 September 2016