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Add Drawing the discourses of ontological security: Immigration and identity in the Danish and Swedish cartoon crises 4 August 2016
Add Constraint is associated with earlier circadian phase and morningness: Confirmation of relationships between personality and circadian phase using a constant routine protocol 4 August 2016
Add Development of a suicide ideation detection tool for primary healthcare settings - using open access online psychosocial data 4 August 2016
Add The availability of psychological services for aged care residents in Australia: a survey of facility staff 4 August 2016
Add Application of artificial neural network for seasonal rainfall forecasting: a case study for South Australia 3 August 2016
Add The topographical properties of paediatric brain electrical activity during anaesthesia 2 August 2016
Add Mechanical characterisation of high strength alloys produced by laser assisted direct metal deposition 2 August 2016
Add Trajectories of adjustment: conceptualising expatriate spouses' narratives of stress, coping and identity construction 2 August 2016
Add Artificial neural networks in downscaling and projections of long term future precipitation and development of future intensity-duration-frequency curves 2 August 2016
Add An investigation of the behaviour of cold-formed steel wall-plate system 2 August 2016
Add A concept-based clustering approach to clinical information retrieval 2 August 2016
Add An exploration of the longer-term impacts of community participation in rural health services design 2 August 2016
Add A scoping review of the association between rural medical education and rural practice location 2 August 2016
Add Community participation for rural health: a review of challenges 2 August 2016
Add Nepalese dental hygiene and dental students' career choice motivation and plans after graduation: a descriptive cross-sectional comparison 2 August 2016
Add Processes of community-led social enterprise development: learning from the rural context 2 August 2016
Add The experience of community first responders in co-producing rural health care: in the liminal gap between citizen and professional 2 August 2016
Add 'Housing risk' and the neoliberal discourse of responsibilisation in Victoria 2 August 2016
Add Prioritising rural authenticity: community members' use of discourse in rural healthcare participation and why it matters 2 August 2016
Add Community participation for rural healthcare design: description and critique of a method 2 August 2016
Add Measuring the value of social organisations as rural service providers 2 August 2016
Add Culture and rural health 2 August 2016
Add Measuring oral health literacy: a scoping review of existing tools 2 August 2016
Add The power of stories to persuade: the storying of midwives and the financial narratives of central policy makers 2 August 2016
Add Managing Diversity in Australia: Theory and Practice (Book Review) 2 August 2016
Add Valuing student voices when exploring, creating and planning for the future of Australian higher education 1 August 2016
Add Auditory verbal hallucinations (AVHs) and related psychotic phenomena in mood disorders: analysis of the 2010 Survey of High Impact Psychosis (SHIP) data 1 August 2016
Add Television viewing time and weight gain in colorectal cancer survivors: a prospective population-based study 1 August 2016
Add Are workplace interventions to reduce sitting effective? A systematic review 1 August 2016
Add Perceptions of representatives of public, private, and community sector institutions of the barriers and enablers for physically active transport 1 August 2016
Add Television viewing time and mortality the Australian diabetes, obesity and lifestyle study (AusDiab) 1 August 2016
Add Response to letters regarding article, "Television viewing time and mortality: the Australian diabetes, obesity and lifestyle study (AusDiab)" 1 August 2016
Add Maintenance of physical activity and dietary change following a telephone-delivered intervention 1 August 2016
Add Adherence to a Mediterranean-style diet and effects on cognition in adults: a qualitative evaluation of the systematic review of longitudinal and prospective trials 1 August 2016
Add Don Dale abuse is a symptom of a sick justice culture 1 August 2016
Add An eye on animacy and intention: comment on Hamlin et al. (2015) 1 August 2016
Add Driverless cars will change the way we think of car ownership 1 August 2016
Add Who (or what) is behind the wheel? The regulatory challenges of driverless cars 1 August 2016
Add Car tech how to fix traffic congestion in Australia 1 August 2016
Add Worlds apart 1 August 2016
Add The resettlement of refugees in Australia: a bibliography (8th rev. ed.) 1 August 2016