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Add Regeneration: Tackling the Greyfields 19 December 2014
Add New H i scaling relations to probe the H i content of galaxies via global H i-deficiency maps 19 December 2014
Add Finding galaxies with unusual HI content 19 December 2014
Add Design in tourism education: a design anthropology perspective 19 December 2014
Add Regeneration: Tackling the Greyfields 19 December 2014
Add Flexural strength of plain and fibre-reinforced boroaluminosilicate geopolymer 19 December 2014
Add Submission to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee Inquiry: The ability of Australian law enforcement authorities to eliminate gun-related violence in the community 19 December 2014
Add The SLUGGS survey: globular cluster stellar population trends from weak absorption lines in stacked spectra 19 December 2014
Add The Very Large Telescope Lyman-Break Galaxy Redshift Survey - IV. Gas and galaxies at z ∼ 3 in observations and simulations 19 December 2014
Add Stellar kinematics and structural properties of virgo cluster dwarf early-type galaxies from the SMAKCED Project. II. The survey and a systematic analysis of kinematic anomalies and asymmetries 19 December 2014
Add ZFOURGE/CANDELS: On the evolution of M* galaxy progenitors from z=3 to 0.5 19 December 2014
Add Are peculiar velocity surveys competitive as a cosmological probe? 19 December 2014
Add Using the topology of large-scale structure in the WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey as a cosmological standard ruler 19 December 2014
Add Net neutrality in Australia: an emerging debate 19 December 2014
Add The privatisation of the Internet, WikiLeaks and free expression 19 December 2014
Add Beyond the artifact: developing student awareness of contextual social and environmental sustainability 19 December 2014
Add The acute cognitive and mood effects of tea constituents L-theanine, caffeine and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG): a systematic review and meta-analysis 19 December 2014
Add Investigation of the effects of solid lipid curcumin on cognition and mood in a healthy older population 19 December 2014
Add 'Interview' 19 December 2014
Add Addressing exploitation of women in therapeutic cloning/somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) research through strict legal oversight in Australia 19 December 2014
Add The estate of James Joyce; the free trade agreement; and some contemporary conundrums 19 December 2014
Add Switching to a 10-day Mediterranean-style diet improves mood and cardiovascular function in a controlled crossover study 19 December 2014
Add Challenges and prospects for a sustainable development transition of Australia's cities 19 December 2014
Add The effects of Omega-3 fish oils and multivitamins on cognitive and cardiovascular function: a randomized, controlled clinical trial 19 December 2014
Add Nutritional medicine as mainstream in psychiatry 19 December 2014
Add Hippocampal involvement in glucose facilitation of recognition memory: event-related potential components in a dual-task paradigm 19 December 2014
Add Anti-stress effects of lemon balm-containing foods 19 December 2014
Add Online cognitive training in healthy older adults: a preliminary study on the effects of single versus multi-domain training 19 December 2014
Add The effect of a single dose of multivitamin and mineral combinations with and without guaraná on functional brain activity during a continuous performance task 19 December 2014
Add Assessing premorbid cognitive ability in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus - a review with implications for future intervention studies 19 December 2014
Add Sustainable reuse potential of municipal sewage sludge in south-east Australia 19 December 2014
Add Acute effects of dietary polysaccharides on cognitive performance in healthy middle-aged adults 19 December 2014
Add Recycled construction and demolition materials in permeable pavement systems: geotechnical and hydraulic characteristics 19 December 2014
Add A study investigating attitudinal perceptions of microcredit services and their relevant drivers in Bottom of Pyramid market segments 19 December 2014
Add Galaxy stellar mass functions from ZFOURGE/CANDELS: an excess of low-mass galaxies since z=2 and the rapid buildup of quiescent galaxies 18 December 2014
Add Submission to the Inquiry into the impact of social media on Victorian elections and Victoria's electoral administration 18 December 2014
Add Online Copyright Infringement submission 18 December 2014
Add The secret life of our prostheses: neuroprosthetics and augmentation 18 December 2014
Add Electric field induced surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for multianalyte detection 18 December 2014
Add Sulfidation kinetics of natural chromite ore using H2S gas 18 December 2014
Add Dynamic wetting of CaO-Al2O3-SiO2-MgO liquid oxide on MgAl2O4 spinel 18 December 2014
Add Keck/MOSFIRE Spectroscopic Confirmation of a Virgo-like Cluster Ancestor at z = 2.095 18 December 2014
Add The Giant Gemini GMOS survey of zem > 4.4 quasars - I. Measuring the mean free path across cosmic time 18 December 2014
Add Photometric redshift analysis in the Dark Energy Survey Science Verification data 18 December 2014
Add DYNAMO - I. A sample of Ha-luminous galaxies with resolved kinematics 18 December 2014
Add The UVES Large Program for testing fundamental physics - III. Constraints on the fine-structure constant from three telescopes 18 December 2014
Add Broadband policy and rural and cultural divides in Australia 18 December 2014
Add Indefinite LQ problem for irregular singular system 18 December 2014
Add Evaluating irredundant maximal contained rewritings for XPath queries on views 18 December 2014
Add Effect of climate change and variability on extreme rainfall intensity-frequency-duration relationships: a case study of Melbourne 18 December 2014
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