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Add Deformation and energy absorption of composite sandwich beams 2 October 2014
Add An experimental study of square aluminium tubes with honeycomb core subjected to quasi-Static compressive loads 2 October 2014
Add Combined compression-shear behavior of aluminum honeycombs 2 October 2014
Add Natural insect and plant micro-/nanostructsured surfaces: an excellent selection of valuable templates with superhydrophobic and self-cleaning properties 2 October 2014
Add Selection of densification strain to predict dynamic crushing stress at high impact velocity of alporas aluminium foam 2 October 2014
Add Dynamic response of polymer based shear stiffening composite 2 October 2014
Add Ultraviolet laser-induced poling inhibition produces bulk domains in MgO-doped lithium niobate crystals 2 October 2014
Add Cognitive and perceptual skills in game-like training tools: transfer of training from static to dynamic contexts 2 October 2014
Add Milestones in the development of intellectual capital reporting 2 October 2014
Add Corporate reporting of intellectual capital: evidence from the Bangladeshi pharmaceutical sector 2 October 2014
Add Exploring the impact of vocational training and socio-economic status on a student's result in first year economics 2 October 2014
Add Corporate social responsibility: an Islamic notion of business society 2 October 2014
Add Work-family balance: perspectives from higher education 2 October 2014
Add Stability and change in a mature private higher education industry 1 October 2014
Add The development of asset valuation techniques for government business enterprises in Australia 1 October 2014
Add Margarine deregulation and the sequencing of microeconomic reform. 1 October 2014
Add A survey of the privatisation of government owned enterprises in Australia since the 1980s 1 October 2014
Add The limits of socialism: the New South Wales Labor Party and the proposal to nationalise the gas industry 1 October 2014
Add Addressing the rising costs of electricity, water and gas: would more multi-utility firms help? 1 October 2014
Add Solution of the Boltzmann transport equation for phonon transport via the speed-up transient Monte Carlo method using reference temperature 1 October 2014
Add Purchasing social good(s): a definition and typology of social procurement 1 October 2014
Add Unlocking employee experiences: exploring the construction and presentation of retrospective narratives of organisational change 1 October 2014
Add Persistence, Distance and Organisational Silence: Bottom-Up Talk of Organisational Change. 1 October 2014
Add Future perfect? Conversion stories and the narration of organizational change 1 October 2014
Add Left behind: loss and emotion in narratives of organisational change. 1 October 2014
Add The labors of organizational change: emotional and aesthetic labor beyond the service encounter 1 October 2014
Add Exploring reports of misbehaviour in employee narratives of organisational change. 1 October 2014
Add 'Kill Bill' and the change agent: the genre bending of organizational stories 1 October 2014
Add Workplace bullying, discrimination and harassment: some common factors 1 October 2014
Add Re-defining workplace bullying: an interactionist approach to exploring how participants frame and define their experiences 1 October 2014
Add Team communication in operating rooms: initial findings from an observational study 1 October 2014
Add Emotional control and authenticity: Negotiating contemporary challenges to od. 1 October 2014
Add Narrative studies of organisational change: progress and prospects 1 October 2014
Add Beyond authenticity? Humanism, post-humanism and new organization development 1 October 2014
Add Beyond authenticity? Humanism, post-humanism and new organization development 1 October 2014
Add Voluntary outsiders: exploring the self-identity of a contractor. 1 October 2014
Add The challenge of competing logics: managing disease risk in the Australian beef industry 1 October 2014
Add Organisational change readiness: the role of negotiated order in rural GP clinics 1 October 2014
Add Sex differences and the role medullary system and hypothalamo-pituitary of sex steroids in sympatho-adrenal adrenal axis responses to stress 1 October 2014
Add What is needed to deliver collaborative care to address comorbidity more effectively for adults with a severe mental illness? 1 October 2014
Add Oestrogen: An overlooked mediator in the neuropsychopharmacology of treatment response? 1 October 2014
Add Sex differences precipitating anorexia nervosa in females: The estrogen paradox and a novel framework for targeting sex-specific neurocircuits and behavior 1 October 2014
Add Theoretical perspective on anorexia nervosa: The conflict of reward 1 October 2014
Add Anorexia Nervosa: A single region of interest for self-referent processing of pictures of body images? 1 October 2014
Add A two-level model of rise time in quantum cascade laser materials applied to 5 micron, 9 micron and terahertz-range wavelengths 1 October 2014
Add Ultralong pure longitudinal magnetization needle induced by annular vortex binary optics 1 October 2014
Add Rehabilitation of alkali-aggregate reaction damaged bridge columns using CFRP composites 1 October 2014
Add The strengthening of the Westgate Bridge using FRP composites and innovate Anchorage systems 1 October 2014
Add TE-absorption profile in plasmonic-capped Sic nanorods under Otto configuration 1 October 2014
Add Phase-matched generation of high order harmonic for study of molecular dynamics 1 October 2014
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