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Add A facile method to fabricate carbon nanostructures via the self-assembly of polyacrylonitrile/poly(methyl methacrylate-b-polyacrylonitrile) AB/B′ type block copolymer/homopolymer blends 27 October 2016
Add Progressive alternatives to imprisonment in an increasingly punitive (and self-defeating) society 27 October 2016
Add Finding grammar in the process: Designing a doctoral writing program 27 October 2016
Add Conceptualising an integrative doctoral curriculum 27 October 2016
Add Ethnographic needs analysis in support of STEM doctoral writing 27 October 2016
Add Design of a program to enhance engineering postgraduate communication skills 27 October 2016
Add EGAP, ESP and ESAP: modifying curricula and teaching materials to satisfy the changing requirements of EAP 27 October 2016
Add Australian human rights law 27 October 2016
Add Sentencing in Australia 27 October 2016
Add Sentencing in Australia 27 October 2016
Add Investigating crime: the laws of Australia 27 October 2016
Add Humanising animals: civilising people 27 October 2016
Add Ross on crime, 6th edition 27 October 2016
Add The fallacy of punishing offenders for the deeds of others: an argument for abolishing offence prevalence as a sentencing aggravating consideration 27 October 2016
Add Addressing the curious blackspot that is the separation between the principle of legality and sentencing 27 October 2016
Add A sober assessment of the link between substance abuse and crime-eliminating drug and alcohol use from the sentencing calculus 27 October 2016
Add The irrelevance to sentencing of (most) incidental hardships suffered by offenders 27 October 2016
Add Introduction to nanomaterials and nanocomposites 26 October 2016
Add Nanocomposite materials: Synthesis, properties and applications / Jyotishkumar Parameswaranpillai, Nishar Hameed, Thomas Kurian, Yingfeng Yu (eds.) 26 October 2016
Add Handbook of epoxy blends / Jyotishkumar Parameswaranpillai, Nishar Hameed, Jurgen Pionteck, Eamor M. Woo (eds.) 26 October 2016
Add Thermal properties of epoxy/block copolymer blends 26 October 2016
Add Light scattering of epoxy/thermoplastic blends 26 October 2016
Add Water sorption and solvent sorption of epoxy/block copolymer and epoxy/thermoplastic blends 26 October 2016
Add Dynamic mechanical thermal analysis of epoxy-/block-copolymer blends 26 October 2016
Add Mechanical properties of composite systems 26 October 2016
Add The effect of traffic data source on deterioration rates of heavy-duty flexible pavements 26 October 2016
Add Recycled waste foundry sand as a sustainable subgrade fill and pipe-bedding construction material: engineering and environmental evaluation 26 October 2016
Add The effect of Sailuotong (SLT) on neurocognitive and cardiovascular function in healthy adults: A randomised, doubleblind, placebo controlled crossover pilot trial 26 October 2016
Add Joint top-k subscription query processing over microblog threads 26 October 2016
Add Prescriptive analytics for big data 26 October 2016
Add Non-linear adaptive coordinated controller design for multimachine power systems to improve transient stability 26 October 2016
Add Marriage equality: It's not the main issue 26 October 2016
Add Spatial textual Top-k search in mobile Peer-to-Peer networks 26 October 2016
Add Visualization-aided exploration of the real estate data 26 October 2016
Add Hearing loss and cognition in the Busselton Baby Boomer cohort: an epidemiological study 26 October 2016
Add The utility of linked cancer registry and health administration data for describing system-wide outcomes and research: a BreastScreen example 26 October 2016
Add Modelling of slag deposition and flow characteristics of coal combustion under oxy-firing condition in a 550 MW tangentially fired furnace 26 October 2016
Add Lawyer as critic: analysing the legal thriller through the works of John Grisham, Erle Stanley Gardner and Harper Lee 26 October 2016
Add Bond behaviour between NSM CFRP laminate and concrete using modified cement-based adhesive 26 October 2016
Add Suspension high velocity oxy-fuel (SHVOF)-sprayed alumina coatings: microstructure, nanoindentation and wear 25 October 2016
Add Methods and theories in haemofiltration in the paediatric population 25 October 2016
Add Appraising the difficulty of permutation problems using local search and prediction 25 October 2016
Add Behaviour of reconstituted sand-sized tunnelling rock spoils during shearing using GeoPIV technology for the assessment of soil arching effect during pipe-jacking works 25 October 2016
Add Screenplay - hostile natives and exegesis - indigenous screenwriters 25 October 2016
Add Characterization of ureolytic bacteria isolated from limestone caves of Sarawak and evaluation of their efficiency in biocementation 25 October 2016
Add Cloud based large-scale real-time simulation for traffic engineering 25 October 2016
Add Unified collision avoidance behaviour for autonomously steering characters 25 October 2016
Add Self-expression, DIY skills acquisition and connectivity: domain Grrls creating personal homepages at the turn of the millennium 25 October 2016
Add Extracting signal from the noise of app reviews 25 October 2016
Add A study of interactions between pressure waves and aerosols 25 October 2016