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Add Wireless Vehicular Sensor and Ad Hoc Networks 24 July 2014
Add SVEIRS: A new epidemic disease model with time delays and impulsive effects 24 July 2014
Add Solvent relaxation in golgi membrane by phasor-flim approach 24 July 2014
Add Quantum dynamics on extended phase space: the positive-p representation 24 July 2014
Add Networked games in the midst of the clouds 24 July 2014
Add Functional evaluation of es-somatic cell hybrids in vitro and in vivo 24 July 2014
Add Noted Works: After Homosexual 24 July 2014
Add Asylum seekers and the dignity of work 24 July 2014
Add Product placement in US and New Zealand television soap operas: an exploratory study 24 July 2014
Add Advertising in the Middle East: exploring the impact of the west 24 July 2014
Add Self-referencing and consumer evaluations of larger-sized female models: a weight locus of control perspective 24 July 2014
Add Message framing: keeping practitioners in the picture 24 July 2014
Add How the tone and wording of advertisements interact 24 July 2014
Add Reciprocity as a key stabilizing norm of interpersonal marketing relationships: scale development and validation 24 July 2014
Add Marketing orientation and arts organisations: the case for business sponsorship 24 July 2014
Add Service worker role in encouraging customer organizational citizenship behaviors 24 July 2014
Add Understanding infill: towards new policy and practice for urban regeneration in the established suburbs of Australia's cities 24 July 2014
Add Timing, polarimetry and physics of the bright, nearby millisecond pulsar PSR J0437-4715 - a single-pulse perspective 24 July 2014
Add System dynamics analysis of adaptive modulation problem for rayleigh flat-fading channel 24 July 2014
Add The SLUGGS survey: Exploring the metallicity gradients of nearby early-type galaxies to large radii 24 July 2014
Add Sitting above the maze: recent model discoveries in molecular science 24 July 2014
Add Periodic solution of a pest management Gompertz model with impulsive state feedback control 24 July 2014
Add Motives for mixing alcohol with energy drinks and other nonalcoholic beverages, and consequences for overall alcohol consumption 24 July 2014
Add Effects of co-current and cross flows on circular enhanced gravity plate separator efficiencies 24 July 2014
Add The effect of orbital eccentricity on the dynamical evolution of star clusters 24 July 2014
Add The effect of foreground subtraction on cosmological measurements from intensity mapping 24 July 2014
Add Cross-correlating Sunyaev-Zel'dovich and weak lensing maps 24 July 2014
Add Biomechanically compliant polymeric structures for cardiovascular implant applications 24 July 2014
Add Reflections on discriminant validity: reexamining the Bove et al. (2009) findings 24 July 2014
Add Examining the boundary conditions of customer citizenship behaviour: a focus on consumption ritual 24 July 2014
Add Guest editorial: the engagement of customers beyond their expected roles 24 July 2014
Add Religion and education: recent evidence from the US 24 July 2014
Add Development and validation of the consumer disillusionment toward marketing activity scale 24 July 2014
Add Innovation and business performance of SMEs: the case of Dubai 24 July 2014
Add Stigmatized labour: an overlooked service worker's stress 24 July 2014
Add A study of organisational determinants and innovation practices in Dubai SMEs 24 July 2014
Add Celtic marketing: assessing the authenticity of a never ending story 24 July 2014
Add Strategic brand management, 2nd edition 24 July 2014
Add Total alcohol consumption when alcohol is mixed with energy drink (AMED) compared to alcohol mixed with other non-alcoholic beverages 24 July 2014
Add Polymerizable Peptide Copolymer Coatings for the Control of Biointerfacial Interactions 24 July 2014
Add The personality differences between alcohol and alcohol-energy drink users: an Australian survey 24 July 2014
Add Effects of low doses of alcohol and emotional content of words on memory and heart rate 24 July 2014
Add Does co-consumtion of energgy drinks with alcohol mask subjective intoxication? A review of methodology and updated meta-analysis 24 July 2014
Add Differential effects of red wine with and without resveratrol enrichment on mood and cognitive function in older individuals 24 July 2014
Add Alcohol consumption on alcohol mixed with energy drink (AMED) occasions versus alcohol only occasions: A meta-analysis of within-subject studies 24 July 2014
Add Alcohol and energy drink consumption and engagement in negative alcohol-related behaviours: an Australian survey 24 July 2014
Add ADRC with RC for improved disturbance rejection capability for time-varying plant 24 July 2014
Add New variable step-sizes minimizing mean-square deviation for the lms-type algorithms 23 July 2014
Add Numerical modeling of laser assisted machining of a beta titanium alloy 23 July 2014
Add A hybrid harmony search algorithm for solving dynamic optimisation problems 23 July 2014
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