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Title Date Deposited
Add Introduction 30 March 2015
Add Indigenous Australian students' participation rates in higher education: exploring the role of universities 30 March 2015
Add Discrete-time iterative learning control for vehicle Steer-by-Wire systems 30 March 2015
Add Climate change adaptation for regional tourism destinations: a case study of Victoria's Surf Coast region 30 March 2015
Add Acoustic and thermal properties of polymer composites reinforced with lignocellulosic fibers 30 March 2015
Add An fMRI investigation into facial affect perception in body dysmorphic disorder 30 March 2015
Add A systematic review of comorbidity in PTSD using eye tracking and MEG 30 March 2015
Add 2nd level modelling in fMRI analysis with a clinically depressed sample - Comparisons between classical and Bayesian methods 30 March 2015
Add A MEG study of auditory verbal hallucinations and inhibition in patients with schizophrenia 30 March 2015
Add Intelligent mobility for smart cities: Driver behaviour models for assessment of sustainable transport 30 March 2015
Add Comparing novices and experts in their exploration of data in line graphs 30 March 2015
Add Analytical diffusion mechanism (ADiM) model combining specular, Knudsen and surface diffusion 30 March 2015
Add Letter to the editor: On the nosology of formal thought disorder 30 March 2015
Add Mixing phenomena in a bottom blown copper smelter: a water model study 30 March 2015
Add What are the factors associated with criminal behaviour for young people with mental health problems? 30 March 2015
Add Multiple Ps' effects on gambling, drinking and smoking: advancing theory and evidence 30 March 2015
Add It's the end of the world as we know it ... or is it? Looking beyond the new librarianship paradigm 30 March 2015
Add Becoming the library? Research librarians and the future of academic libraries 30 March 2015
Add A model of information flows and confirmatory bias in financial markets 30 March 2015
Add Parameter sensitivity for the proposed 'Comb Separator' - a sewer overflow device using sampling technique 30 March 2015
Add Performance testing of 'Comb Separator' - a novel sewerage overflow screening device 30 March 2015
Add Introduction to the Special Issue on 'Innovation and Good Policy' 30 March 2015
Add An exploration study of RimbaIlmu: a qualitative evaluation of shared single display groupware in Sarawak, Malaysia 30 March 2015
Add Improved working memory performance following administration of a single dose of American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L.) to healthy middle-age adults 30 March 2015
Add The effect of ketamine on configural facial processing 30 March 2015
Add Exploring the anti-diabetic potential of Australian Aboriginal and Indian Ayurvedic plant extracts using cell-based assays 30 March 2015
Add Estimating over-diagnosis of breast cancer (Authors' Reply) 30 March 2015
Add Probing bulk flow with nearby sne ia data 30 March 2015
Add An improved theoretical electrochemical-thermal modelling of lithium-ion battery packs in electric vehicles 30 March 2015
Add Probing PROBE: a field study of an advanced decision support prototype for managing Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) events 30 March 2015
Add Safety leadership advanced observation and conversation skills training: An Evaluation Report 30 March 2015
Add Chinese cultural heritage: Influences on university learning and teaching 30 March 2015
Add Moving boundary shallow water flow in a region with quadratic bathymetry 30 March 2015
Add Angular momentum in core and core-less early-type galaxies 30 March 2015
Add VizieR Online Data Catalog: ATLAS3D project XXIII 30 March 2015
Add Hanoi’s everyday spaces: ‘Imagined’ tradition through paintings of/in the streets 27 March 2015
Add Theory from practice: A subjective academic narrative of crime fiction addiction 27 March 2015
Add Port Phillip Bay 27 March 2015
Add Neuroaesthetics of the mundane 27 March 2015
Add First and second sound of a unitary Fermi gas in highly oblate harmonic traps 27 March 2015
Add FEA modelling of fracture toughness of steel fibre-reinforced geopolymer composites 26 March 2015
Add The sourcing of amateur photographs in the professional news media 26 March 2015
Add The relative impact of the dual-rotor wind turbine and the conventional single-rotor wind turbine on the transient stability of the power system 26 March 2015
Add Study of factors influencing bacterial identification by Raman spectroscopy 26 March 2015
Add Making sense of the territory: CEO perspectives on Australian charities 26 March 2015
Add Bleomycin and other bioactive compounds: chemical studies and production 26 March 2015
Add Molecular dynamics simulation of planar extensional and shear rheology of dendritic and blended dendrimer-linear polymer melts 26 March 2015
Add PPP applications in Australia infrastructure development: risk management perspectives 25 March 2015
Add Electric field induced surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for multianalyte detection 25 March 2015
Add Book review: The real Forsyth Saga? A History of the Modern Australian University by Hannah Forsyth 25 March 2015