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Add Measurement of the form factors of the decay B0→D⊃* -ℓ+νℓ and determination of the CKM matrix element |Vcb 2 May 2016
Add Measurement of the branching fractions for B0→Ds*+π - and B0→Ds*-K+ decays 2 May 2016
Add Ghost fringe removal techniques using Lissajous data presentation 2 May 2016
Add In-flight observations of low-mode ρR asymmetries in NIF implosionsa 2 May 2016
Add Review of the National Ignition Campaign 2009-2012 2 May 2016
Add Understanding the causes of architecture changes using OSS mailing lists 2 May 2016
Add Setting structural safety requirement for controlling earthquake mortality risk 2 May 2016
Add Arithmetic with optical topological charges in stepwise-excited Rb vapor 2 May 2016
Add Strength assessment of spent coffee grounds-geopolymer cement utilizing slag and fly ash precursors 2 May 2016
Add Grassmann phase space methods for fermions. I. Mode theory 2 May 2016
Add Causes of architecture changes: an empirical study through the communication in OSS mailing lists 2 May 2016
Add Supporting architecture documentation: a comparison of two ontologies for knowledge retrieval 2 May 2016
Add Seismic performance requirements and collapse risk of structures 2 May 2016
Add Identifying top-k structural hole spanners in large-scale social networks 2 May 2016
Add A material-based approach to the digitization of early applied colors 2 May 2016
Add Flexibility and sustainability priorities in procurement: practices, relationships and trade-offs 2 May 2016
Add Building a FlexSustainAble procurement 2 May 2016
Add Emergency warnings and non-compliance: Why the effect of repeated exposure needs to be examined within the emergency management sector 2 May 2016
Add Spreadsheets and the violence of forms: Tracking organisational and domestic use 2 May 2016
Add Transformers: The Movie - making modern mythology the Marvel way 2 May 2016
Add Sliding mode learning control for congestion control of wireless sensor networks 2 May 2016
Add Seduction of the serial killer: Representing justice with Lecter, Dexter and the Death Note 2 May 2016
Add Secure service virtualization in IoT by dynamic service dependency verification 2 May 2016
Add Media and journalism: New approaches to theory and practice (3rd edition / Jason Bainbridge, N. Goc, L. Tynan (eds.) 2 May 2016
Add 'If it's not good TV, believe me, it's not for a jury': Representing the media saturation of law 2 May 2016
Add Analyzing the efficiency performance of major Australian mining companies using bootstrap data envelopment analysis 2 May 2016
Add Talking back: Journalism training as a response to media racism 2 May 2016
Add The use of corticosteroids in reducing cancer-related fatigue: assessing the evidence for clinical practice 2 May 2016
Add Training and supportive programs for palliative care volunteers in community settings 2 May 2016
Add Palliative care nursing: a guide to practice, 3rd edition / Susan Lee, Margaret O'Connor, Sanchia Aranda (eds.) 2 May 2016
Add Nursing perspectives on palliative care 2015 2 May 2016
Add Nursing care for the families of the dying child/infant in paediatric and neonatal ICU: nurses' emotional talk and sources of discomfort. A mixed methods study 2 May 2016
Add Nurses' resilience and nurturance of the self 2 May 2016
Add Beyond the law: What is so 'super' about superheroes and supervillains? 2 May 2016
Add Information and research for policy and practice: survey of collection and information services dataset 2 May 2016