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Add Designing a robust battery pack for electric vehicles using a modified parameter diagram 20 August 2015
Add Aligning qualitative, real-time, and probabilistic property specification patterns using a structured English grammar 20 August 2015
Add Quality management of prefabricated vertical drain materials in mega land reclamation projects: a case study 20 August 2015
Add The GALEX Ultraviolet Virgo Cluster Survey (GUViCS): V. Ultraviolet diffuse emission and cirrus properties in the Virgo cluster direction 20 August 2015
Add Stellar masses and star formation rates for 1M Galaxies from SDSS+WISE 20 August 2015
Add Heavy metal resistant endophytic fungi isolated from Nypa fruticans in Kuching Wetland National Park 20 August 2015
Add The accretion history of dark matter haloes - I. The physical origin of the universal function 20 August 2015
Add Acoustic micromixing increases antibody-antigen binding in immunoassays 20 August 2015
Add From star-forming galaxies to AGN: The global HI content from a stacking experiment 20 August 2015
Add Numerical modeling of shape memory alloy linear actuator 20 August 2015
Add Mathematical impairment associated with high-contrast abnormalities in change detection and magnocellular visual evoked response 20 August 2015
Add Battery packaging and system design for an electric vehicle 20 August 2015
Add Scoping the human-centred design led 2020 vision for Malaysia electric buses (ev) 20 August 2015
Add A behavioural long-term based measure to monitor the health of a brand 20 August 2015
Add Novel psychoactive substances: second and third international conferences (editorial) 20 August 2015
Add Metallic nanoparticles for peripheral nerve regeneration: is it a feasible approach? 20 August 2015
Add Quantifying relative within-host replication fitness in influenza virus competition experiments 20 August 2015
Add Preface 20 August 2015
Add Individual and contextual antecedents of workplace aggression in aged care nurses and certified nursing assistants 20 August 2015
Add Fulfill psychological contract promises to manage in-demand employees 20 August 2015
Add Occupational power differentiates employee impacts under continuing change 20 August 2015
Add Hiding in plain sight: record-breaking compact stellar systems in the sloan digital sky survey 20 August 2015
Add AutoRM: an effective approach for automatic Web data record mining 20 August 2015
Add Convex optimisation-based methods for K-complex detection 20 August 2015
Add An application of Adaptive Random Sequence in test case prioritization 20 August 2015
Add Ethical aspects of psychological assessment and treatment over the internet 20 August 2015
Add Hospitality for asylum seekers? Think again: Australia has the opportunity to boost its resettlement intake and bolster its payments to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. 20 August 2015
Add Simultaneous observations of giant pulses from the Crab Pulsar, with the Murchison Widefield Array and Parkes Radio Telescope: implications for the Giant Pulse Emission Mechanism 20 August 2015
Add Mobile media and ecologies of location 20 August 2015
Add Digital housekeepers and domestic expertise in the networked home 20 August 2015
Add A change in Australia's web rules would open up the .au space 20 August 2015
Add Participant-generated visual data using digital ethnographic tools in domestic environments 20 August 2015
Add Mandatory, non-reviewable, indefinite: Immigration detention in Australia 20 August 2015
Add Caring, contributing, capacity building: navigating contradictory narratives of refugee settlement in Australia 20 August 2015
Add The persistence of predictors of wellbeing among refugee youth eight years after resettlement in Melbourne, Australia 20 August 2015
Add The de-gamification of Foursquare? 20 August 2015
Add Domestic digital ethnography: Notes on methods and ethics 20 August 2015
Add Can we respond mindfully to distressing voices? A systematic review of evidence for engagement, acceptability, effectiveness and mechanisms of change for mindfulness-based interventions for people distressed by hearing voices 20 August 2015
Add Bringing the 'Self' into focus: conceptualising the role of self-experience for understanding and working with distressing voices 20 August 2015
Add The persisting power of the pendulum 20 August 2015
Add Ideas for Fishermans Bend: a joint research synthesis project between crc for water sensitive cities & CRC for low carbon living 20 August 2015
Add Event summary - Central European Business Forum: Building international business opportunities 20 August 2015
Add Executive dysfunction in psychosis following traumatic brain injury (PFTBI) 20 August 2015
Add Who jumps to conclusions? A comprehensive assessment of probabilistic reasoning in psychosis following traumatic brain injury (PFTBI) 20 August 2015
Add Role-based process view derivation and composition 20 August 2015
Add Seeing receding hunter-gatherers and advancing commercial pastoralists: 'Nomadisation', transfer, genocide 20 August 2015
Add On-chip energy storage integrated with solar cells using a laser scribed graphene oxide film 20 August 2015
Add The sizes of massive quiescent and star-forming galaxies at z ~ 4 with ZFOURGE and CANDELS 20 August 2015
Add A systematic review and meta-analysis of behaviourally based psychological interventions and pharmacological interventions for trichotillomania 20 August 2015
Add An uncertain walk 20 August 2015