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Title Date Deposited
Add Investigation of critical parameters for stability analysis of wind generation systems with DFIGs 2 February 2016
Add Sliding mode control for longitudinal motion of underground mining electric vehicles 2 February 2016
Add Clustering LiFePO4 cells for battery pack based on neural network in EVs 2 February 2016
Add Dynamic validated model of a DFIG wind turbine 2 February 2016
Add The mathematical model of 18650 lithium-ion battery in electric vehicles 2 February 2016
Add Modelling of electric vehicles for underground mining personnel transport 2 February 2016
Add State of charge estimation based on improved Li-ion battery model using extended Kalman filter 2 February 2016
Add Impact of DFIG wind turbines on transient stability of power systems: a review 2 February 2016
Add Geoblocking and global video culture / Ramon Lobato and James Meese (eds.) 1 February 2016
Add Planning for urban change in the inner & middle (Greyfield) suburbs of Melbourne 1 February 2016
Add The end is in the beginning and yet you go on: Samuel Beckett’s Lost Album 1 February 2016
Add Understanding and development of supply chain agility and flexibility: a structured literature review 1 February 2016
Add Predicting the ultimate grain size of aluminum sheets undergone constrained groove pressing 1 February 2016
Add Numerical simulation of slag foaming in oxygen steelmaking 1 February 2016
Add Radially extended metallicity profiles in nearby early-type galaxies 1 February 2016