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Title Date Deposited
Add Analysis of steelmaking kinetics from IMPHOS pilot plant data 2 July 2015
Add Magnesium industry economics 2 July 2015
Add The accumulation and trapping of grains at planet gaps: Effects of grain growth and fragmentation 2 July 2015
Add Analysis of renewable energy implementation in Lajamu and Chamarel 2 July 2015
Add Analysis of concentrated photovoltaic energy (CPV) application in Australia and Pakistan 2 July 2015
Add Thermal enhanced processing of metals using lasers 2 July 2015
Add Emergence of short crestedness in originally unidirectional nonlinear waves 2 July 2015
Add A study of multifrequency polarization pulse profiles of millisecond pulsars 2 July 2015
Add A review on transient stability of DFIG integrated power system 2 July 2015
Add Smart cloud marketplace - Agent-based platform for trading cloud services 2 July 2015
Add A cross-institutional initiative in digital assessment 2 July 2015
Add Novel prototype hybrid reactor coupled to a solar simulator 2 July 2015
Add An investigation into small scale renewable energy technologies in remote locations 2 July 2015
Add Platform specificity and the politics of location data extraction 2 July 2015
Add Analysis of sustainable energy sources in Kenya and Australia 2 July 2015
Add Study of sustainable energy application in Australia and Malaysia 2 July 2015
Add Analysis of sustainable energy to supply remote cities 2 July 2015
Add Targeting the Achilles heel of the hepatitis B virus: a review of current treatments against covalently closed circular DNA 2 July 2015
Add Dynamic wetting of CaO-Al2O3-SiO2-MgO liquid slags on selected solid oxides 2 July 2015
Add No home at the end of the road? A survey of single women over 40 years of age who do not believe they will own their housing outright at retirement 2 July 2015