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Title Date Deposited
Add For what it's worth: cost benefit analysis of the use of interception and access in Australia 25 February 2015
Add Merely players: using evolutionary concepts regulatory analysis 25 February 2015
Add Competing for attention: the role of the state broadband network deployment 25 February 2015
Add Regulatory reform broadcasting: cultural exception or race to the bottom 25 February 2015
Add Pedestrian crossings and superhighway robbery: sources of market power in broadband 25 February 2015
Add If you step on this rung you may lose your balance: is bitstream the highest spot on the ladder of investment? 25 February 2015
Add 'According to the degree of influence': why regional commercial radio is more heavily regulated than metropolitan commercial television 25 February 2015
Add Axes of integration in the delivery of audiovisual services 25 February 2015
Add Technological protection measures: mobile digital rights management 25 February 2015
Add Digital is different: how Australian audiovisual services were transformed from culture into commerce 25 February 2015
Add Private clouds with no silver lining: legal risk in private cloud services 25 February 2015
Add Bank custodians and systemic risk in the Australian superannuation system 25 February 2015
Add Bank custodians and systemic risk in the Australian superannuation system 25 February 2015
Add Sketching and validating the location-based services (LBS) regulatory framework in Australia 25 February 2015
Add The impact of Co/La ratios on microstructure and magnetic properties of the Sr0.75-xCa0.25LaxFe12-yCoyO19 hexaferrites 24 February 2015
Add CCi Digital Futures 2014: the internet in Australia 24 February 2015
Add Using concrete visual notations as first class citizens for model transformation specification 23 February 2015
Add Tool support for automatic model transformation specification using concrete visualisations 23 February 2015
Add Specifying model transformations by direct manipulation using concrete visual notations and interactive recommendations 23 February 2015
Add Generating reusable visual notations using model transformation 23 February 2015
Add Shock timing on the National Ignition Facility: first experiments 23 February 2015
Add Age-related macular degeneration phenotypes associated with mutually exclusive homozygous risk variants in CFH and HTRA1 genes 23 February 2015
Add Progress towards ignition on the National Ignition Facility 23 February 2015
Add Mechanical behavior of geopolymer concrete subjected to high strain rate compressive loadings 23 February 2015
Add Ankrd11 is a chromatin regulator involved in autism that is essential for neural development 23 February 2015
Add Corrosion protection afforded by praseodymium conversion film on Mg alloy AZNd in simulated biological fluid studied by scanning electrochemical microscopy 23 February 2015
Add A suite of visual languages for model-driven development of statistical surveys and services 23 February 2015
Add Lymphedema quality of life inventory (lyqli)-development and investigation of validity and reliability 23 February 2015
Add Intermittent flow regimes near the convection threshold in ferromagnetic nanofluids 23 February 2015
Add Ignition tuning for the National Ignition Campaign 23 February 2015
Add Climate change impacts on meteorological, agricultural and hydrological droughts in China 23 February 2015
Add Professionalising parliament to promote ethical behaviour 23 February 2015
Add Observation of strong electromagnetic fields around laser-entrance holes of ignition-scale hohlraums in inertial-confinement fusion experiments at the National Ignition Facility 23 February 2015
Add Review of performance measurement: Implications for public-private partnerships 23 February 2015
Add Ubiquitous text transfer using sound a zero-infrastructure alternative for simple text communication 23 February 2015
Add Hohlraum designs for high velocity implosions on NIF 23 February 2015
Add Design parameters of stainless steel plates for maximizing high frequency ultrasound wave transmission 23 February 2015
Add Does framing the hot hand belief change decision-making behavior in volleyball? 23 February 2015
Add Thermomagnetic convection in a layer of ferrofluid placed in a uniform oblique external magnetic field 23 February 2015
Add Shock timing on the National Ignition Facility: the first precision tuning series 23 February 2015
Add What is exchanged in psychological contracts? Multiple sets of obligations, targeted effort and uncertainty reduction 23 February 2015
Add Vulnerability studies of E2E voting systems 23 February 2015
Add Mood and psychomotor tremor changes following acute caffeine consumption in moderate and minimal caffeine consumers 23 February 2015
Add Reliability assessment of an intelligent approach to corporate sustainability report analysis 23 February 2015
Add Measuring forces and spatiotemporal evolution of thin water films between an air bubble and solid surfaces of different hydrophobicity 23 February 2015
Add Effects of oblique magnetic field on mixed ferrouid convection 23 February 2015
Add Non-linear thermo-magnetic instabilities in a vertical layer of a ferromagnetic fluid 23 February 2015
Add The performance of welfare systems in post-communist Europe: the cases of Romania and Bulgaria 23 February 2015
Add Beliefs about voices and schemas about self and others in psychosis 23 February 2015
Add Effect of metal ions on the quenching of photoluminescent CdTe QDs and their recovery 23 February 2015