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Title Date Deposited
Add Sustainability balanced scorecard disclosures: an Australian investigation 2 April 2015
Add Facilitating collaboration between individual participants in a university-industry research and development project 2 April 2015
Add Complexity compounded: the relationship between facilitators and participants of interdisciplinary collaboration 2 April 2015
Add Development of high flux solar simulators for soalr thermal research 2 April 2015
Add Novel prototype solar hybrid reactor coupled to a solar simulator 2 April 2015
Add The writer 2 April 2015
Add The effect of method origin on method invocation fault frequency 2 April 2015
Add Identifying data inconsistencies using after-state database testing (ASDT) framework 2 April 2015
Add On a new detecting technique for conjunctive literal insertion fault in boolean expressions 2 April 2015
Add A structured model of consistency rules in after-state database testing 2 April 2015
Add Boundary regularized integral equation formulation of the Helmholtz equation in acoustics 2 April 2015
Add Boundary regularized integral equation formulation of Stokes flow 2 April 2015
Add Percorsi d'emigrazione e di militanza politica: donne italiane in Australia tra gli anni settanta e ottanta del Novecento [Paths of emigration and political militancy: Italian women in Australia between the seventies and eighties] 2 April 2015
Add Establishing a benchmark of fuel efficiency for commercial airline operations 2 April 2015
Add The investigation of social anxiety disorder, depressive symptoms and self-esteem, and its effects on autobiographical memory retrieval 2 April 2015
Add A systematic review of comorbidity in PTSD using eye tracking and MEG 2 April 2015
Add 2nd level modelling in fMRI analysis with a clinically depressed sample - comparisons between classical and Bayesian methods 2 April 2015
Add Psychophysiological investigations of individual differences using EEG & fMRI 2 April 2015
Add Gap year 1 April 2015
Add The battle of Mort Street 1 April 2015
Add The asylum-seeker plan that keeps disappearing over the horizon 1 April 2015
Add The role of slavery in design education 1 April 2015
Add Brief reminiscence intervention improves affect and pessimism in non-clinical individuals: A pilot study 1 April 2015
Add The importance of Ted's vision 1 April 2015
Add Entrepreneurs and the stress-coping-strain process: how relevant are existing theoretical frameworks? 1 April 2015
Add View in half or varying light: Joel Zika's neo-baroque aesthetics 1 April 2015
Add Validity of assessing people experiencing mental illness who have offended using the camberwell assessment of need-forensic and health of the nation outcome scales-secure 1 April 2015
Add Procedural justice in victim-police interactions and victims' recovery from victimisation experiences 1 April 2015
Add Aggression and violence 1 April 2015
Add Risk assessment for aggressive behaviour in personality disorder 1 April 2015
Add A structured cognitive behavioural approach to the assessment and treatment of violent offenders using offence paralleling behaviour 1 April 2015
Add Offence paralleling behaviour a case formulation approach to offender assessment and intervention 1 April 2015
Add Frequently modulating: Australian radio's relationshop with youth 1 April 2015
Add Social and emotional processing in the broader autism phenotype 1 April 2015
Add How the play element has changed in Australian football and the consequences of this change on the community 1 April 2015