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Add Broadband policy and rural and cultural divides in Australia 18 December 2014
Add United Kingdom wide student survey: Effects of mixing alcohol with energy drink 18 December 2014
Add Mixing alcohol with energy drink: effects on subjective intoxication 18 December 2014
Add Alcohol hangover effects on daytime functioning 18 December 2014
Add The SAGES Legacy Unifying Globulars and GalaxieS Survey (SLUGGS): Sample definition, methods, and initial results 18 December 2014
Add Becoming a health promoting school: using a 'change agent' to influence school structure, ethos, and ensure sustainability 18 December 2014
Add The impact of nutritional choices on global warming and policy implications: examining the link between dietary choices and greenhouse gas emissions 18 December 2014
Add Clinical evidence on the efficacy and safety of an antioxidant optimized 1.5% salicylic acid (SA) cream in the treatment of facial acne: an open, baseline-controlled clinical study 17 December 2014
Add Buffering capacity of human skin layers: in vitro 17 December 2014
Add Artemisinin induces caspase-8/9-mediated and Bax/Bak-independent apoptosis in human lung adenocarcinoma (ASTC-a-1) cells 17 December 2014
Add Amplification activation loop between caspase-8 and -9 dominates artemisinin-induced apoptosis of ASTC-a-1 cells 17 December 2014
Add Diagnosis of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction: which parameters and diagnostic strategies are more valuable? 17 December 2014
Add Annealing effects on the bonding structures, optical and mechanical properties for radio frequency reactive sputtered germanium carbide films 17 December 2014
Add Capability building in educational technology for teachers in China 17 December 2014
Add Distribution-free estimators of variance components for multivariate linear mixed models 17 December 2014
Add Developmental and sex differences in somatosensory perception--a systematic comparison of 7- versus 14-year-olds using quantitative sensory testing 17 December 2014
Add Context aware and adaptive systems 17 December 2014
Add SocioPlatform: a platform for social context-aware applications 17 December 2014
Add Reader level filtering for efficient query processing in RFID middleware 17 December 2014
Add Inferring user situations from interaction events in social media 17 December 2014
Add Peripheries of civil dissent: YouTube's civic cultures and pluralistic micropublics 17 December 2014
Add Trolling as provocation: YouTube's agonistic publics 17 December 2014
Add Performance and diversification benefits of housing investment in Iran 16 December 2014
Add Consequences of external environment on entrepreneurial motivation in Iran 16 December 2014
Add Investigation of a framework for epidemiological studies of Campylobacter jejuni based on the combination of genetic markers and MALDI-TOF MS typing schemes 16 December 2014
Add Efficient antilock braking systems in regenerative brakes 16 December 2014
Add Securing the virtual infrastructure in the laaS cloud computing model 16 December 2014
Add Computational study of compounds with application in dye sensitized solar cells 16 December 2014
Add Immunoproteomic identification of biomarkers for diagnosis of legionellosis 16 December 2014
Add Customer retention in the residential Internet services market: the case of Thailand 16 December 2014
Add Developing environmental innovations: a study of cooperation and greening supply chains 16 December 2014
Add Assessing premorbid cognitive ability in adults with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus - a review with implications for future intervention studies 15 December 2014
Add Gold nanoparticles: Synthesis, stability test, and application for the rice growth 15 December 2014
Add Simultaneous measurement of refractive index and thickness with a convergent beam 15 December 2014
Add The LOFAR pilot surveys for pulsars and fast radio transients 15 December 2014
Add Traditional culture, political ideologies, materialism and luxury consumption in China 15 December 2014
Add The Victorian community sector's access to accounting skills 15 December 2014
Add Registers of ambivalence: 'Ambivalent belonging' and 'ambivalent longing' 15 December 2014
Add Sustainable futures: Linking population, resources and the environment / Jenny Goldie and Katharine Betts (eds.) 15 December 2014
Add Gesture in search of a purpose: A prehistory of mobility 15 December 2014
Add Rozaria's memories 15 December 2014
Add The effect of energy prices on Iranian industry stock returns 15 December 2014
Add The effect of tourism agglomeration on foreign real estate investment: Evidence from selected OECD countries 15 December 2014
Add Factors contributing to the fluctuations in residential construction in Iran 15 December 2014
Add The effects of FDI on voice and accountability in the MENA region 15 December 2014
Add Exploring factors that influence talent management competency of academics in Malaysian GLC's and non-government universities 15 December 2014
Add Online formative tests as a learning tool in engineering mathematics 15 December 2014
Add Optimise inlet condition and design parameters of a new sewer overflow screening device using numerical model 15 December 2014
Add Gambling and drugs: The role of gambling among Vietnamese women incarcerated for drug crimes in Australia 15 December 2014
Add On the other side from you: How library design facilitates and hinders group work 15 December 2014
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