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Add The influence of an oblique magnetic field on the convective stability in ferrocolloid 21 October 2014
Add Statistics of coherent groups in three-dimensional fully-nonlinear potential waves 21 October 2014
Add Probabilistic quantum phase-space simulation of Bell violations and their dynamical evolution 21 October 2014
Add Biodiversity and regional authorities a common-pool resources and accounting perspective 21 October 2014
Add Initial wave breaking dynamics of Peregrine-type rogue waves: a numerical and experimental study 21 October 2014
Add Scalable quantum simulation of pulsed entanglement and Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering in optomechanics 21 October 2014
Add Gapless topological Fulde-Ferrell superfluidity induced by an in-plane Zeeman field 21 October 2014
Add Book review: 'Sleepless in Hollywood: tales from the new abnormal in the movie business' 21 October 2014
Add Three-component topological superfluid in one-dimensional Fermi gases with spin-orbit coupling 21 October 2014
Add Numerical modeling of 3D fully nonlinear potential periodic waves 21 October 2014
Add Dynamics of unstable stokes waves: a numerical and experimental study 21 October 2014
Add Hydrodynamics of periodic breathers 21 October 2014
Add Experimental study of initiation of convection in a spherical cavity filled with nanofluid 21 October 2014
Add Innovation and success factors in the construction of Green Ports 20 October 2014
Add Habitual intake of fruit juice predicts central blood pressure 20 October 2014
Add What aging means to gay men 17 October 2014
Add 30 Years of Social Housing Supply and Consumption: 1981–2011 17 October 2014
Add Employment of public housing residents in Australian cities: 1981-2011 17 October 2014
Add Queer post-gender ethics: the shape of selves to come 17 October 2014
Add Academically literate/Queerly literate 17 October 2014
Add Employee mental illness: towards a dominant discourse in management and HRM 16 October 2014
Add Gapless topological Fulde-Ferrell superfluidity in spin-orbit coupled Fermi gases 16 October 2014
Add Service orchestration as organization: Building multi-tenant service applications in the Cloud 15 October 2014
Add Infra-mince and the poetics of gas: Liner notes, vinyl records and the difference that makes a difference 15 October 2014
Add Gender preferences for alternative energy transport with focus on electric vehicle 15 October 2014
Add Socio-technical system design for an ageing population: Issues with stakeholder engagement 15 October 2014
Add Beyond deterrence: reframing the asylum seeker debate 15 October 2014
Add Effects of mineral admixtures and lime on disintegration of alkali-activated slag exposed to 50 °C 15 October 2014
Add Influence of acoustic pressure and bubble sizes on the coalescence of two contacting bubbles in an acoustic field 15 October 2014
Add Research note: Cultural dimensions and outbound tourism 15 October 2014
Add Examining key determinants of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) adoption in Vietnam: an institutional perspective 14 October 2014
Add 'I was just a housewife, a dentist and a servant': the Lives of professional Iranian women in Australia 14 October 2014
Add Insomnia and driving ability 14 October 2014
Add Methylphenidate significantly reduces lapses of attention during on-road highway driving in patients with ADHD 14 October 2014
Add Wave reflection and vortex evolution in Bragg scattering in real fluids 14 October 2014
Add Theoretical and experimental evidence of non-symmetric doubly localized rogue waves 14 October 2014
Add Escitalopram efficacy in depression a cross-ethnicity examination of the serotonin transporter promoter polymorphism 14 October 2014
Add JTST Special Issue on nanocomposite coatings 14 October 2014
Add Developing and trialling social technology to reduce social isolation in the community aged care setting 14 October 2014
Add Living without protection: piloting a Living Lab approach to investigate the asset protection needs of low-income Australians 14 October 2014
Add Socially-oriented requirements engineering: software engineering meets ethnography 14 October 2014
Add Don't leave me untouched: considering emotions in personal alarm use and development 14 October 2014
Add A tablet-based interactive wellbeing check prototype for elderly 14 October 2014
Add One size doesn't fit all: diversifying "the user" using personas and emotional scenarios 14 October 2014
Add Touch screen collaborative music: designing NIME for older people with dementia 14 October 2014
Add Researchers as proxies for informal carers: photo sharing with older adults to communicate wellbeing 14 October 2014
Add Designing an evaluation tool to measure emotional goals 14 October 2014
Add Shock of the new 14 October 2014
Add Dynamic behaviour of high strength steel parts developed through laser assisted direct metal deposition 13 October 2014
Add Personality traits and Facebook use: The combined/interactive effect of Extraversion, Neuroticism and Conscientiousness 13 October 2014
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