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Add Friction of a pimpled rugby ball surface: force and velocity weakening and strengthening of the coefficient of friction 18 August 2016
Add Finger load distribution in different types of climbing grips 18 August 2016
Add The importance of friction between hand and hold in rock climbing 18 August 2016
Add Television drama in contemporary China: political, social and cultural phenomena 18 August 2016
Add Guo Degang: A Xiangsheng performer bridging the gap between Su (Vulgarity) and Ya (Elegance) 18 August 2016
Add Talented celebrity Rene Liu: Spokesperson of the Shelved Ladies 18 August 2016
Add A culture hero: Xiangsheng (Crosstalk) performer Guo Degang 18 August 2016
Add State propaganda in China's entertainment industry 18 August 2016
Add Jia Zhangke and his 'A Touch of Sin' : Social violence, the criminal knight and chilling fantasy 18 August 2016
Add A Taiwanese chat show hit in mainland China : Kangxi laile (Kangxi Coming ) and the rhetoric and politics of private life and body 18 August 2016
Add Zhang Yimou's Coming Home: a depoliticized melodrama adapted from a Scar Literature novel 18 August 2016
Add Health security and the distortion of the global health agenda 18 August 2016
Add Enterprise education in primary schools. A needs analysis 18 August 2016
Add An examination of the Student Enterprise Awards Programme (SEA) in Ireland, Enterprise Ireland: City/County Enterprise Boards 18 August 2016
Add Third sector-led collaborative governance: network characteristics and workforce implications 17 August 2016
Add Walking the 'Talk'? Contesting social enterprise policy-making discourses in Australia 17 August 2016
Add Untangling policy discourse: a discursive institutional analysis of social enterprise policy in England and Australia 17 August 2016
Add American foundations and global development agendas (seminar) 17 August 2016
Add Engendering entrepreneurial competencies in the youth of today: a teacher's perspective 17 August 2016
Add Labor's leadership risk factor 17 August 2016
Add Speed measurements in wheelchair sports - theory and application 17 August 2016
Add A robust algorithm for optimisation and customisation of fractal dimensions of time series modified by nonlinearly scaling their time derivatives: mathematical theory and practical applications 17 August 2016
Add Assessment of grip difficulty of a smart climbing hold with increasing slope and decreasing depth 17 August 2016
Add Theoretical analysis of interferometer wave front tilt and fringe radiant flux on a rectangular photodetector 17 August 2016
Add Characterisation of vehicle seat rattle noise from seat structural dynamics 17 August 2016
Add Comparative grading scales, statistical analyses, climber descriptors and ability grouping: International Rock Climbing Research Association position statement 17 August 2016
Add Comparison of non-invasive individual monitoring of the training and health of athletes with commercially available wearable technologies 17 August 2016
Add A method for quantifying the emotional intensity and duration of a startle reaction with customized fractal dimensions of EEG signals 17 August 2016
Add Activity identification and classification in wheelchair rugby using fractal dimensions 17 August 2016
Add The design, construction and performance of a novel solar simulator and hybrid reactor 17 August 2016
Add Refitting the kuznets curve using a gender-specific threshold model 17 August 2016
Add Belonging 17 August 2016
Add An experimental investigation of the behaviour of heat-damaged RC columns confined with CFRP fabrics using photogrammetry 17 August 2016
Add The empirical relationship between the value of rupee and performance of information technology firms: evidence from India 16 August 2016
Add The Subaru FMOS galaxy redshift survey (FastSound). IV. New constraint on gravity theory from redshift space distortions at z ~ 1.4 16 August 2016
Add The Subaru FMOS galaxy redshift survey (FastSound). II. the emission line catalog and properties of emission line galaxies 16 August 2016
Add Sex differences in in-hospital mortality following a first acute myocardial infarction: symptomatology, delayed presentation, and hospital setting 16 August 2016
Add Evidence-based medicine: a predictably flawed paradigm 16 August 2016
Add On mechanics of turbulent gas-liquid flows 16 August 2016
Add Facebook, self-disclosure, and brand-mediated intimacy: identifying value creating behaviors 16 August 2016
Add Analysis of bluetooth and zigbee signal penetration and interference in foliage 16 August 2016
Add Generic reaction-diffusion model for transmission of mosquito-borne diseases: results of simulation with actual cases 16 August 2016
Add Fundamental study on the effect of alkaline treatment on natural fibers structures and behaviors 16 August 2016
Add A comparative study of IGP and EGP routing protocols, performance evaluation along load balancing and redundancy across different AS 16 August 2016
Add Developing the expertise of information systems students in real world capstone projects 16 August 2016
Add Control and enhancement of high-order harmonic generation 16 August 2016
Add Evaluating homeless service interventions: towards an integrated framework for linking processes and outcomes 16 August 2016
Add Housing first: a new approach? 16 August 2016
Add Can social innovation in private rental supportive housing models overcome market failure? 16 August 2016
Add What the evidence tells us wellbeing outcomes of low-income renters and the housing security consequences of underemployment 16 August 2016