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Add The effects of nanoparticles on early age compressive strength of ash-based geopolymers 17 November 2014
Add Artificial neural networks for prediction Charpy impact energy of Al6061/SiCp-laminated nanocomposites 17 November 2014
Add The subluminous and peculiar type Ia supernova PTF 09dav 17 November 2014
Add Spitzer imaging of herschel-atlas gravitationally lensed submillimeter sources 17 November 2014
Add Beyond deterrence 17 November 2014
Add On the potential for Twitter to add value in retail bank relationships 14 November 2014
Add I Sho U: an innovative method for museum visitor evaluation 14 November 2014
Add Postals and personation in the United Kingdom 14 November 2014
Add Super-massive black hole mass scaling relations 13 November 2014
Add Benefits and challenges of multi-level learner rural general practices: an interview study with learners, staff and patients 13 November 2014
Add The GST trap 13 November 2014
Add The senator unplugged 13 November 2014
Add An explication of three service business process modeling approaches 13 November 2014
Add Mental capacity to make decisions on treatment in people admitted to psychiatric hospitals: cross sectional study 13 November 2014
Add Ngapartji, Nagapartji, in turn, in turn: ego-histoire, Euope and Indigenous Australia / Karen Hughes, Vanessa Castejon, Anna Cole, Oliver Haag (eds.) 13 November 2014
Add Fermi gases with synthetic spin-orbit coupling 13 November 2014
Add What works to promote emotional wellbeing in older people: a guide for aged care staff working in community or residential care settings 13 November 2014
Add The influence of titania-zirconia-zirconium titanate nanotube characteristics on osteoblast cell adhesion 13 November 2014
Add Stories my grandmother never told me; recovery family history through ego-histoire 13 November 2014
Add The case for the idol of the Libs 13 November 2014
Add Introduction 13 November 2014
Add John Robert Anderson 1928-2007 13 November 2014
Add The process of trust formation in e-business: insights from case studies of two small firms 11 November 2014
Add Influence of rear located silver nanoparticle induced light losses on the light trapping of silicon wafer-based solar cells 11 November 2014
Add The influence of magnetic field on ballistic performance of aramid fibre and ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene 11 November 2014
Add The men who coloured Britain 11 November 2014
Add Evaporation of a capillary bridge between a particle and a surface 11 November 2014
Add Exploring the relationships between health status, illness perceptions, coping strategies and psychological morbidity in a chronic kidney disease cohort 11 November 2014
Add Physical and thermal characterization of graphene oxide modified gelatin-based thin films 11 November 2014
Add Influence of rear located silver nanoparticle induced light losses on the light trapping of silicon wafer-based solar cells 11 November 2014
Add A force balance model for the motion, impact, and bounce of bubbles 11 November 2014
Add The future of an extended European Union - a strategic perspective on Romania's integration 11 November 2014
Add Business leadership in Romania: an overview of research, education and practice 11 November 2014
Add The impact of the Europeanization process on state-industry interaction in Romania 11 November 2014
Add Capacity building for new parliamentarians: survey of orientation and induction programmes 11 November 2014
Add Is there an East-European social model? 11 November 2014
Add Educating and training parliamentarians 11 November 2014
Add Profit-making vs human value: philosophy's contribution 11 November 2014
Add The social value of business: lessons from political economy and process philosophy 11 November 2014
Add Using online media to more effectively engage with NESB students in a professional communication unit: an Australian case study 11 November 2014
Add Executive remuneration, financial crisis and 'say on pay' rules 11 November 2014
Add Public relations and the new stakeholder management environment 11 November 2014
Add The good society: lessons for integrated governance 11 November 2014
Add Rating integrated governance: conceptual issues 11 November 2014
Add For-profit activity and human value: are they compatible, and what can business do about it? 11 November 2014
Add The profit imperative and good management practice: re-thinking value inter-relationships 11 November 2014
Add Synthesis and surface functionalization of gold nanoparticles for localized tissue heating 11 November 2014
Add Lean production as a tool of global capitalism in Asia: The transnational capitalist class in action 10 November 2014
Add Is good governance adequate to tackling corruption in the Pacific? 10 November 2014
Add Primary schools: opportune settings for changing attitudes and promoting mental health 10 November 2014
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