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Title Date Deposited
Add Topographic optimization with variable boundary conditions: enabling optimal design of interacting components 19 May 2015
Add N-gram analysis in the engineering domain 19 May 2015
Add An integrated case study of material selection, testing and optimization 19 May 2015
Add Smart design for assembly using the simulated annealing approach 19 May 2015
Add The helmet fit index a method for the computational analysis of fit between human head shapes and bicycle helmets 19 May 2015
Add Impact energy attenuation performance of cricket helmets: standard 2-wire drop test vs. Pitching machine impact test 19 May 2015
Add Thermal comfort of cricket helmets: an experimental study of heat distribution 19 May 2015
Add A review of shape memory alloy research, applications and opportunities 19 May 2015
Add Shape optimization of damping liners on vibrating panels 19 May 2015
Add Structural dynamic characterization of an occupied vehicle seat 19 May 2015
Add Structural dynamic characterization of a vehicle seat coupled with human occupant 19 May 2015
Add Thermal-mechanical deformation modeling of soft tissues for thermal ablation 19 May 2015
Add Virtual design of efficient twin-screw superchargers for sustainable power management in engines 19 May 2015
Add Investigation of dental biomaterials under load using a digital image correlation system 19 May 2015
Add Lagging for control of shape memory alloy actuator response time 19 May 2015
Add Tidal energy: opportunities and challenges for renewable power generation 19 May 2015
Add A fundamental model of quasi-static wheelchair biomechanics 19 May 2015
Add Kinematics of a smart variable caster mechanism for a vehicle steerable wheel 19 May 2015
Add Shape memory alloys in automotive applications 19 May 2015
Add Parametric modelling of helical rotors for efficient design of twin-screw superchargers 19 May 2015
Add Intelligent design of rotor profiles for efficient performance of twin-screw superchargers 19 May 2015
Add Optimisation of Ni-Ti shape memory alloy response time by transient heat transfer analysis 19 May 2015
Add Region-based geometric modelling of human airways and arterial vessels 19 May 2015
Add In-situ noise level mapping for vehicle floor carpet 19 May 2015
Add Improved performance of the electromagnetic fuel injector solenoid actuator using a modelling approach 19 May 2015
Add Structural model for prediction of thermo-mechanical properties of fabric sandwich composites 19 May 2015
Add Diffusion tensor imaging reveals No white matter impairments among adults with autism spectrum disorder 18 May 2015
Add A model for the development of acceptance and mindfulness based therapies: preoccupation with psychotic experiences as a treatment target 18 May 2015
Add Investigating the lived experience of recovery in people who hear voices 18 May 2015
Add Verbal fluency, clustering, and switching in patients with psychosis following traumatic brain injury (PFTBI) 18 May 2015
Add Rohingya boat people crisis demands regional response 18 May 2015
Add Residential density and adolescent overweight in a rapidly-urbanising region of Mainland China 18 May 2015
Add Prolonged sitting in cars: Prevalence, socio-demographic variations, and trends 18 May 2015
Add Physical activity for recreation or exercise on neighbourhood streets: Associations with perceived environmental attributes 18 May 2015
Add Outdoor environments, activity and the well-being of older people: Conceptualising environmental support 18 May 2015
Add Older people's health, outdoor activity and supportiveness of neighbourhood environments 18 May 2015
Add Neighborhood walkability and TV viewing time among Australian adults 18 May 2015
Add Measuring the quality of the outdoor environment relevant to older people's lives 18 May 2015
Add Habitual active transport moderates the association of TV viewing time with body mass index 18 May 2015
Add Evaluation informing change: The Wilkinson Architecture Building 18 May 2015
Add Environmental support for outdoor activities and older people's quality of life 18 May 2015
Add Destination and route attributes associated with adults' walking: A review. 18 May 2015
Add Content and construct validity of the Early Childhood Physical Environment Rating Scale (ECPERS) 18 May 2015
Add Attributes of childcare centers and outdoor play areas associated with preschoolers' physical activity and sedentary behavior 18 May 2015
Add Associations of residential density with adolescent physical activity in a rapidly-urbanising region of Mainland China 18 May 2015
Add Associations of leisure-time computer and internet use with physical activity and BMI 18 May 2015
Add Associations between neighborhood open space attributes and quality of life for older people in Britain 18 May 2015
Add Associations between characteristics of neighbourhood open space and older people's walking 18 May 2015
Add Active transport, the built environment and human health 18 May 2015
Add Wave refraction on Southern Ocean eddies 18 May 2015