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Add Will Andrew Forrest convince Australia's billionaires to open their wallets? 27 August 2014
Add 'Inspired by business': a case of mentoring among low socio-economic students 27 August 2014
Add Citizens unite online to beat big business 26 August 2014
Add Australia’s un-doing of voter intimidation 26 August 2014
Add Family violence response must tackle all forms of abuse 26 August 2014
Add Age-related changes to the neural correlates of working memory which emerge after midlife 25 August 2014
Add Establishing reference values for central blood pressure and its amplification in a general healthy population and according to cardiovascular risk factors 25 August 2014
Add Predicting which season ticket holders will renew and which will not 25 August 2014
Add Keynote address: Bag ladies, shacking up and going it alone: women, housing and homelessness in Australia 25 August 2014
Add Rising efficiency and cost saving in Australian banks: a bootstrap approach 25 August 2014
Add A numerical study of CO2 flow through geopolymer under down-hole stress conditions: application for CO2 sequestration wells 25 August 2014
Add Effects of two doses of glucose and a caffeine-glucose combination on cognitive performance and mood during multi-tasking 25 August 2014
Add Traditional culture, political ideologies, materialism and luxury consumption in China 25 August 2014
Add Vapor phase synthesis of conducting polymer nanocomposites incorporating 2D nanoparticles 25 August 2014
Add A phenomenological investigation of overvalued ideas and delusions in clinical and subclinical anorexia nervosa 25 August 2014
Add Distribution of oxides in fly ash controls strength evolution of geopolymers 25 August 2014
Add Slide presentations, seriously 22 August 2014
Add Carbon nanotube and graphene oxide directed electrochemical synthesis of silver dendrites 22 August 2014
Add Statistically quantified measurement of an Alzheimer's marker by surface-enhanced Raman scattering 22 August 2014
Add Counterfactual design 22 August 2014
Add The importance of Ted's vision 22 August 2014
Add Consolidating understanding of ERP conflicts: a dialectic perspective 22 August 2014
Add Introduction 22 August 2014
Add The missing link 22 August 2014
Add Timor-Leste in 2013: charting its own course 22 August 2014
Add The interaction between witness age and estimator variables 22 August 2014
Add Life span development 22 August 2014
Add Data design: visualising quantities, locations, connections 22 August 2014
Add Nanocomposite coating of multilayered carbon nanotube-titania 21 August 2014
Add Galaxy population properties of the massive X-ray luminous galaxy cluster XDCP J0044.0-2033 at z = 1.58: red-sequence formation, massive galaxy assembly, and central star formation activity 21 August 2014
Add Differential regulation of osteogenic differentiation of stem cells on surface roughness gradients 21 August 2014
Add Recovery and adaptation after first-episode psychosis: the relevance of posttraumatic growth 21 August 2014
Add Visitor attractions and events: Responding to seasonality 21 August 2014
Add Clarifying the characteristics of youth who have engaged in appetitive violence 21 August 2014
Add SSIM performance limitation of linear equalizers 21 August 2014
Add Effects of mixing alcohol with caffeinated beverages on subjective intoxication: a systematic review and meta-analysis 21 August 2014
Add Candels+3D-HST: compact SFGs at z ∼ 2-3, the progenitors of the first quiescent galaxies 21 August 2014
Add Molecular dynamics studies on the NMR structures of rabbit prion protein wild type and mutants: surface electrostatic charge distributions 21 August 2014
Add Collision and rebounding of circular rings on rigid target 21 August 2014
Add Robust sliding mode learning control for uncertain discrete-time multi-input multi-output systems 21 August 2014
Add Review of point-of-reception mental health screening outcomes in an Australian prison 21 August 2014
Add Effect of head wear and lateral forces on underhead radius crack propagation 21 August 2014
Add Kinematics of a striking task: accuracy and speed-accuracy considerations 21 August 2014
Add Wing wettability of Odonata species as a function of quantity of epicuticular waxes 21 August 2014
Add Experimental evidence for the influence of cognitions on compulsive buying 21 August 2014
Add Collective mode evidence of high-spin bosonization in a trapped one-dimensional atomic Fermi gas with tunable spin 21 August 2014
Add Does more equitable governance lead to more equitable health care? A case study based on the implementation of health reform in Aboriginal health Australia 21 August 2014
Add FlexIQ: A flexible interactive querying framework by exploiting the skyline operator 21 August 2014
Add Interview with Liam Burke 21 August 2014
Add Interview with Liam Burke 21 August 2014
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