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Add I've grown accustomed to your interface 23 July 2014
Add The stereotype of online gamers: new characterization or recycled prototype? 23 July 2014
Add Being and care in organization and management: a Heideggerian interpretation of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 23 July 2014
Add Is the locally best invariant test uniformly most powerful for a wider class of invariant tests? 23 July 2014
Add Novel aluminum near field transducer and highly integrated micro-nano-optics design for heat-assisted ultra-high-density magnetic recording 23 July 2014
Add Entrepreneurship through transnational migration: the resources of early migrants 23 July 2014
Add Dynamic effects of rising oil prices on consumer energy prices in canada and the united states: evidence from the last half a century 23 July 2014
Add Done deals and revolving doors: the story of GM in Australia 23 July 2014
Add Face gender and stereotypicality influence facial trait evaluation: counter-stereotypical female faces are negatively evaluated 23 July 2014
Add Science with Scott Daniel: How do our eyes see? Why is earth the only planet with an atmosphere? 23 July 2014
Add MDMA, cortisol, and heightened stress in recreational ecstasy users 23 July 2014
Add Understanding infill: towards new policy and practice for urban regeneration in the established suburbs of Australia's cities 22 July 2014
Add Timing, polarimetry and physics of the bright, nearby millisecond pulsar PSR J0437-4715 - a single-pulse perspective 22 July 2014
Add System dynamics analysis of adaptive modulation problem for rayleigh flat-fading channel 22 July 2014
Add The SLUGGS survey: exploring the metallicity gradients of nearby early-type galaxies to large radii 22 July 2014
Add Sitting above the maze: recent model discoveries in molecular science 22 July 2014
Add Periodic solution of a pest management Gompertz model with impulsive state feedback control 22 July 2014
Add Motives for mixing alcohol with energy drinks and other nonalcoholic beverages, and consequences for overall alcohol consumption 22 July 2014
Add Effects of co-current and cross flows on circular enhanced gravity plate separator efficiencies 22 July 2014
Add The effect of orbital eccentricity on the dynamical evolution of star clusters 22 July 2014
Add The effect of foreground subtraction on cosmological measurements from intensity mapping 22 July 2014
Add Cross-correlating Sunyaev-Zel'dovich and weak lensing maps 22 July 2014
Add Biomechanically compliant polymeric structures for cardiovascular implant applications 22 July 2014
Add Wireless vehicular sensor and ad hoc networks 22 July 2014
Add SVEIRS: A new epidemic disease model with time delays and impulsive effects 22 July 2014
Add Solvent relaxation in golgi membrane by phasor-flim approach 22 July 2014
Add Quantum dynamics on extended phase space: the positive- 22 July 2014
Add Networked games in the midst of the clouds 22 July 2014
Add Functional evaluation of es-somatic cell hybrids in vitro and in vivo 22 July 2014
Add Colliding with reality 18 July 2014
Add Water-void to cement ratio identity of lightweight cellular-cemented material 18 July 2014
Add Densification of land reclamation sands by deep vibratory compaction techniques 18 July 2014
Add Interview 17 July 2014
Add Interview 17 July 2014
Add XML Document 17 July 2014
Add Done deals and revolving doors: the story of GM in Australia 17 July 2014
Add Scaling rules for surface enhanced raman scattering 17 July 2014
Add Exploring dual housing tenure status as a household response to demographic, social and economic change 17 July 2014
Add Security and Rental Housing: New Perspectives 17 July 2014
Add Behind the mulga curtain 17 July 2014
Add New connections through the use of social networking tools in a multi-disciplinary business capstone unit 17 July 2014
Add Behind the Tweed: Universe first 1bn years 17 July 2014
Add Asynchronous speeds: Disentangling the discourse of 'high speed broadband' in relation to Australia's national broadband network 17 July 2014
Add Geometrical management of optical vortices by closed-path metallic nanoslits 17 July 2014
Add A Gaussian fields based mining method for semi-automating staff assignment in workflow application 17 July 2014
Add Rethinking communication in IT project management 17 July 2014
Add Workflow temporal verification: An efficient and effective approach for delivering on-time completion 17 July 2014
Add Throughput based temporal verification for monitoring large batch of parallel processes 17 July 2014
Add Time-sharing virtual machine based efficient task-level scheduling in scientific cloud workflows 17 July 2014
Add A new particle swarm optimization-based strategy for cost-effective data placement in scientific cloud workflows 17 July 2014
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