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Add Manufacturing: 3D printed micro-optics 25 August 2016
Add Efficient answering of why-not questions in similar graph matching 25 August 2016
Add Message from the ICDE 2016 Program Committee and general chairs 25 August 2016
Add Theory U and team performance: Presence, participation, and productivity 25 August 2016
Add Toward a complex system understanding of bipolar disorder: A chaotic model of abnormal circadian activity rhythms in euthymic bipolar disorder 25 August 2016
Add Interfacial shear strength studies of experimental carbon fibres, novel thermosetting polyurethane and epoxy matrices and bespoke sizing agents 25 August 2016
Add Electrodeposition of nanocrystalline zinc from sulfate and sulfate-gluconate electrolytes in the presence of additives 25 August 2016
Add Respectful inter-group interactions: A method for revising group attachment? 25 August 2016
Add GraphVizdb: A scalable platform for interactive large graph visualization 25 August 2016
Add Fatigue performance of NSM CFRP strips embedded in concrete using epoxy adhesive 25 August 2016
Add The SLUGGS survey: The mass distribution in early-type galaxies within five effective radii and beyond 25 August 2016
Add Modified cement-based adhesive for near-surface mounted CFRP strengthening system 25 August 2016
Add Pilot domain task experience in night fatal helicopter emergency medical service accidents 25 August 2016
Add Bridging the knowledge gap between study and professional practice: An australian case example 24 August 2016
Add The AFL Brand and Umpires' Reputation through Media Commentaries 24 August 2016
Add The Routledge Handbook of the History of Settler Colonialism / Edward Cavanagh, Lorenzo Veracini (eds.) 24 August 2016
Add Settler colonialism demands reconciliation 24 August 2016
Add Patrick Wolfe (1949-2016) 24 August 2016
Add Displacement as method: Seasteading, tiny houses and Freemen on the Land 24 August 2016
Add Colonialism 24 August 2016
Add Settler colonialism as a distinct mode of domination 24 August 2016
Add Historylessness: Australia as a settler colonial collective 24 August 2016
Add Seismic performance assessment of CFRP-repaired limited-ductile rc structures using hybrid simulation 24 August 2016
Add What can we learn from social neuroscience studies of parents? 24 August 2016
Add Adaptive range parameter control 24 August 2016
Add Energy-efficient adaptive virtual machine migration mechanism for private clouds 24 August 2016
Add An exact algorithm for the heterogeneous fleet vehicle routing problem with time windows and three-dimensional loading constraints 24 August 2016
Add Feature-aware factorized collaborative filtering 24 August 2016
Add Hybridization of particle swarm optimization with adaptive genetic algorithm operators 24 August 2016
Add Scheduling for optimal response times in queues of stochastic workflows 24 August 2016
Add A framework for the evaluation of methods for road traffic assignment 24 August 2016
Add Invasive parameter control 24 August 2016
Add Loneliness over time: the crucial role of social anxiety 22 August 2016
Add Examining the stability of the jumping to conclusions bias over time using an American community sample 22 August 2016
Add The loss tangent of visco-elastic models 22 August 2016
Add Nonlinear visco-elastic materials: Stress relaxation and strain rate dependency 22 August 2016
Add Will more business-like social enterprises improve care? 22 August 2016
Add Development of a smart oval ball for assessment of angular flight dynamics and precision of kick execution 22 August 2016
Add Identification of key performance parameters during off-spin bowling with a smart cricket ball 22 August 2016
Add Routledge Handbook of Sports Technology and Engineering / Franz Konstantin Fuss, Aleksandar Subic, Martin Strangwood, Rabindra Mehta (eds.) 22 August 2016
Add Preface of the the Procedia Engineering (The Impact of Technology on Sport VI): 7th Asia-Pacific Congress on Sports Technology, APCST 2015 / Aleksandar Subic, Franz Konstantin Fuss, F. Alam, T. Y. Pang, M. Takla (eds.) 22 August 2016
Add Real-time biofeedback of gait parameters using infrared position sensors 22 August 2016
Add Is minimum foot clearance during the swing phase of walking altered in people with stroke? 22 August 2016
Add Biofeedback gait training to reduce tripping probability in people with stroke: a case study 22 August 2016
Add ACTN3 R577X genotype affects training-induced changes in mitochondrial respiration in humans 22 August 2016
Add The gait standard deviation, a single measure of kinematic variability 22 August 2016
Add The effect of textured ballet shoe insoles on ankle proprioception in dancers 22 August 2016
Add Can textured insoles improve ankle proprioception and performance in dancers? 22 August 2016
Add Does wearing textured insoles during non-class time improve proprioception in professional dancers? 22 August 2016
Add Use of a textured insole to improve the association between postural balance and ankle discrimination in young male and female dancers 22 August 2016