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Add Sub-micron period lattice structures of magnetic microtraps for ultracold atoms on an atom chip 25 March 2015
Add Preparation and luminescent properties of GdOF: Ce, Tb nanoparticles and their transparent PMMA nanocomposites 25 March 2015
Add Red giants in the outer halo of the elliptical galaxy NGC 5128/Centaurus A 25 March 2015
Add Testing the potential for improving student mastery of complex financial concepts online 25 March 2015
Add Practice-led research, the ethnographer and unearthing knowledge: crossing the thresholds 25 March 2015
Add The hybrid 25 March 2015
Add Testing model transformation programs using metamorphic testing 24 March 2015
Add Eliminating human visual judgment from testing of financial charting software 24 March 2015
Add A cost-driven approach for metamorphic testing 24 March 2015
Add Influence of antipsychotics on mortality in schizophrenia: systematic review 24 March 2015
Add The pharmaceutical industry and the internet: Are drug company funded depression websites biased? 24 March 2015
Add EPClets: a lightweight and flexible textual language to augment epc process modelling 24 March 2015
Add 4M-Switch: Multi-mode-multi-model supervisory control framework for performance differentiation in virtual machine environments 24 March 2015
Add A feature-based framework for developing and provisioning customizable web services 24 March 2015
Add Differentiated performance management in virtualized environments using nonlinear control 24 March 2015
Add Local drug delivery of levetiracetam in the rat model of acquired epilepsy using PLGA biodegradable polymer sheet implantations 24 March 2015
Add Gellan gum doped polypyrrole neural prosthetic electrode coatings 24 March 2015
Add Effect of the anionic dopant on nerve growth and controlled release of a neurotrophic protein from polypyrrole 24 March 2015
Add Novel composite graphene/platinum electro-catalytic electrodes prepared by electrophoretic deposition from colloidal solutions 24 March 2015
Add Novel methods of antiepileptic drug delivery - polymer-based implants 24 March 2015
Add Organic bionics: a new dimension in neural communications 24 March 2015
Add Vapour phase polymerization of PEDOT from micron and nanometer scale oxidant patterned by dip-pen nanolithography 24 March 2015
Add Extrusion printed polymer structures: a facile and versatile approach to tailored drug delivery platforms 24 March 2015
Add Implantation of phenytoin-loaded polycaprolactone microspheres in a rat model of temporal lobe epilepsy 24 March 2015
Add Emulsion-coaxial electrospinning: designing novel architectures for sustained release of highly soluble low molecular weight drugs 24 March 2015
Add Nanobionics: the impact of nanotechnology on implantable medical bionic devices 24 March 2015
Add Organic Bionics 24 March 2015
Add Liquid crystallinity and dimensions of surfactant-stabilized sheets of reduced graphene oxide 24 March 2015
Add Facile synthesis of reduced graphene oxide/MWNTs nanocomposite supercapacitor materials tested as electrophoretically deposited films on glassy carbon electrodes 24 March 2015
Add Fabrication of graphene electrodes by electrophoretic deposition and their synergistic effects with PEDOT and platinum 24 March 2015
Add Bio-ink properties and printability for extrusion printing living cells 24 March 2015
Add Multifunctional conducting fibres with electrically controlled release of ciprofloxacin 24 March 2015
Add Aqueous dispersions of reduced graphene oxide and multi wall carbon nanotubes for enhanced glucose oxidase bioelectrode performance 24 March 2015
Add Organic solvent-based graphene oxide liquid crystals: a facile route toward the next generation of self-assembled layer-by-layer multifunctional 3d architectures 24 March 2015
Add Bio-functionalised anticorrosive silane coatings for magnesium alloys 24 March 2015
Add Nanoscale platinum printing on insulating substrates 24 March 2015
Add Engineering a multimodal nerve conduit for repair of injured peripheral nerve 24 March 2015
Add In vitro growth and differentiation of primary myoblasts on thiophene based conducting polymers 24 March 2015
Add The effect of dopant pka on the electropolymerisation of pyrrole 24 March 2015
Add Bioengineering of articular cartilage: past, present and future 24 March 2015
Add Controlled delivery for neuro-bionic devices 24 March 2015
Add Carbon nanotubes induced gelation of unmodified hyaluronic acid 24 March 2015
Add Electro-stimulated release from a reduced graphene oxide composite hydrogel 24 March 2015
Add Electroactive polymer polypyrrole promotes neuronal differentiation of human neural stem cells: a biocompatible platform for translational neural tissue engineering 24 March 2015
Add Engineering properties of lightweight cellular cemented clay−fly ash material 20 March 2015
Add Modulus of rupture evaluation of cement stabilized recycled glass/recycled concrete aggregate blends 20 March 2015
Add Runner 20 March 2015
Add Credit default swaps: Has the GFC influenced perceptions of their utility to banks? 20 March 2015
Add Dumping TAFE writing courses silences the disenfranchised 20 March 2015
Add Dawn arrives on Ceres 20 March 2015