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Add Being rural in rural health research 10 October 2016
Add A theory of how rural health services contribute to community sustainability 10 October 2016
Add Community participation in rural health: a scoping review 10 October 2016
Add Considering the implications of place-based approaches for improving rural community wellbeing: the value of a relational lens 10 October 2016
Add The epidemiology of regional and widespread musculoskeletal pain in rural versus urban settings in those ≥55 years 10 October 2016
Add Involving rural older people in service co-production: is there an untapped pool of potential participants? 10 October 2016
Add The social enterprise as a space of wellbeing: an exploratory case study 10 October 2016
Add Redrawing lines of religious authority in Lombok, Indonesia 10 October 2016
Add Introduction: performing the state 10 October 2016
Add Handbook of Australian school psychology: Integrating international research, practice and policy / Monica Thielking, Mark D. Terjesen (eds.) 10 October 2016
Add Resources for ethical school psychological practice in Australia 10 October 2016
Add Future directions in school psychology in Australia 10 October 2016
Add School psychological practice with students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds 10 October 2016
Add School psychology in remote Australia 10 October 2016
Add The smart cricket ball 10 October 2016
Add Mechanics of cricket balls 10 October 2016
Add Regulating human embryonic stem cell (HESC) research in Australia: Brownsword's regulatory challenges 10 October 2016
Add Nonlinear adaptive excitation controller design for multimachine power systems 10 October 2016
Add Sliding mode control of longitudinal motions for underground mining electric vehicles with parametric uncertainties 10 October 2016
Add Robust adaptive backstepping controller design for DC-DC buck converters with external disturbances 10 October 2016
Add Stability enhancement of DFIG wind turbine using LQR pitch control over rated wind speed 10 October 2016
Add H infinity observer based state of charge estimation for battery packs in electric vehicles 10 October 2016
Add Design of lattice structures with controlled anisotropy 10 October 2016
Add Fabrication process optimization of hemp fibre reinforced polypropylene composites 10 October 2016
Add Development of smart wind turbine blades 10 October 2016
Add Develop and validate a biomechanical surrogate of the human thorax using corrugated sheets: a feasibility study 10 October 2016
Add Nafion-peptized Laponite clay nanocomposite membrane for PEMFC 10 October 2016
Add Reaction injection molding process and fireproof property of phenolic foam sandwich panel 10 October 2016
Add Europium complex with functionalized carbon nanotubes: a new lanthanide photoluminescence nanomaterial 10 October 2016
Add Assessing heat-treatment effects on bovine cortical bones by nanoindentation 10 October 2016
Add Detecting delamination in a composite structure using an embedded FBG-AE hybrid system 10 October 2016
Add Optimized FBG sensor network for efficient detection of a delamination in FRP structures 10 October 2016
Add Use of FBG sensors for SHM in aerospace structures 10 October 2016
Add Mechanical properties of chemically-treated hemp fibre reinforced sandwich composites 10 October 2016
Add Chemical treatments on plant-based natural fibre reinforced polymer composites: An overview 10 October 2016
Add Critical factors on manufacturing processes of natural fibre composites 10 October 2016
Add Effect of silk fiber to the mechanical and thermal properties of its biodegradable composites 10 October 2016
Add Structural health monitoring of an asymmetrical SMA reinforced composite using embedded FBG sensors 10 October 2016
Add Micro-crack behavior of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic modified epoxy composites for cryogenic applications 10 October 2016
Add NIR fibre bragg grating as dynamic sensor: An application of 1D digital wavelet analysis for signal denoising 10 October 2016
Add Multi-response analysis in the material characterisation of electrospun poly (lactic acid)/halloysite nanotube composite fibres based on Taguchi design of experiments: Fibre diameter, non-intercalation and nucleation effects 10 October 2016
Add Structural evaluation of concrete expanded polystyrene sandwich panels for slab applications 10 October 2016
Add A critical review on the manufacturing processes in relation to the properties of nanoclay/polymer composites 10 October 2016
Add Mental health and patient rights in secure settings 6 October 2016
Add Forensic psychiatry and risk assessment 6 October 2016
Add Ethical issues in Australian prison psychiatry 6 October 2016
Add Managing the violent behaviors associated with the schizophrenic syndrome 6 October 2016
Add Solitary confinement: going down the rabbit hole 6 October 2016
Add Durability performance of concrete structures built with low carbon construction materials 6 October 2016
Add Lessons and perspectives from a 25-year bioelectromagnetics research program 6 October 2016