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Add Psychosis, poverty and ethnicity 14 April 2015
Add Prejudice, stigma and 'schizophrenia': the role of bio-genetic ideology 14 April 2015
Add Public beliefs about the causes of 'schizophrenia': bad things happen and can drive you crazy 14 April 2015
Add Antipsychotic drugs 14 April 2015
Add Electroconvulsive therapy 14 April 2015
Add Biological psychiatry's lost cause: the 'schizophrenic' brain 14 April 2015
Add Does 'schizophrenia' exist? Reliability and validity 14 April 2015
Add Genetics, eugenics and the mass murder of 'schizophrenics' 14 April 2015
Add The invention of 'schizophrenia': Kraepelin and Bleuler 14 April 2015
Add A history of madness 14 April 2015
Add 'Schizophrenia' is not an illness 14 April 2015
Add Models of madness: psychological, social and biological approaches to psychosis, 2nd edition / John Read and Jacqui Dillon (eds.) 14 April 2015
Add Can attachment theory help explain the relationship between childhood adversity and psychosis? 14 April 2015
Add Madness 14 April 2015
Add Experiencing psychosis: personal and professional perspectives / Jim Geekie, Debra Lampshire, Patte Randal and John Read (eds.) 14 April 2015
Add Time to abandon the bio-bio-bio model of psychosis: exploring the epigenetic and psychological mechanisms by which adverse life events lead to psychotic symptoms 14 April 2015
Add The subjective experience and beliefs of relatives of people who experience psychosis 14 April 2015
Add The subjective experience of the link between bad things happening and psychosis: research findings 14 April 2015
Add A straight talking introduction to the causes of mental health problems 14 April 2015
Add Introduction 14 April 2015
Add Childhood trauma and psychosis: revisiting the evidence 14 April 2015
Add Gastrointestinal microbiota, diet and brain functioning 14 April 2015
Add Biomimetic sequestration of CO2 using carbonic anhydrase from calcite encrust forming marine actinomycetes 14 April 2015
Add Overconfidence of vocational education students when entering higher education 14 April 2015
Add Genetic variation associated with hypersensitivity to mercury 14 April 2015
Add Incorporation of dye into conducting polyaniline nanoparticles 14 April 2015
Add Inkjet printable polyaniline nanoformulations 14 April 2015
Add Liquid crystal behavior of single-walled carbon nanotubes dispersed in biological hyaluronic acid solutions 14 April 2015
Add Optimising the incorporation and release of a neurotrophic factor using conducting polypyrrole 14 April 2015
Add A simple means to immobilize enzyme into conducting polymers via entrapment 14 April 2015
Add Incorporation of carbon nanotubes into the biomedical polymer poly(styrene-β-isobutylene-β-styrene) 14 April 2015
Add The effect of polypyrrole with incorporated neurotrophin-3 on the promotion of neurite outgrowth from auditory neurons 14 April 2015
Add Poly(2-methoxyaniline-5-sulfonic acid)-surfactant complexes and their redox and solvatochromic behaviour 14 April 2015
Add Carbon-nanotube biofibers 14 April 2015
Add Harnessing the potential of community-based participatory research approaches in bipolar disorder 14 April 2015
Add Optimizing delivery of recovery-oriented online self-management strategies for bipolar disorder: a review 14 April 2015
Add The Queen's waltz 13 April 2015
Add The use of innovative FRP anchorage systems in the retrofitting box girder bridges 13 April 2015
Add Knowledge networks in high-tech clusters: a multilevel perspective on interpersonal and inter-organizational collaboration 13 April 2015
Add A real-time fast radio burst: polarization detection and multiwavelength follow-up 13 April 2015
Add The interplay between formal project memberships and informal advice seeking in knowledge-intensive firms: A multilevel network approach 13 April 2015
Add Targeting supermassive black hole binaries and gravitational wave sources for the pulsar timing array 13 April 2015
Add Simulation and measurement of solar harvesting enhancement of silver plasmonic nanoparticles on GaSb nanodots 13 April 2015
Add Non-equilibrium model of spray-stratified atmospheric boundary layer under high wind conditions 13 April 2015
Add Cutting edge: DNAX accessory molecule 1-deficient CD8+ T cells display immunological synapse defects that impair antitumor immunity 13 April 2015
Add Square wave jerks and anxiety as distinctive biomarkers for anorexia nervosa 13 April 2015
Add Polarised cells, polarised views: asymmetric cell division in hematopoietic cells 13 April 2015
Add Inhibiting EGFR clustering and cell proliferation with gold nanoparticles 13 April 2015
Add An evidence-based method for examining and reporting cognitive processes in nutrition research 13 April 2015
Add Fish oil supplementation associated with decreased cellular degeneration and increased cellular proliferation 6 weeks after middle cerebral artery occlusion in the rat 13 April 2015