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Add [Interview with Liam Burke by Raf Epstein] 31 July 2015
Add Predictions of long-term deflection of geopolymer concrete beams 31 July 2015
Add Theoretical demonstration of weyl points in 3D srs photonic crystals 31 July 2015
Add Unmasking the comic book film adaptation with Brevoort, Kelly, Uslan And Waid At SDCC '15 31 July 2015
Add Get your kICS by measuring Membrane Protein Dynamics 31 July 2015
Add SpIDA surveys the intricate web of macromolecular oligomerization in situ 31 July 2015
Add Structure and formation of CD galaxies: NGC 6166 in ABELL 2199 31 July 2015
Add Nigo: A numerical integrator of galactic orbits 31 July 2015
Add Alternative Ireland: How the emergence of a local comic book industry challenged traditional depictions of Ireland in comics 31 July 2015
Add Optical long data storage enabled by nanophotonics 31 July 2015
Add A large JVLA molecular & continuum deep field 31 July 2015
Add The heating of dust by old stellar populations in the bulge of M31 31 July 2015
Add Search for [C II] emission in z = 6.5-11 star-forming galaxies 31 July 2015
Add The rapid evolution of dust content in galaxies over the last five billion years 31 July 2015
Add Hα equivalent widths from the 3d-hst survey: Evolution with redshift and dependence on stellar mass 31 July 2015
Add Hα Equivalent Widths from the 3D-HST survey: evolution with redshift and dependence on stellar mass 31 July 2015
Add How dead are dead galaxies? Mid-infrared fluxes of quiescent galaxies at redshift 0.3 < z < 2.5: Implications for star formation rates and dust heating 31 July 2015
Add The Herschel ATLAS 31 July 2015
Add Herschel-ATLAS: rapid evolution of dust in galaxies over the last 5 billion years 31 July 2015
Add A molecular line scan in the Hubble deep field north 31 July 2015
Add A multi-agent framework for packet routing in wireless sensor networks 31 July 2015
Add Nonlocal response functions for predicting shear flow of strongly inhomogeneous fluids. II. Sinusoidally driven shear and multisinusoidal inhomogeneity 31 July 2015
Add Ultra-wide free spectral range, enhanced sensitivity, and removed mode splitting SOI optical ring resonator with dispersive metal nanodisks 31 July 2015
Add Force balance model for bubble rise, impact, and bounce from solid surfaces 31 July 2015
Add Search-based QoS ranking prediction for web services in cloud environments 31 July 2015
Add Excessive daytime sleepiness and falls among older men and women: cross-sectional examination of a population-based sample 31 July 2015
Add A methodology to determine the psychomotor performance of helicopter pilots during flight maneuvers 31 July 2015
Add The effect of psychological intervention programs on self- esteem levels in young women, compared to no intervention: systematic review and meta-analyses 30 July 2015
Add Investigation of the effectiveness of the 'Girls on the Go!' program for building self-esteem in young women: trial protocol 30 July 2015
Add What is the effect of psychological intervention programs on physical activity levels in young females, compared to no intervention? 30 July 2015
Add Pragmatic, randomized controlled trials of the girls on the go! Program to improve self-esteem in girls 30 July 2015
Add Empirical predictions for (sub-)millimeter line and continuum deep fields 30 July 2015
Add On the effect of the cosmic microwave background in high-redshift (sub-)millimeter observations 30 July 2015
Add New insight into the relation between star formation activity and dust content in galaxies 30 July 2015
Add Exploring the physical properties of local star-forming ULIRGs from the ultraviolet to the infrared 30 July 2015
Add A simple model to interpret the ultraviolet, optical and infrared SEDs of galaxies 30 July 2015
Add A simple model to interpret the ultraviolet, optical and infrared emission from galaxies 30 July 2015
Add MAGPHYS: a publicly available tool to interpret observed galaxy SEDs 30 July 2015
Add The Herschel-SPIRE Legacy Survey (HSLS): the scientific goals of a shallow and wide submillimeter imaging survey with SPIRE 30 July 2015
Add Stellar Masses and SFRs for 1M Galaxies from SDSS and WISE 30 July 2015
Add An Atlas of Galaxy Spectral Energy Distributions from the Ultraviolet to the Mid-infrared 30 July 2015
Add Galaxy spectra from the UV to the mid-IR 30 July 2015
Add 3D-HST: A wide-field grism spectroscopic survey with the Hubble space telescope 30 July 2015
Add 3D-HST Grism Spectroscopy of a Gravitationally Lensed, Low-metallicity Starburst Galaxy at z = 1.847 30 July 2015
Add A mid-IR study of Hickson compact groups. II. Multiwavelength analysis of the complete GALEX-Spitzer sample 30 July 2015
Add Herschel observations of Hickson compact groups of galaxies: Unveiling the properties of cold dust 30 July 2015
Add Herschel-ATLAS: the dust energy balance in the edge-on spiral galaxy UGC 4754 30 July 2015
Add Strategically using public housing assets could transform our middle suburbs 28 July 2015
Add Is the locally best invariant test uniformly most powerful for a wider class of invariant tests? 28 July 2015
Add Coupled-pair approach for strongly interacting trapped fermionic atoms 28 July 2015